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Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 187

as the bible dictates the universe being created by God for man

I think that you're making assumptions about what the Bible actually says.

Earth was made for man.

I'm not a Christian but I know their book. It does not preclude intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, in fact, it might even suggest that there is. John 10:16 mentions "Other sheep" who are "not of this sheep pen(or fold)". Could those other sheep or the other fold refer to non-humans who are not on this planet? It's debatable.


Comment Re:Copyright term rollback? Plead the Fifth (Score 1) 157

And watch entertainment industry lawyers argue in court that shortening the term of subsisting copyrights qualifies as a "taking" that requires "just compensation" pursuant to the Fifth Amendment.

The counter-argument would be that the government isn't "taking" anything by eliminating anything beyond the copyright protections in place at the time of ratification.


Comment Re:Terminology and Bait-and-Switch (Score 1) 366

I started a fitness regimen almost two years ago because of health issues and oddly enough, not only did I not lose any weight, I gained weight.

I'm stronger than I was at a young man, I'm more muscular than I have ever been and I'm healthier than I have been in years but I learned first hand how exercise alone won't cause any weight loss.


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