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Comment If it is so bad, why keep using it? (Score 4, Insightful) 111

Oh right, free market capitalism and competition only applies when normal suckers like you and me try to start a business, not to oligopolies and cronies who seize public spectrum, restrict access to utility poles on public land, and pour hundreds of millions into lobbying and captured politicians to protect their monopoly. Because the first rule of success in a free market system is to make sure there is no free market.

Comment Smells of desperation (Score 1) 146

Fluff companies spit out to distract from the mounting evidence they are out of ideas and lost at sea.

The more interesting retrospective will chronicle the rise and fall of Apple. They have been coasting financially on the success of the products from Jobs era. That will eventually run its course and only then will we know if they can continue to produce at the level established during Jobs tenure.

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