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Comment Oh no, now we will extinct mice too.... (Score 1) 259

Its been proved again and again that dinosaurs actually disappeared because they became instead of simply eating and breeding, female dinosaurs started to talk about compromise, and buying a house big enough for a family of brontosaurs, and shoes the size of a plasma TV....

How can you have sex with your triceratops wife when, whatever you say, you cant stop her to feel bad about her 10 tm weight? You are doomed to extiction....

And now the same will happen to mice. Its clear to me that those nerdy DNA hackers are all virgin WoW junkies...damn it!

Comment Re:The only person dumber than a computer salesper (Score 1) 650

You are absolutely right.

IMHO the tech industry should think a bit how we reached this point where there is an abysm open between tech and people. While other human tech, like cars, cameras, airplanes, music players, video/TV recorders, etc... have become easier to use with every generation, computers are going just the opposite way, they have become an absurd mess of crapware fighting each other for resources of a humongously powerful machine (compared to prevoius generations) while the poor user that just wants to do some video, or mess around with photos or any non-uber-geek stuff ends up wondering what kind of evil voodoo is running inside that stupid metal box.

I am a professional programmer, so I do know computers from a very young age (I'm not young anymore :P), and sometimes I am frankly embarrased when I have to explain to a plain normal user things about current computers, nothing has become any simpler or easier since the 8 bit times.

Has been technology advancement so absolutely geek-driven that we lost connection with the real world? Are we so busy laughing at our self-superiority that we can only design bloated software and messed up interfaces just because we can't go down (or up) to the standard user level anymore?

My 2 cents...

Comment what about the peripherials ripoff...... (Score 5, Insightful) 169

The most required price cuts are for the outrageously expensive wifi adapter and the absurdly overpriced 120 gb hard drive. I have an original xbox 360 with 20gb hard drive (only had 1 RROD, hoorray) and I can barely install 1 game, and forget about movie downloads or a couple of demos unless you uninstall that game. Right now in spain a 120gb harddrive + wifi adapter will actually cost you more than the full xbox 360 arcade pack. To all you PS3 fanbois, bless Sony for letting you put any hard drive you wish. Believe me, after years fighting with a ridiculous 20gb drive thats one hell of a feature (...insert envy emoticon here...) WTF Microsoft??!!!!

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