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Comment More please!! (Score 2) 1440

I would love to see more drivers ticketed for using electronics while driving, it wouldn't break my heart to see the "fluffer and duster" crowd (make-up appliers) ticketed as well, I have nearly been hit and / or run off the road by each more times that is safe for my continued sanity to recall. If you are controlling a 400KJ missile you should damn well devote your attention to that, not your damned phone / tablet / appearance.

Comment Bruce, as always cuts to the crux (Score 1) 478

Bruce really is quite insightful in his observations. I can not recall ever having read something from him that was not well reasoned and thought provoking. We as a people seem to be striving for a bubble-wrapped world and we are all the worse for it. With the greatest risk comes the greatest rewards, at the current average level of risk here in the USA, we are completely deserving of a Cracker Jack prize. Seems as if the race to the bottom is near completion.

Comment Re:Poutine? (Score 1) 663

I have to second this idea, any society that can survive the mass ingestion of this particular "food" should be right up there with the cockroaches is respects to surviving radiation exposure. As for WiFi causing illness, I would most assuredly be dead by now if it were true. I have had WiFi in all it's incarnations since commercial products were first available. Full disclosure: I design, install and troubleshoot wireless data networks for businesses, schools, hotels and even cities. I have been surrounded by APs while testing and have even tested the effects of human interference on throughput ( think blocking the signal with my own body). And yet to this day I have yet to sprout any additional appendages or projectile vomit pea soup across the room. I had the same symptoms when I was in school, well before the standards (802.11 a/b/g/n) were established. I chalked it up to the cruelty of the socially connected and the stress of trying to fit in and excel in the highest rated school system in my State.

Comment Those SSN Grubbing low lifes (Score 2, Informative) 505

Dish Network and DirecTV keep your SSN as previously mentioned to ensure that you do not owe them money from a previous account and so you can never again qualify for new user treatment (free equipment, programming packages and installation), the sock sucking bastiges. As for identity theft, unless you conduct all business by trading beans in a 3rd world country, at this point it seems to be a matter of when, not if.

Comment Re:Change we can believe in. (Score 1) 785

This is Change (in the RIAA's pocket) that we can believe in. So Obama is going to stick it to big business(unless it isn't the oil or banking industries). Protect (prosecute) the little guy. I'm sure glad the youtube / american idol / tmz crowd put this guy in office to save us all. Remember you don't have to pay your bills but for deity's sake don't share music or we will squash you like a bug.

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