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Submission + - Gaiman's The Graveyard Book wins Hugo (

daria42 writes: Neil Gaiman's children's fantasy book The Graveyard Book has won the coveted Hugo Award for best novel released in 2008; beating off a strong challenge during the voting by Cory Doctorow's Little Brother. "Fuck! It won!" said Gaiman on Twitter today. "Also the Hugo is really heavy this year. Also fuck!" Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog also won an award.

Comment Twinklings of a bygone era... (Score 1) 607

I was reading the article, and the phrase "The White Man's burden" suddenly popped into my head... Did this happen to anyone else? In the context of the US being such a strong force for democracy and peace in the world, I found a number of the following lines from this totally unbias and impartial article quite humorous: "In order to please our European allies and our Third World critics" "America's special role in managing the Internet is good for America and good for the world." "Until now, the management of the Domain Name System has been largely apolitical" then almost immediately after this factoid "Political questions like "Who is the rightful government of Pakistan, and therefore the rightful owner of the .pk domain?" are settled by the U.S. Department" "There have been no serious complaints about American stewardship of the Internet, no actual abuses perpetrated by American overseers." "Britain, CANADA, and Australia all have mandatory nationwide blacklists of banned sites, managed by nongovernmental regulators with minimal political oversight." "If we give control of the Internet naming infrastructure to an international organization, we must expect attempts to censor the Internet" "Most countries lack our First Amendment tradition" This one really made me laugh... I would go on,but, I am practically copying the article verbatim. Oh and by the way, who needs citations or footnotes? They are as useless as things like facts, and proof, and research. Irony is a wonderful thing.

Comment This gets on slashdot? (Score 1) 316

This 'article' seems more like someones day dreams, this article belongs in an MMO forum somewhere, not on the front page of slashdot. There is nothing of substance, mostly its just this person's musings on what their wet dream of an MMO would be. They randomly state 100 million as a development cost for this 'new technology' for a single shard world. Amateurish is the most flattering word I can think of to describe this post. The ideas arent that new or interesting, and again, it's mostly a post about what someone wants to see in an MMO, very little in the article actually talks about the concept of single shard MMO's, or the technology needed to create them, which is the main headline of the article!

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