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Journal Some Woman's Journal: See? I told you exercise was dangerous! 7

Some Guy had a tragic treadmill accident on Saturday night. If I'd have had it my way, we would have been eating pizza and watching canceled TV shows instead. Clearly my way is superior. :^D As it stands, the doctor said that his knee is too swollen to be able to tell yet if he's torn his ACL or not. :^(

In other news, I bought the cutest bottle of wine yesterday- Happy Cat Riesling (I bought an opaque black one). It is now time for tuxette to mock me for drinking sweet and/or flavorless wine and for me to look on with smug disdain as I let her know that my wine bottle is cuter than hers! :^P

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See? I told you exercise was dangerous!

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  • We just put up some [] shelves [] yesterday (no, we didn’t pay nearly that much for them). It was decided by my better half that we very much needed that cute bottle of wine we saw recently to display on one of them. Betcha can’t guess which bottle I’m referring to? I hope the wine itself is decent, but for our purposes it’s secondary to the packaging. I don’t much care for most reislings anyway, I’m more of a cheap merlot [] kinda guy.

    As to the hazards of exercise, I’m an i
    • Somebody died last week from a head injury sustained during in-line skating at the Metrodome.

      I thought the wine was really good- it was very, very light, which was what I was looking for at the time.
      • Ugh. That doth surely suck. But to be brutally honest, I think I’d rather die from a head injury than survive one. At least if it was bad enough. My friends and I are all very serious about helmet use. I didn’t wear one for a few years that I only skated infrequently, but now that I skate a few times a week and at ridiculous speeds I won’t go out without it. No matter how goofy I look and no matter how hot it gets under there. All it takes is one fence post at 20mph and *BAM* you’re
        • He was one of the die-hard bladers, too. He had a season pass to the metrodome's rollerblading thing and went several times a week. He fell backwards. No mention of it was made in the newspaper, but I suspect that he was not wearing a helmet. My roommate skates there at least once a week, and she will now be purchasing a helmet. :^/

          A helmet saved my non-Republicanness while bike riding; I don't see why rollerblading should be any different.
        • I'm rotating my wheels as we speak (well, type, I guess). I'm a hockey player, though. I tend not to skate in the streets that often.

          As for helmets, I prefer not to wear one. I played hockey for 6 years without one and never received a head injury. Since then, they've changed the league rules and I have to wear one. While wearing a helmet (about 5 years) I've had 6 concussions, a broken nose, and a couple cuts.

          Then again, the plural of anecdote is NOT proof.

  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    Hi SW. I read that one line about SomeGuy's ACL as, "his knee is too swollen to know if I need to yell at him about his ACL being torn." (summat like that, but I was really thinking you were being smarmy!) ;)

    hope SG gets well soon. his idea was better, execution was bad. :D
  • CG bear and treadmill. [] It's a bit predictable, but damn if I don't laugh at the ending anyway.

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