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Comment Re:Really? (Score 0) 129

Gingerbread has only been out for the Nexus for about a week though. It's a first look at what might be coming to other devices still running Froyo. To be fair though, TFA is a device review, NOT an article strictly about Gingerbread on the Nexus.

Comment Re:Lets go phishing! (Score 2) 343

This struck me as an uncomfortable idea from the getgo, but I didn't realize why for a while until this occurred to me. I would be very uneasy not having the URL I'm visiting available at a glance. TFA suggests this layout would be optional, though.

Comment Catch 22 (Score 2, Interesting) 307

If it's an "insecure link" (which is the whole reason SSH was developed ANYWAY), then ANY connection is technically compromised. You can't just assume one that was established "sometime before" is more secure than a new one now. If you carry your assumptions through consistently, they're both compromised and you should just disconnect.

Comment All that remains..? (Score 1) 374

Maybe I'm an optimist, but uh...pretty sure we've been here before and censorship didn't really cut it for Iran's government. The Neda video, Twitter, Facebook, Tor usage, cell phones. There's just too many ways for information to flow from Iran (or Burma or wherever) for any censorship to really be effective. The best ideas would be cutting off ALL access, or white-lists, both of which create serious issues for Iran in terms of being connected to the world.

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