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Comment Re:If Im asked to train my replacement (Score 1) 420

And when the places you'd go find a job to replace this job are doing this, where are you going to work? I understand that people see the big severance but if people would just look at the big picture and refuse to cut their own throats, what would the company do? If all the sys admins I work with were told you're training your replacements and we all decided to say fuck off, they'd be unable to get the companies business done. People really don't value themselves and their own power, short vs long term thinking.

Comment Re:I have no idea (Score 1) 97

I didn't say let it run all the way down, though I can see why you think I implied that. I can't vouch for WinTel manufacturers but Apple doesn't keep the charge at 100% if it gets left plugged in. I've had excellent battery life on my two Macbook Pros I've had the last 8 years. I typically plugin in around 20% or so.

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