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Submission + - Telegram.org is offline (isitdownrightnow.com)

Snipes420 writes: Im trying to reach telegram.org to try out an opensource messenger app that supports encryption. But I find it offline since recently and I wonder if it has anything to do with all the attention they have been getting in the news/media related to terrorist communications.

Submission + - Google Opensource Project Hosting; End of SF Nigh?

mdm42 writes: "Meandering about the 'net on a slow Sunday morning, I tripped across Google Code's latest addition — Project Hosting. The entry page is a typically Google-sparse "Search Projects", with the slogan "Release Early, Release Often" beneath it. The page for creating a new project only offers the 7 most-widely-accepted opensource licenses.

Seems to me that Google have moved squarely into Sourceforge's turf, here. Does this spell the end of sf.net? (Or am I just late to the party, here?)"

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