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Comment Re:Then, he's the writer of the series? (Score 2) 193

Yeah. And. So. What?

He can tell whatever stories he wants to in order to promote himself or his business. Lies in those situations are to be expected.
CBS is the group responsible, in this case, for determining how much is verifiable. If you're surprised that the news isn't fact checking well, then you've not been watching the news for the past decade or so.

Comment Fraud? (Score 1) 193

The guy told exaggerated or made up stories about himself. People who are TV writers made a TV show out of them. None of that is fraud.

Even if the writers believed him - and I think that's doubtful - he's still just telling tall-tales to writers who then write about them.

The writers are crappy writers anyway. Let them write crap.


Submission + - Microsoft sued on Vista name

An anonymous reader writes: Philippe Gildas, a French journalist and TV moderator, is suing Microsoft for trade mark infringement. Philippe Gildas had reserved the tradename Vista in 2003 to use it for a new TV channel. The TV channel will be lauched in next November but the name has been used by Microsoft in between. The links are in French so use your preferred translation tool...

Submission + - The Planet Hunters

ender81b writes: "The Economist is carrying an article that summarizes all the recent developments in exoplanet discovery — 242 and counting. The article also covers why we only seem to find very large and very hot planets, why the discovery of Gliese 581 c is so important, and future developments which might help us find Earth like planets — missions such as the Terrestrial Planet Finder."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - No goat sex at the Olympics, rules BBC (

csplinter writes: The Web 2.0-tastic BBC just loves "user generated content". So when London's Olympic team unveiled its logo for the 2012 games to much mockery earlier today, what could be better than unleashing the Wisdom of the Crowd? After all, anyone can do better than the official expensive design disaster. One entry, submitted by "Sean Stayte", won the approval of the BBC sitekeepers and was published as one of the twelve best submissions. In Sean's words:

Here is my design for the Olympic logo. It is very simple and so memorable. The hands represent Britain pulling together to reveal the Olympics."
(See Image Here)
Indeed so.

However, it also represents one of the most iconic and notorious shock pictures on the Web, which was originally hosted at Sean's splendid contribution has now been replaced — without comment from the BBC. Wikipedia, which once again proves that it's the undisputed champ of documenting anal-related web trivia, wasted no time in updating this important page,and has a screen grab here. Get there before some joker replaces it with the real picture. Sean, we salute you.


Submission + - Blogging platform Movable Type goes open source

lisah writes: "Popular blogging platform Movable Type's next release (MT4) will include an open source version released under the GNU GPL and a beta version is already available for those who can't wait to take it for a test drive. According to company VP Anil Dash, the move was motivated by a desire to see the blogging community participate more fully in development. Dash also says the expects he fact that users will no longer be subject to data lock-in will be pretty attractive too."

Submission + - Open Source solutions for Situation Rooms?

riffer writes: "In my team at work we're looking to put together a Situation Room for dealing with IT security. We want something that allows multiple video inputs from different computers to go to one or two large screen displays (probably plasmas), with the ability to resize, zoom and move the sub-displays around. There are various commercial solutions but I'm hoping an open source application could be used. I've looked at MythTV and it seems to offer much of what we'd need, but it's oriented towards TV watching and recording, and our video inputs would not be from cable TV or video cameras. We want this to look and feel professional, for acceptance by fairly conservative (and not very geeky) upper-management. Any suggestions?"

Submission + - Security Study: Employees Take Unnecessary Risks (

Blake writes: The study surveyed 1000 mobile and desktop employees across five countries — United States, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Singapore — on the risks taken over company networks. The study demonstrates that employees in all regions take security risks, and mobile users take more risks than desktop users. The study also found that across all activities surveyed, laptop users took more risks than their deskbound colleagues and some laptop users access the Internet through potentially insecure networks. According to the study, two thirds use wireless hotspots.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Redhat Network vs Zenworks Linux Management

Anarke_Incarnate writes: I am trying to evaluate a way to manage a large deployment of Linux machines.

All of them are currently Red Hat AS 4.0 with the possibility of Red Hat 5 and Novell SUSE Enterprise 9 and 10 in the future. I am looking to see what people's experiences have been with managing packages as well as deployments with things such as Kickstart, etc.

Please, no bashing of the companies, or business practices.

I would just like some general feedback on experiences with management of packages, updates, policies etc with products like RHN and ZLM. Anything else "enterprise" enough would be good to know about too. Something that can easily be sold to management is a big plus. We are not moving to Debian, or Ubuntu or anything else besides what gives management the warm fuzzies. Thanks

Submission + - Microsoft take developer to court

chrisbeatty writes: The Register are reporting that Microsoft are threatening a UK developer, Jamie Cansdale who built software to run unit tests in Visual Studio.

What starts as a jovial chat with a senior Microsoft manager has led to Microsoft beginning legal proceedings due to the program working for the free Visual Studio Express product. The developer is now refusing to back down, is Microsoft not just pushing the development community, the support & good press they give away from itself?

Submission + - The Top 15 USB geek gadgets (

coondoggie writes: "From humping dogs to running hamsters and gyrating Elvis' and desktop missile launchers, is there anything more fun that a truly geeky gadget? Well of course there is but after having witnessed the Dancing Elvis Phone at a recent trade show, Layer 8 wanted to see how geeky we could get. That naturally lead to the USB world where there's no end to the geeky things you can link to your PC. Here's the Top 15 I thought were the most amusing. Please feel free to let me know your favorites. 1. The Typing Speedometer Mouse Oh why not. This little mouse character sits on an exercise bike and well, the aster you type the faster the little rodent pedals and your typing speed is displayed on the LCD readout. A good time can be had by all. 6"
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple updates MacBook PRO

mousehouse writes: The floating rumour about updated MacBook laptops that started a few weeks ago has proven true. Apple just updated it's MacBook Pro line with (yet again) faster Core2Dua CPU's, nVidia graphics. Some will be happy to see that the 17 inch version provides optional HD-compatible 1920x1200 display size. I for one long back to the G3/G4 times when you would be the speed king for a least a year with you new 'book!
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft glitch ruins world Pac-Man championship? (

destinyland writes: "Today Microsoft holds the Xbox 360 Pac-Man World Championships in New York City. In April they announced high scores would be tracked in their online game service — but then had to restart the contest 9 days later due to an explained Microsoft glitch. And they still haven't updated the contest's web site — it's still telling people to register to qualify (for today's contest) before May 10! Although they did do one thing right. They released a video of Peter Moore, the head of the XBox division, in a shouting match with Pac-Man."

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