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Microsoft Bans Open Source From the Windows Market 566

Blacklaw writes "Microsoft has raised the ire of the open source community with its Windows Marketplace licence by specifically refusing to allow software covered under an open licence to be distributed. The licence, which anyone wishing to distribute Windows, Windows Phone, or Xbox applications through the company's copy of Apple's App Store is required to agree to, is the usual torrent of legalese — but hides a nasty surprise for those who support open source ideals."
The Internet

Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Broadband2Go 257

Daevad writes "Virgin Mobile sent an e-mail today informing me of their plans to start throttling the Broadband2Go Plan. The web site doesn't seem to reflect the change yet, but here is the message they sent to me: 'Here at Virgin Mobile, our mission is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Sometimes that means making difficult choices in order to provide the best possible service to the greatest number of customers. To make sure we can keep offering our $40 Unlimited Broadband2Go Plan at such a great price, we're putting a speed limit in place for anyone on that plan who uses over 5GB in a month. How will it work? Starting February 15, 2011, if you go over 5GB in a month on the $40 Unlimited Plan: Your data speeds will be limited for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle. During this time, you may experience slower page loads and file downloads and lags in streaming media. Your data speeds will return to normal as soon as you buy a new Broadband2Go Plan. This change will only affect plans bought on or after 2/15/2011. How will it affect me? Keep in mind, 5GB is A LOT of data. To give you an idea, it's about 250 hours of web browsing or over 500,000(!) emails. So this change shouldn't affect you unless you're a heavy downloader/streamer/etc.'" Just when I was getting comfortable recommending it to people, too. I do prefer a slowdown to an absolute cap, but this sours me a bit on the (locked-to-Sprint) MiFi I bought to use the Virgin service.

Debian 6.0 To Feature a Completely Free Kernel 283

dkd903 writes "The Debian Project has announced that the upcoming release — Debian 6.0 'Squeeze' — will have a completely free Linux kernel. This means that the Linux kernel which ships with Debian 6.0 will not have any non-free firmware. The Debian Project has been working on removing the non-free parts since the last two releases. With Squeeze, they are finally realizing that goal."

FBI Alleged To Have Backdoored OpenBSD's IPSEC Stack 536

Aggrajag and Mortimer.CA, among others, wrote to inform us that Theo de Raadt has made public an email sent to him by Gregory Perry, who worked on the OpenBSD crypto framework a decade ago. The claim is that the FBI paid contractors to insert backdoors into OpenBSD's IPSEC stack. Mr. Perry is coming forward now that his NDA with the FBI has expired. The code was originally added ten years ago, and over that time has changed quite a bit, "so it is unclear what the true impact of these allegations are" says Mr. de Raadt. He added: "Since we had the first IPSEC stack available for free, large parts of the code are now found in many other projects/products." (Freeswan and Openswan are not based on this code.)

Comment Re:No no no... (Score 3, Insightful) 483

Among my group of friends we own 6 N900's the only ones who have problems with performance are the ones who are curious enough to enable development/testing repos, then go and install everything that sounds interesting...

The more technical folks realise that when performance starts to suffer, its probably because of something they did to their phone, so they go and look for something using stupid amounts of memory...

The people who are less technical blame the phone...

If your having problems and you dont know how to fix them, then reflash your phone to factory, and dont enable testing/development

If you actually know what your doing look for the memory hogs ( and yes one of the flashlight apps is a know memory hog )

Nokia sold you a phone that works great! it runs a standard linux system and isnt locked down!!!

its not their fault if you modify it to the point it runs like crap

if you need to be protected from yourself go buy an iphone ( or get someone who knows what they are doing to lock down your n900 for you )

End Rant

The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders 603

An anonymous reader writes "There is a relatively miniscule patch to the Linux kernel scheduler being queued up for Linux 2.6.38 that is proving to have dramatic results for those multi-tasking on the desktop. Phoronix is reporting the ~200 line Linux kernel patch that does wonders with before and after videos demonstrating the much-improved responsiveness and interactivity of the Linux desktop. While compiling the Linux kernel with 64 parallel jobs, 1080p video playback was still smooth, windows could be moved fluidly, and there was not nearly as much of a slowdown compared to when this patch was applied. Linus Torvalds has shared his thoughts on this patch: So I think this is firmly one of those 'real improvement' patches. Good job. Group scheduling goes from 'useful for some specific server loads' to 'that's a killer feature.'"

