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Comment More days, less time per day (Score 1) 1073

I think the best solution for students and to resolve budget issues, is to extend the school year more days but reduce the time per day that students spend in school. This has multiple benefits:

1) Students won't get flooded with hours of info each day and be given more time to absorb what they learn on a daily basis.

2) Students will have more time for after school studying which is equally important

3) Students will have more time for extra-curricular activities outside of school. More time to get out there and do sports and stuff so they don't get fat

4) The number of hours per year for school teachers would remain fairly unchanged since we'd be stretching what we already have out more. Which means budget concerns would be mostly alleviated.

The only downside I see to such a change would be parents wouldn't be able to use school as a substitute for daycare as much anymore. And honestly, while I know for some families that *is* a legitimately hard thing to do with both spouses working or single parents, it is very much a trend we need to be getting away from. Instead, we need parents more active in their children's lives and development, and such a school system change would allow for that too.

Comment McAffee/Norton Syndrome (Score 4, Insightful) 185

It's part of the natural life cycle of anti-virus software. Anti-virus software gets really good -> geeks and techies jump on the bandwagon -> they spread this to their non-techie friends -> AV software gets bloated/crappy over time -> geeks abandon it slowly over time -> regular consumers continue to use it forever until a geek comes along to force them to use the current hotness.

Comment Withdrawls? Just pop some tylenol for 2 days (Score 0, Redundant) 700

Yes you can get a withdrawal headache and feel a little tired. But two days or so and you're golden. Never mind that all you need to do is pop a Tylenol or other headache reliever and you won't even notice that part of the withdrawal.

Even trying to put "caffeine addiction" on the same level as Nicotine and other drug addictions is insulting to those trying to quit substances with serious drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Comment Market Share (Score 0, Offtopic) 308

More or less a matter of market share I'd imagine. Google has wanted maximum exposure for its beta phase, which still means windows. For OS X, at least, the transition should be fairly simple(comparatively anyway) since Safari, like Google Chrome, is based around webkit. Which means its more about translating the shell of the browser.

Researchers Pave Way For Compressor-Free Refrigeration 218

Hugh Pickens brings news that scientists from Penn State have developed a new method for heat-transfer that may replace the common compressor-based system used in household appliances. Quoting: "Zhang's approach uses the change from disorganized to organized that occurs in some polarpolymers when placed in an electric field. The natural state of these materials is disorganized with the various molecules randomly positioned. When electricity is applied, the molecules become highly ordered and the material gives off heat and becomes colder. When the electricity is turned off, the material reverts to its disordered state and absorbs heat. The researchers report a change in temperature for the material of about 22.6 degrees Fahrenheit... Repeated randomizing and ordering of the material combined with an appropriate heat exchanger could provide a wide range of heating and cooling temperatures."

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