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Comment Re:You get what you pay for... (Score 2) 231

Most people don't buy Bose headphones for their awesome sound quality. Most people buy them because they have reasonable sound quality, with awesome noise cancelling ability.

I have a call every morning with my team in India. Because of time zones, that call is every morning while I'm on the train. I can't hear anything with regular headphones, and you wind up having the volume turned all the way up trying to drown out the ambient noise. With my Bose ones, I can keep the volume relatively low, and hear the conversation extremely well.

Plus, when I'm not on a call, being able to put on some quiet music and not having to hear the sounds of the subway, the train, the guy on the train listening to music on his cell phone without headphones, stop announcements etc is great. That alone is worth the cost of the headphones to me.

Comment I tried YouTube TV and cancelled within a week (Score 1) 227

I tried YouTube TV on the free trial when they started offering it in Los Angeles area recently, and promptly canceled it.

  • The ads. An ad when the show starts, and ads throughout the show. I can get a superior experience with a torrent. I don't mind paying, but won't pay just to watch ads.
  • They sell it as a feature that you can allow multiple family members to use their accounts to watch as well. What they don't tell you (Until you've signed up) is that you can't do that if your google account is using a custom domain. So now instead of having my kids able to have their own accounts on the service, they have to watch under mine. I don't want to put my account on their tablets just to watch TV occasionally.
  • The web interface is currently terrible.
  • Chrome cast works, but I initially get a message as the stream loads telling me to get a newer chromecast, and then it takes forever for the stream to load. Sling doesn't have this issue.
  • It doesn't work with my Roku.

When I canceled, they ask why. But you get a small list that doesn't have any of those as an option, and no place to put a specific other reason. Oh well, back to torrents for me. I tried giving them money.

Comment Re:Sharing Paper (Score 1) 153

Older people - of which I am one, are accustomed to being able to share books. Book clubs, used book stores, sharing your favorite new read with a friend is part of the culture. The notion that you pay once and can never share with someone - yet pay close to the same price as paper - is both insulting and greedy.

You haven't priced ebooks lately. Most of them are considerably more expensive than having a physical copy shipped to you. Take for instance the classic 1984. A paperback copy can be bought brand new including shipping for $6.51. On Kindle, it is 50% more, at $9.99. I love my Kindle, but I refuse to pay the premium price that publishers are charging for the books. On books that are priced this way, I'll either borrow a copy from the library or pirate it.

Comment Re:Yield problems? (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Wireless charging is great. You can have a charger/stand on your desk, one on your nightstand, wherever you want. Just leave it there and your battery is always topped off when you go. You can pick it up and reply to messages without a cable getting caught on things. That was my biggest disappointment with the latest Nexus and Pixel phones, was that Google discontinued that feature. Hopefully if Apple puts it in and Samsung keeps it in their flagships, the next Pixel phones will have it as well.

Comment Re:Escalation? (Score 1) 316

The only one of those things that a legacy USB connector is is orientation specific. They're not bulky. They're ubiquitous. Your mouse dies and you need a new one at 3 in the morning? Run over to the local 24 hour drug store, they'll be there. Need to send a large file to someone with a bad internet connection? Send it on a USB thumb drive, you know if they've got a computer they'll be able to open it. This is the new spec, but there's no reason to remove the legacy completely at this point. Just like most new car stereos still have a CD player even though most people get their music online now. It's ubiquitous. Everyone can, and will continue using it for a long time.

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