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Comment Re:Don't see the argument really (Score 1) 350

I would LOVE to wake up one morning and read that France has been cut off from Google. Maybe it's time for them to make another announcement about how they're going to revolutionize internet search engines with a government sponsored program like Quaero. Remember Quaero? Neither do I.

Comment My experience with a Chinese social network (Score 1) 130

As a member of the largest Chinese social networking site, I'd like to share a couple of observations. The first is that I regularly see comments that are critical of the Chinese government and those comments do not mysteriously disappear after being posted. During the recent anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre, many photos of the "tank man" and other protesters were posted and not removed. Secondly, my "friends" in the network have never expressed any fear regarding what they can or can't post. It really seems to be a non-issue to them, which was surprising to me when I initially joined. I know that censorship and oppression are very real issues in China and I'm not trying to downplay them but my personal experiences indicate that the problem may be slightly blown out of proportion by certain...interests. Just sayin'.

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