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Comment I doubt its a major issue (Score 1) 388

This is about the same as a large metal object ripping open your fuel tank and having the gasoline igniting save it's far more likely the fuel fire will consume the entire car quickly but on the reverse side it's probably easier to put out. The only real solution would be to not use lithium as a battery component which isn't possible at this time.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

Bill Clinton seemed to run the country pretty damn well and balance the budget with a republican congress outside of the stupid impeachment because both sides were willing to negotiate on things which neither side is willing to do anymore it's all down to petty politics for the never ending re-election cycle and keeping power and perks for the political class.

Also /. need to add a fing edit option

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

A slim majority as in a few seats more than the Democrats not the 49 seat advantage they enjoy today as you're far more likely to have a small group of centrist reps willing to work with the other side then you are to get 26 members you need now to get anything done in the House. It would also help if people were willing to actually negotiate in good faith instead of grandstanding for next year mid-term election which is what is actually behind this shut down. ACA is just a convenient tool for both parties to circlejerk over in order to spin the media in hopes of gaining seats in congress and it lets both sides blame them new crazy tea party representatives for holding everyone hostage. Also anyone who thinks congress cares the people they represent and about anything but themselves and the political class and all of their corporate overlords is naive in the extreme.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 4, Insightful) 1532

Republicans are a day late and a dollar short on ACA. So many companies have already opted to drop coverage for part timers starting 1/1/2014 that if they delay implementations of it now they will basically screw them over even more so than ACA already has by getting companies to make part time jobs actually part time jobs instead of part time jobs with full time hours.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1, Insightful) 1532

Well what do you expect no one in either party wants to negotiate they want to make media spectacles for the 2014 elections. There is no middle ground anymore theres the far left and the far right and a giant gulf in the middle with a few real centrists mixed in. Just about everyone on here will want to blame the Republicans but in reality it takes two tango and the Democrats don't want to negotiate they want to use the shut down as a political tool to improve there chances to take back the house in 2014 same with the Republicans and the Senate. We'd be better off with a slim majority republican house and senate so they can't override vetoes forcing them to negotiate with the president and dems there by making the government work as intended via checks and balances and no having one party with majorities in both chambers and the presidency is not a good thing as both parties have abused it everytime it happens.

Comment Re:'MANTLE' was the game-changing announcement (Score 1) 188

Mantel is directly related to AMDs total ownership of the nextgen console market and it should let developers use mantel to optimize across both consoles and AMD based pc using generally one main code base with only minor tweaks for each platform but of course it screws over anyone with a nVidia gfx card who will get stuck with the lower optimized paths. This is basicaly just AMD releasing it's custom GCN based console development api for PC usage allowing develops the option to max out the games on PCs with GCN based gfx cards

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