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Comment Imagine... (Score 1) 155

I'm so sorry to dredge up such a tired meme, but you know it has to be said here.

Imagine a Beowulf Cluster of these!

In all seriousness, though, I'm really enthusiastic about the philosophy that seems to be behind this project. I'm all about replaceable parts. This would be nothing special if it was another "all in one" SoC, but the fact that it is explicitly a swappable *component* really appeals to me.

I love the open architecture, and I love the open hardware. The PCMCIA form-factor, along with the choice of "lowest-common-denominator" interfaces, give me the warm-fuzzies inside; the last thing we need is another homebrew data bus. I can think of tons of things that cards like these would be good for.


Submission + - Build your own 3d printer (

An anonymous reader writes: You may have noticed the recent story about a 3d printer for kids. What you may not know is that you can build your own using plans released under the GPL. RepRap is a self-replicating 3d printer. (yes the dreaded replicators of stargate fame have started invading our homes) Checkout to get your designs and start building. Just be sure to properly debug the control code so you can maintain full control.

Submission + - Unix co-creator Dennis Ritchie has died (

Sodel writes: Rob Pike brings us the sad news of Dennis "dmr" Ritchie's death this weekend, after a long illness. His contributions to computing, most notably through his co-creation of Unix and the C programming language, are incalculable. With his passing, the world has lost one of the pioneers of modern computing.

Comment Re:Scheme with a bigger lib than common lisp ! (Score 2) 47

"Was not one of scheme original goals to a have small and extendable language and let's it's users use the library they want ?" That's *exactly* what they're getting: a small, meticulously crafted kernel language, upon which you can build whatever you like!

Interested in avoiding the fragmentation of a thousand non-standard libraries that do more or less the same thing? Got you covered there, too! R7RS-Large is a portable set of libraries for your applications. Fragmentation, be gone!

From the summary, the high-profile libraries include "networking, threads, regular expressions, delimited continuations, URI handling, date and time parsing/arithmetic/formatting, hash tables, ambient environment access, file system directory access, gettext (i18n support), and pattern matching." Yeah, that's going to be bigger than Common Lisp. On the other hand -- and I say this as a CL user -- it's almost a little sad, given the side of the Common Lisp standard, that so many of those features are left unstandardized.

Comment Lovely! (Score 5, Informative) 277

America's top exports: pornography, hamburgers, movies, economic instability, and, of course, imbalanced copyright legislation. Damn it America, keep your garbage to yourself! We all have our own special interest lobby groups! The last thing we need is for our governments to feel the influence of YOUR lobby groups, too. There's hardly any highly developed countries left where people can live quiet lives with *sane* copyright legislation.

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