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Comment Re:How can you be convicted of breaking a secret l (Score 1) 775

Check out Gilmore v Gonzales: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilmore_v._Gonzales

John Gilmore sued then-attorney general Alberto Gonzales in 2005, complaining (among other things) that when airport security refused to let him on a flight without showing ID, that no one would tell him which law made that a requirement. Because that law was a Secret.

He lost. As best I can tell, he lost without him or his lawyers ever getting to see the text of the law he was theoretically violating.


Flying Car Flies From London To Africa 148

krou writes "It may not be exactly what people have envisioned or tried over the years, such as the flying car in Bladerunner, or the previously reported Terrafugia Transition, but the BBC is reporting that a flying car (creatively dubbed the Skycar, but different from this Skycar) has flown from London across into Africa. They modified a parajet fan that can fly a man into a bigger fan with a canopy that is capable of flying a car."

Comment Re:Citywide Wireless (Score 1) 148

Wouldn't it be nice if this technology was used to make a free citywide wireless internet? We just need a bunch of people with this ambition and it could be done. I once read a book, called When A Strange Comes To Town, in which some people had the same ambition. You can get the book from Project Gutenberg if you look around. It's a newer book that has never been copyrighted.

This is probably a garbled memory of Cory Doctorow's Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town. It is copyrighted, but you can indeed download it from Cory's website; it was released under a Creative Commons license.

(I liked it.)


Submission + - Madeleine L'Engle, 1918 - 2007

mosel-saar-ruwer writes: Madeleine L'Engle Camp Franklin passed away, on Sept. 6, aged 88, at Rose Haven nursing home, in Litchfield, Connecticut. Even before we discovered Tolkien, CS Lewis, or Robert Heinlein, many /.-ers' first exposure to Science Fiction and Fantasy was surely L'Engle's 1962 novel, A Wrinkle in Time. The Washington Post has an obituary, and the New York Post's John Podhoretz relates his childhood memories of life at 924 West End Avenue with Mr. & Mrs. Franklin.

Submission + - How do you hire a programmer if you're not one?

NewMediaBlogger writes: "I'm a geeky business guy — I know basic SQL/Linux/PHP, but am definitely not a programmer. I have a software idea I want to develop, but am not confident enough in my own skills to determine whether or not a programmer is "good". I don't know a elite programmer I can hire to build a team for me.
How do you judge a programmer if you are not one yourself?
Is there an external consulting service you use? Skill testing in the interview process? "Trial" work contracts? Other?"

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