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Comment Re:Marginal Cost (Score 1) 207

"At that point the platform that is better at doing things for free is pretty much sure to win out."

Or better yet the platform that is pretty good at doing things for cheap or free is good enough.

I love it that there is now becoming competition and market for something that does not have 2 gigs of ram and a 500 gig hard drive and a gigaflop super duper core processor and blue lightScribe DVD running through a battery in 45 minutes to power a $400 OS from Microsoft or Mac.

  Most people could (and want to) make do with 512 Megs of memory, 5 gigs of hard drive space, a couple of flash slots and whatever free operating system can fire a up a web browser and music player.....and let them wirelessly browse the web, watch youtube and listen to music for a few hours between re-charges.

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