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Submission + - How Long Until DRM Is Mandatory?

Bernie writes: The content producers (eg, movie studios and music labels) have been trying and trying to get consumers to accept DRM by telling us that it "enables" us. We recently heard that a HBO exec want to start calling DRM by the name "Digital Consumer Enablement" instead. Of course, we here at Slashdot know that DRM is actually about restricting us. However, I recently realized that DRM restricts and not enables because our DVD players, MP3 players, computers, etc. can play content without DRM. If the tables were turned, then they would really be turned. That is, if our media players did not play non-DRM content, then DRM would become an enabling technology. My question: How long until media players will NOT play non-DRM content? Or will we be able to avoid this tragedy?

Submission + - Save Jericho an Internet Phenomenon

RanZzz writes: On Wednesday, May 16th CBS decided to cancel the show "Jericho" This was not a popular decision with their fans. Google for "Save Jericho" and you get 48,000 hits as of this morning. Think of the amount of time and money it would take a public relations agency to put up 48,000 pages with your message, all with unique and clearly human content. CBS is being flooded with nuts. Not just fans, but actual peanuts. Nuts Online has a NUTS for Jericho promotion going. As of this moment people have sent 6000lbs of nuts to CBS. The Save Jericho campaign will change the way Old Media interacts with the internet. Read More!
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Submission + - Szulik: Software Patents Retard Innovation

An anonymous reader writes: Red Hat CEO Matt Szulik believes that software patents absolutely retard the pace of innovation. He's calling for a reform of the patent process instead of a total abolition of patents. Last week, Red Hat became one of several open-source Microsoft rivals targeted as infringing 235 of Redmond's patents. "In the last 30 years, we've continued to see patents really being a challenge to innovation. The industry moves much faster than a remedy process," Szulik told hundreds of attendees at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. "There is very little empirical evidence that builds a correlation between patents and innovation." Also this week, Microsoft said it has no immediate plans to sue open-source vendors after alleging they infringed the company's patents.

Submission + - Sony blames poor PS3 sales on Internet

i_like_spam writes: During a recent interview with GamePro, Sony's PR head, Dave Karraker, responded candidly to questions about the negative consumer perceptions of the PS3. He responded, 'I think a lot of this goes back to the proliferation of the Internet, where a very vocal minority can make a lot of noise and potentially alter perceptions of the masses, whether they are accurate or not.'

He also replied: 'A lot of the perceptions are not justified and seem fueled by people who don't have all the facts or have some kind of axe to grind. It is funny how myopic people can be when a new system comes along.'

There you have it, Sony's biggest quarterly loss in four years is due to inept consumers and FUD.

Submission + - XM Suffers Outage; Back Online

jakertberry writes: "XM apparently tried to do a software update on XM-3 ("Rhythm") Sunday night/Monday morning, and it failed. In trying to get the satellite back up, they had to move it, which required shutting off the transmitter(s). This outage lasted almost 24 hours and affect pretty much all of the midwest and eastern coast, and even some subscribers on the western coast. More information at or a condensed version here."

Comment Re:Necessary Evil (Score 0) 1259

Security Gripes about Windows...

Frankly they're annoying. The software world in general (notwithstanding governments) really never cared too much for firewalls. In fact, only websites did. Yet now, we have everyone under the sun bitching about how insecure Windows is because of this or that.

Newsflash, they weren't thinking of security at the time, and I'm sure you weren't either.

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