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Comment Re:The "Mid-West" accent? (Score 1) 516

BBC English in those days was very prim and proper, I don't know if anyone on the street spoke like that but we see a lot of it in the old TV and films of the day. Only the Queen comes close to sounding like that nowadays.

That's Received Pronunciation (aka the King's/Queen's English) you're describing. More common now is Estuary English.


Submission + - Firefighters Watch As House Burns Down (

SofaMan writes: Residents of Obion County, TN have to pay a $75 annual fee to a neighbouring town to access a firefighting service. One family didn't pay, so firefighters stood around and watched as their house burnt to the ground. Firefighters only acted when the fire spread to a neighbouring property where the resident had paid the fee. One neighbour was so frustrated with the fire department's inaction that he went to the fire station and assaulted a firefighter. I know many Slashdotters are libertarians or have libertarian sympathies, but is this taking things a bit far?

"Pre-Crime" Comes To the HR Dept. 554

storagedude writes "Like something out of the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report, a startup called Social Intelligence is mining social media to weed out job applicants based on their potential for violence, drug abuse or just plain bad judgment. The startup also combs sites like Facebook and Twitter to monitor current employees, presumably to monitor compliance with company social media policy, but as the criteria are company-defined, anything's possible. Just one more reason to watch what you post, folks."

Comment Re:Fahrenheit: It's for telling temperature (Score 1) 1233

I am of the opinion that a person should be able to use both interchangeably

Why? About the only people left who use Fahrenheit are Americans - everyone else has been managing quite happily using Celsius for decades. The rest of the world should now relearn an anachronism to keep Americans happy?

you can remove bike pedals with a crescent wrench, but why would you do that if you had access to a real pedal wrench?

But to follow your logic through, you're essentially telling people to carry two single-function wrenches, when one multi-purpose wrench would do just as well. Both wrenches achieve exactly the same result, but one can be used for purposes other than removing pedals. Why carry both?

It does rather sound like you are trying to justify your sentimental attachment to the system with which you are most familiar, rather than accepting it as an anachronism and moving on. I mean I get why that might be hard to do, and there's nothing wrong with being sentimental, but let's call it what it is.

Comment Re:20 year lease? (Score 1) 319

As they are here also, if the damage is caused by the lessee outside of "normal conditions of usage".

Lessors are responsible for repair/replacement of "normal wear and tear". If the vehicle fails during the lease period under conditions of normal usage, then the lessor would be expected to provide repairs or replacement. The same is true here of residential rental accomodation - periodic replacement of things like paint and carpet and repair of plumbing and electrical faults is the landlord's (lessor's) repsonsibility - they factor the cost of those things into the rental charged for the property.

Mind you, I'm not sure Australian law would even allow a 20 year lease on something like a car.

Comment Re:20 year lease? (Score 1) 319

But it's a lease. If for any reason the vehicle fails during that time, the owner (not the lessee) would be obligated to provide a vehicle that does work, either by repair or replacement. I don't know how leases work in the US, but that's how they'd work in Australia.

I don't think they're expecting that people will commit to a single vehicle for 20 years, merely that they will commit to lease a vehicle for 20 years, that will likely be upgraded several times during that period. Committing to a 20 year lease means you are committing to the lease, not to the specific object being leased.

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