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Comment Re:Morality vs Entitlement (Score 1) 579

As for your apparent displeasure regarding the concentration of global profits, that can't be helped. It's not illegal, it's not improper, and there's nobody who can do a damn thing about it.

Well, that's where you and Apple got it wrong. It is illegal in the EU according the highest EU court. And yes, they can do something about it. And they will.

Comment Re:Morality vs Entitlement (Score 1) 579

Umm, no. You negotiate with different countries, pressurizing them to give you a 'special tax deal' in exchange for some promises on increased turn over and under the threat of relocation. When you found the most gullible government, you concentrate all the profit of sales WORLDWIDE in that country. That's not 'paying your calculated tax burden'.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 1) 302

If this would be stictly about IRL taxes, you would be right.

But the turnover, profits etc of the Apple sales in the whole of EU were subject to this ruling.

So in effect IRL is denying all of the EU their legitimate tax incomes just so that Apple would concentrate all its workforce in IRL An that is unfair, the EU states (and who can blame them??).

Comment Re:so the European Comission admits it? (Score 1) 212

Yep. You're a real one.What a character.

Do you really believe that Apple is going to employ extra personel (no matter how few) just by being offered a tax break?
Look what they have been doing all the time: mimimizing costs everywhere (China?) to maximize profit. Give them a tax break? More profit!

You call looking for the lowest tax regime across the world fair and in the same post you moan about Apple evading US taxes. I though you were happy with that kind of behaviour.

What I meant with the job thing is this: the personel that is currently being employed in IRL is needed (or they wouldn't be there). The IRL tax deal has not created a single extra job. What apple does is saying: well, we could employ these people here in IRL or somewhere else in the EU. If you don't lower your taxes we will move elsewhere. In this way it will negotiate with different countries in the EU. In this way the different coutries are forced into a race to the bottom for taxes of big multinationals. This was possible because every EU country is on his own.

In the US this is much harder for Apple since there is one global taxation and this fiscal power play isn't that easy. So, who can blame the EU for doing the same?

BTW it could very well be that Apple is going to 'repatriate' some of the profits in IRL to the US as result of the EU actions. So your US tax evading problem (or do you applaud it??) is also getting resolved!

As for the Brexiteers: they are no longer our concern.

Comment Re:so the European Comission admits it? (Score 1) 212

Nope. It just shows that the EU Commission is well aware that these kind of tax deals with certain multinationals are made under the threat of moving their jobs elsewhere. Nowhere does it say that these strategies are efficient or even an succesful at creating jobs.

Anyways: this is not about IRL taxes vs. IRL jobs. This is allowing Apple to avoid taxes in the whole of the EU in exchange for some kind of deal on jobs in IRL. And that is, of course, unfair...

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... (Score 1) 418

Yes. That was my point. Photosynthesis was what locked the CO2 we are currently releasing into the ground in the first place. But we all know that took hunderd of milions of years. Not a few millenia like the poster suggested.

So the question put forth by the original poster is: what is best release the remaining CO2 in the next 100 years or the next 1000?
The answer is that it won't make a difference at all for the end state of the climate. And if we don't switch away from fossil fuels soon we won't need anything close to 1000 years to burn what remains...

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... (Score 2) 418

[...]it wouldn't surprise me if we could find enough fossil fuels to last a millennium.

Me neither. I think we are getting nearer to the turning point where fossil fuels are not seen as viable anymore. Demand will start to drop rapidly such that, in the end, most of the remaining reserves will simply stay where they are...

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