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Comment Re:130 to get my ass kicked (Score 1) 92

People want to share, though. These things are going to be more successful than Glass because:

1. They're cheaper than Glass ever was
2. They're ugly, but ugly in a way that screams "bad fashion" instead of "I'm a cyber-creep"
3. Snapchat is a massively-successful social network platform built around images and video. Google had... uh...

I think we will see (and should see!) a lot of the same issues that were raised with Glass be raised with these. But with the Spectacles there's at least a clear-cut use case, rather than "why is that guy with the thing Garrus wears staring at me"? People are still gonna get punched, but I can see a lot of people more willing to let these slide, too.

Comment Re:Socialmedia is a third-person camera thing (Score 1) 92

Either way, the 10sec restriction makes those glasses a rather limited gadget without much use outside of Snapchat.

Since they're entirely built with Snapchat as the exclusive use case, that's not really a design flaw.

You've got an interesting point with the 3rd-person versus 1st-person experience, but it's not impossible to make engaging 1st-person content, assuming you're doing things a person would want to watch in the first place. Google Glass was an abomination, but some of the fashion-shoot footage that came out of the early demos was still pretty fun to watch. If you're out at a party with friends (who I might also be following on Snapchat), that's something. Ditto climbing mountains or hitting up beaches or even more benign things like boarding flights. Social, personal, vicarious living.

Comment Re:Better than any sanctions (Score 1) 86

Why have you 'infantilized' an entire county full of people. Kind of a bigoted thing to do.

Sure, I'm painting in broad strokes that hardly means I'm infantilizing an entire country when I point out that it's been governed by a cult of personality that favours severe punishment and intense propaganda, and has for doing so for literally generations. I even provided a source entirely composed of first-hand accounts. People are suffering in North Korea and they're not oblivious to their own suffering, but that doesn't mean dropping USB keys into the country will suddenly convince them that things are wildly better elsewhere.

Why would Koreans be any different?

I never said they would. I said that the North Korean government has worked incredibly hard to brainwash them, that the lifestyle for the majority of the country is significantly different- and poorer- from South Korea's, and that it's going to take more than what amounts to flyers saying "everything is great over here!" to change their minds.

Comment Re:Better than any sanctions (Score 1) 86

The best nonviolent way of breaking North Korea is to let the common people know how the other Koreans live.

The big thing is, at least per the book Nothing To Envy is that the North Korean people have been under such a prolonged and intense campaign of propaganda that to the average North Korean even nothing but completely factual details of everyday life in South Korea would come off as fanciful and ridiculous.

You expect them to believe that most people eat daily what they'd consider a sumptuous Day of the Sun feast, or that they can speak freely to anyone anywhere in the world instantaneously without concern for government agents listening in on every word? Or that they could wear clothes that aren't made of vinylon?

Comment Re:One white elephant for sale. (Score 1) 65

Twitter-the-service is an amazing resource for advertising information. People don't just "like" (I mean star- no wait I mean heart) things on Twitter: a huge part of it is active engagement with topics that can be mined from all sorts of angles. It's a less-passive Facebook, and it's a better and more current indicator of what's trending than anywhere else on the web.

Twitter-the-company is in rough shape, and while I wouldn't say it's an easy job it seems pretty clear that it's largely been a management issue since, oh, the very beginning. No clear vision of what Twitter is, coupled with real shoddy use of the information had at hand. It might not be able to directly make money (or, at least, a huge amount of money) in someone else's hands, but it could be incredibly useful as a data resource that drives profits elsewhere.

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 2) 79

Is there any particular reason these shingles are less efficient? The only reasons I can think of being less efficient are because 1. they inevitably have less area than mounted panels, and capture less power and 2. they're reliant on the angle of the roof, meaning less-than-ideal positioning. But are they actually different in any other respects?

For what it's worth I'm basically envisioning shingles with smaller PV panels in the center of them.

Comment Re:Fuck them both (Score 1) 147

Sony's letting developers prioritize what they do with the PS4 Pro's hardware. I strongly doubt any AAA games will be targeting 4K rendering, but who knows. The Pro is definitely capable of rendering in 4K*, though, since Rez Infinite is already promising exactly that.

*if we want to split hairs, the current PS4 is theoretically capable of rendering and outputting at 4K, since it supports HDMI 2.0a and isn't a total slouch hardware-wise, but the results wouldn't actually be good.

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