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Comment Re:of course it will burn.... (Score 1) 418

Yes. That was my point. Photosynthesis was what locked the CO2 we are currently releasing into the ground in the first place. But we all know that took hunderd of milions of years. Not a few millenia like the poster suggested.

So the question put forth by the original poster is: what is best release the remaining CO2 in the next 100 years or the next 1000?
The answer is that it won't make a difference at all for the end state of the climate. And if we don't switch away from fossil fuels soon we won't need anything close to 1000 years to burn what remains...

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... (Score 2) 418

[...]it wouldn't surprise me if we could find enough fossil fuels to last a millennium.

Me neither. I think we are getting nearer to the turning point where fossil fuels are not seen as viable anymore. Demand will start to drop rapidly such that, in the end, most of the remaining reserves will simply stay where they are...

Comment Re:where small means 0 missiles and 2 small bombs (Score 1) 175

If you want to run in stealth mode, you can only use the internal weapons bays ==> F-35 can only carry two 1,000 lb bombs but without any missiles to defend itself. Or it can carry a single 1,000 lb bomb and two (2) missiles. Is that significant?

If you use the full weapons load like you propose: there goes your stealth. There goes your 'clean airframe' that makes the F-35 perform at least somewhat like the current generation.and make it even slower than it already is and will increase drag, reducing speed and range (just like the current generation of planes)
So in that case (with the full weaponsload) one might be better of with any other aircraft that is faster and more manouverable (since stealth is out of the equasion). Preferably one that does super cruising to get the weapons in range and get out as quickly as possible without being intercepted.

Comment Re:That is without a doubt the stupidest predictio (Score 1) 270

Never blame on ignorance what can be explained by pure white glowing hate. Hate against all those idiots who have anything to do with environmentalism.
Doing something about the climate is bad!
We should keep doing things exactly like we are doing them today!
Don't. Change. A. Thing!

Submission + - Terrorist attack in Brussels Airport and Metro station: 21 death confirmed (

SomeoneFromBelgium writes: This morning there was a double bomb explosion in Brussels, Belgium.
In the National Airport entrance hall an estimated 13 people were killed by a big explosion. Around the same time another bomb exploded in Metro station 'Maalbeek' close to the financial district, killing an estimated 10 persons.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 521

Yep. Nobody expected the building to collapse. So it must be some kind of conspiracy.

And no matter how much reasoning you put against it there will allways be that nutcase that thinks 'everybody' accepts this conspiracy theory.

Tip: look at the construction of the building. A central core with a kind of stabelizing 'tension net' on the outside. If you have a gigantic hole in the 'net' and a huge fire weakening the core... it will collapse under its own weight...

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