AMD Joins Intel's MeeGo OS Effort 117

angry tapir writes "In an effort to expand software compatibility for its upcoming Fusion chips, AMD has joined rival Intel's efforts to develop the open-source MeeGo OS. AMD 'will provide engineering expertise intended to help establish the technical foundations for next-generation mobile platforms and embedded devices,' the company said in a blog post on its website."

MS Beta Software To Manage Unix/Linux Systems 246

Tumbleweed writes "The Cross Platform and Interop team at Microsoft today announced some new beta products for managing Unix/Linux systems from MS Operations Manager 2007, as well as connectors for HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console. Both betas are available at Microsoft Connect (search for systemcenter), according the blog."

Submission + - EU: secret printer watermarks may be illegal ( 2

Yellow Submarine writes: A EU commissioner has responded to an inquiry from a member of the European Parliament about the legality of secret color laser printer watermarks. Noting that the European Commission is 'not aware of any specific laws either at national or at Community level governing tracking mechanisms in colour laser printers and photocopiers," Commissioner Franco Frattini said that the watermarks may 'constitute a violation of the right to privacy guaranteed by the European Union's Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.' Frattini's comments may give the EFF's campaign to address the issue a higher profile.

Comment Aforementioned NFO (Score 1) 561

This the the Relevant Section of the NFO Mentioned by the parent
          H2O does it again.........!!!

          Although everybody thought that Syncrosoft and Steinberg had found the
          ultimate protection, we prove otherwise.

          We admit that it's getting harder and harder to do and this one may
          possibly be the last one we do.

          Due to the complex nature of the protection we thought of approaching
          it from another direction.

          The Emulation is now done on driver-level, which means that the Emu
          essentially mimics a dongle, look in the License Control Center to
          view the applications the Emu supports. By writing the Emu at driver
          -level we probably went beyond cracking an application. The amount of
          effort invested in this project is staggering , estimated at over 1500
          manhours during cracking, developing & testing, and probably will
          never be done again.

          We hope u enjoy this release and the motto "if u use it alot then buy
          it!" applies


          Note to protection coders :

          Unbelievable way you transform an application. We estimate that
          between 30% & 40% of the application are wrapped in the script
          protection. Protection is one thing but this surely effects an
          application performance. You probably could get a performance gain of
          50% without the protection!!

          Think about this : Once broken, the protection is , what ????

Submission + - Red Hat Linux gets top government security rating

zakeria writes: "Red Hat Linux has received a new level of security certification that should make the software more appealing to some government agencies. Earlier this month IBM was able to achieve EAL4 Augmented with ALC_FLR.3 certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, putting it on a par with Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Trusted Solaris operating system, said Dan Frye, vice president of open systems with IBM."

A Bad Week for Symantec 239

Evan Hughes writes "NeoSmart Technologies has published a scathing editorial regarding 3 high-profile mistakes by Symantec Corp. — all in less than a week. In what seems to be a string of stupid mistakes culminating in the infection of CNN-parent Turner Broadcasting Systems by Rinbot— a virus dedicated to the eradication of Symantec from the known world."

Viacom Demands YouTube Remove Videos 225

AlHunt writes "According to the folks at PCWorld Viacom has publicly scolded YouTube for continuing to host throngs of Viacom videos without permission. They are demanding that over 100,000 of its clips be removed from the site. This includes content from Comedy Central (no more Daily Show), MTV, Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and VH1. YouTube has acknowledged receiving a DMCA request from Viacom, and the article notes what a dire precedent this could be if Google can't reach an agreement with Viacom and its fellow IP holders."

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