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Comment Thinking Too Small (Score 1) 133

I think we could use this for more then just sunglasses. What about using it in a high rise building. I'm sure some architect could work having blue windows into the design of the building. Or what about if your office had blue windows during the day to give a nice calming blue tinge to the work environment but at night turned clear to allow a clear view of the city? I could see airlines (Virgin Atlantic specifically) installing these since they already have blue interior lights. What about night time use - does the small amount of UV light given off by a star cause it to appear blue? I think there's more possibilities then just sunglasses or data storage.

Comment Re:Um... Acronym? (Score 2, Interesting) 86

We already have a huge network over here called Tigris. It's a locally contracted civilian internet connection that the soldiers can subscribe to for their own private use. They probably didn't want to have a system that contains highly sensitive information called something so similar (if they even considered it). In fact, they probably should have changed it to something completely different.

Comment Useful and Needed (Score 5, Informative) 86

As a soldier currently in Baghdad and having gone through about 10 RIPs (Relief in Place) in my 13 months here this would be a great benefit. The usual RIP lasts about a week involving the leaving unit showing the new unit's leadership the main areas for a couple days. After those couple of days the new unit takes over and only a select few from the old unit accompanies them. Completely all knowledge from the old unit is lost except that which is important enough to be on the company/battalion level. My platoon alone has taken over roughly 15 AOs (Areas of Operations), just to turn them over a couple weeks later to another unit. To have a tool that shows all the historical data on a platoon (or even squad) level would greatly benefit the incoming units and the local populace. The current system just isn't good enough. It's the equivalent of getting a quick walk through of a house and then trying to determine what parts are in need of fixing.

Comment Re:What have they done for the UI? (Score 2, Interesting) 166

Suprisingly enough the majority of our new users actualy are these 'snot-nosed newbies'. It seems older people just don't have the drive to learn something new...and probably the fact that they can afford professional software. Building a seperate UI would require a massive undertaking on the part of our few coders, who are already busy enough trying to keep up with today's 3D application needs. Besides, we have a great community who would be willing to help you with any problems you have.

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