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Submission + - Boeing 787 Dreamliner grounded in US and EU (


Submission + - Voicemail hacks lead to closure of UK tabloid (

Some Bitch writes: Britain's biggest selling Sunday tabloid will close after this Sunday's issue. The tabloid has been embroiled in a voicemail hacking controversy for some time now and the news that they compromised the voicemail of a murdered schoolgirl and paid bribes to Metropolitan police officers for stories kicked off a renewed assault on the paper. The News Corp daily counterpart to Sunday's News of the World is the Sun, the domain was registered two days ago.

Submission + - UK government tightens up stop and search powers

Some Bitch writes: The European Court of Human Rights ruled the UK police stop and search powers illegal back in January following a 7 year battle by human rights group Liberty, a decision which led the government to appeal and that appeal was rejected a week ago. Today the government changed the rules to require reasonable suspicion of terrist activity before a stop and search can take place. Liberty welcomed the move saying, "To our knowledge, it has never helped catch a single terrorist. This is a very important day for personal privacy, protest rights and race equality in Britain."

Submission + - Gary Mckinnon extradition on hold (

Some Bitch writes: New British Home Secretary Teresa May has requested and been granted an adjournment of Gary Mckinnon's extradition to the US in order to review the medical evidence. This comes at a time when the new British government is already seeking to re-negotiate the extradition treaty with the US as both parties in the coalition government view it as one sided. The judge requested an update by July.
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Submission + - Met issue guidance on dealing with photographers

Some Bitch writes: Following several instances of officers misrepresenting their powers under the Anti-Terrorism Act, London Metropolitan Police have issued guidelines reminding both officers and the public of their rights and specifically reminding the police that section 58a does not forbid photography of on duty police. The guidance from the Met can be found here and the British Journal of Photography's coverage can be found here.

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