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Comment Re:Also, see the A-10 (Score 1) 290

I don't understand why these workhorses ( or the Space Shuttle, for that matter ) can't *evolve* ?

Actually they do. The current B-52, for example, is really the B-52H, which came after the B-52G, etc. Likewise the C-130 is the C-130J, though some units still fly the H model (and there's a K model for export).

Comment Re:Not a parody. A love letter. (Score 1) 87

In TOS, there were a number of plot holes (e.g. in "Balance of Terror", Spock hitting a button that causes a beeper to go off, alerting the Romulan ship--this ignores the fact that sound doesn't travel in a vacuum).

While the sentiment may be correct, I have to disagree with the example.

While it's true that sound doesn't travel through space, even archaic 20th Century technology like laser microphone would detect Spock's beep. While it's true that the cloaked Romulan probably wouldn't be using such an active sensor, there could be a legitimate way of detecting such vibrations passively. Indeed it might be exactly these types of vibrations that the show refers to every time Spock says something like "I'm [not] detecting any life signs, captain". So that particular example is well within the framework of the Trek canon.

Comment Re:Students + Anonimity (Score 4, Informative) 234

Anonymity plus rape accusations will equal lawsuits and destroyed lives.

Actually, if you RTFA (I know, this is /., why would you?), you'll see that a student cannot accuse anonymously.

They can either non-anonymously report the event to the authorities using the system, or they can record details but not report. If they choose to record, and someone else makes an accusation on the same person, the system will then allow the student to non-anonymously report.

Comment Re:People CHOOSE to work for Amazon (Score 1) 331

what business is it of ours, what they ask of people willing to work for them?

It's our business where we chose to spend our money. Some of us look beyond price and convenience, towards moral and ethical issues. It's our business because it informs our conscience and allows us to make better informed decisions about where we do business.

Comment Re:Uprising? (Score 1) 331

Starting off by fucking with the title tells me they have no interest in actually bringing the book to the screen, which is a real pisser, because it's one of my favorite books and it would make a great movie.

By that logic, I guess the publisher had no interest in bringing the story to print, seeing that Heinlein's original was called The Brass Cannon and the publisher "fucked with the title" as you so eloquently put it.

Comment Re:Weird article (Score 1) 14

The bizarre thing is that you're accusing me of "singling out one particular issue based purely on the person implementing it," when you have literally no example of me ever doing that, ever, least of all in this discussion, where if anything I was taking Gruber's side.

Comment Re:Weird article (Score 1) 14

... you did seem to lament the courts' inaction ...

Not in any way, no, I did not.

you ... always singl[e] out one particular issue based purely on the person implementing it

You're a liar.

When talking about transparency, it's yours that is the most obvious...

I agree. I am nearly completely transparent and obvious and clear. I lack pretense or disguise.

Comment Re:At first glance, I liked the first response... (Score 1) 24

... exactly the way your financiers want it ...

No. It's true that the framers and most people who understand politics want the people to be ignorant about most issues in government, because otherwise, the people would be spending too much time watching government and not enough time enjoying life and being productive. Everyone should want to be ignorant about most things, especially most things government does. Otherwise you'll be miserable.

But it's not true that they want people to be ignorant, but with a delusion of lack of ignorance. You're just making things up.

... with its present day monolithic two-face one party system. Not a single independent in the house. Smells very bad...

There's no objective reason why it's a bad thing.

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