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Submission + - Deep-Frying Graphene Microspheres For Energy Storage (acs.org)

ckwu writes: Materials scientists have constructed round, pom-pom-like graphene microparticles by spraying graphene oxide droplets into a hot solvent—a process akin to deep-frying. The technique could provide a simple, versatile means to make electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors, possibly leading to devices with improved energy and power densities, the researchers say. The microparticles contain graphene nanosheets radiating out from their centers, which increases the exposed surface area of the graphene and creates open nanochannels that can enhance charge transfer. Electrodes made with the graphene microspheres had higher capacitance than those made with unassembled graphene sheets, demonstrating that the 3-D structure of the particles improved performance.

Comment Re:cool story bro (Score 2) 610

No, he said walk into an "office" not a corner coffee shop. Macs have almost zero penetration into the corporate space and the only company that have macs are those companies that don't have strict policies on their desktops/laptops.

Its beyond frustrating because Apple just doesn't get it. Companies want the ability to centrally manage devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc) and unfortunately you can do this with Apple.

Apple could easily double or triple their market share by just offering corporates the ability to central manage/control all their mac devices in their environment.

Comment Re:Salaries (Score 1) 886

Wow, you definitely have no idea how small/medium sized companies actually conduct business. It is standard practice to sell solution and then resource up with contractors/full time staff when once you have won the deal. You can't just have loads staff members sitting around doing nothing waiting for a project that might happen in 3 months.

Its called cash flow and lack of it is what causes most small sized companies to shut their doors.

Comment Re:Futile (Score 1) 160

Stop thinking that everything is a utility, 90% of Java "applications" are not client side applications but run server side and where if it takes 5seconds or 30seconds to startup its irrelevant.

When you start hitting heavy server side "applications", even the C++ ones take a while to startup.

Comment Re:Computer Scientist Programmer Software Engineer (Score 1) 446

Haha, well said!! Got a developer that works for me who is always late on every project he is involved. So one day I sat down with him trying to understand why he was always late. Was quiet an eye opener when I realized he was effectively rewriting the code 3 or 4 times per module.

He said he wasn't done until the system was perfect. Now I am all for optimized code but number 1 priority is a working complete solution and then it can be re-factored to improve efficiency/re-writeablity/etc.

Comment Re:Yeah I saw that on... (Score 1) 164

I have heard this argument so many times and its such bullshit.

To use the cheese dip analogy, you are not eating magical unlimited cheese dip that never runs out. You are eating recycled unlimited cheese dip, and while the first time around it tastes pretty good the more it gets recycled the more it loses its flavor and becomes more bland.

It costs money to come out with new content/season/shows - this money comes from the sales of the content from the last season or previous shows. So your argument only holds merit if you happy watching reruns with out getting any new content.

Stop being a free loading hippie and pay whats fair, not that agree that the current model is correct - its needs to change and maybe something like paying a monthly subscription and getting access to everything is more appropriate.

Comment Re:Java: Was write once run everywhere ever the ca (Score 1) 157

Don't find it scary, this is pretty much what every Java dev working on server side/web app code does. I have also been doing it for years.

The problem here is perception of Java, Java as desktop app is to be blunt problematic and idiot devs out there who don't know what they are doing. Java on the server is an absolute dream.

Windows isn't any more productive then say Linux or OSX its just convenient because most people use stuff like Outlook/Project/Visio etc.

Comment Re:you meant (Score 1) 464

Buddy, while I have a very strong dislike for American foreign policy you are delusional if you think that the U.S is responsible for all the worlds problems. Pretty much every world "power" has screwed around with world politics.

- USSR/Russia pretty much left most of Eastern Europe in poverty and screwed up Afghanistan before the U.S even got involved.
- France was pretty much responsible for the Gadhafi's fall from power in Libya (see brutal socialist dictatorship) and has messed around with the politics of almost every North African country
- Iran & Israel are just as much to blame for the disaster that is the middle east
- China has committed more human rights violations in the name of socialism than any of the rest and supports brutal socialist dictatorship like North Korea

The reason why most socialist states fail is not because the they are socialist its because they normally ran by a brutal dictator (propped up by any one of the countries listed above) only interested in their own financial gain.

Comment Re:you meant (Score 1) 464

Haha, you wish! Most socialist countries can't afford to give all people homes, with the exception of maybe Northern Europe. Go to Africa, Asia, etc most of those are socialist countries by nature and there are loads of homeless people. Capitalism maybe a broken system but socialism is no better, they are just broken in different ways.

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