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Comment Re:Targeted Rehab or Targeted Parole (Score 2) 187

Both, to be honest. There still needs to be a continuity of treatment throughout the CJ system, from incarceration through re-entry.

These scans, if accurate, will simply be another tool in the toolbox. Various assessments (old-school interview style) regarding decision-making skills are already being used. This would add another measurement tool to the mix.

Decision-making skills play a significant role, but there are plenty of other factors that help to reduce recidivism rates, such as anti-social belief systems, mental health, criminal companions, etc.

It's important people realize this only measures likelihood of re-offending. It's not a yes/no. No "pre-crime" scenarios could be used. Even if someone measured out at 99% likelihood to re-offend, it doesn't guarantee they will.

Comment Re:Summary is wrong (Score 1) 172

This is a pretty common practice amongst companies. Especially if there's another company eating into your market share. A company I used to work for did the same thing to try to combat Wal-Mart.

Not the nicest or most honorable thing to do; but then again, this is business. You don't get extra points for being the nice guy (most of the time).

Comment Re:Victimless "crime" (Score 2, Interesting) 379

It's a false dilemma, but if I had to choose between no gambling and unregulated gambling, I'd likely choose the former.

And I'd choose the latter.

Absolute bullshit. I find this kind of intervention ridiculous. It all comes down to money. They saw a thriving business that they couldn't get their claws into, so they shut it down.

As I read on /. the other day: "It's fun, therefore it's not allowed."

Comment Re:Want to see the future - look at education (Score 1) 611

"Quite a few school districts are actively pushing creationism against evolution, dismissing global climate change, and many "non-essential" curriculum activities."

Creationism/evolution and AGW are applicable reasons for declining results in education, but not due to which side is supported. Rather, it's because they are topics at all. For decades now, there has been little emphasis on the three R's: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Instead, the focus has shifted to sociology, politics, multiculturalism and modern history.

We're in such a hurry to instruct children on the "rights and wrongs" of the world we forget to give them a good foundation from which to work. Hell, I've spoken to high school kids who know all about Che Guevara but still can't understand when to use "there", "their" or "they're". (though the same can be said for my peers)

I will agree with you on needing more critical thinking, experimentation and scientific knowledge. However, it should be related to the fundamentals listed above. Can you support a conclusion with facts and logic? What mathematical processes do you use for a certain experiment? How do certain elements react with others?

We burden our kids with the social and geopolitical controversies of the present without giving them a rock to brace themselves for the onslaught. They get washed from issue to issue without knowing why it's important or why they believe what they believe.

Or is that the point? People are much easier to control when they don't know how to think for themselves...

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