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Submission + - Megaupload search warrants deemed illegal (theage.com.au)

Sneeze1066 writes: The New Zealand High Court has ruled that the search warrants used by police to search and seize property from KimDotcom's New Zealand home were illegal. Due to this the police who conducted the search were trespassing and were not authorised to seize any property. Further to that the presiding judge ruled that the FBI unlawfully made secret copies of the data seized and took it overseas. The warrants were found to be invalid because they lacked specifity about the offence and the items to be searched for.

Comment Re:Apple is not the problem, JB Hi Fi is (Score 5, Informative) 412

I bought a Sony portable DVD player a few years ago from JB HiFi store and when I openen it up at home could hear loose parts inside floating around. Turned out to be parts of the laser mechanism. Took it back less than 24 hours later and flat out said this isn't new and looks like a broken return they've sold me. They were initially skeptical and seemed reluctant to replace it. There's something seriously wrong if they can "accidentally" put faulty returned items back on the shelf and resell them. Also purchased a spindle of blank DVD's and every disk appeared to have greasy speckles all over them obviously from a fault in the manufacturing process. The discs could be written too without first cleaning them with alcohol wipes. Took the spindle back and told them the sitation. They said yes they were aware of it but "couldn't take them off the shelf" for some reason.

Comment Did he really.... (Score 1) 266

Maybe I'm just cynical....but this thing is so small couldn't he could just be claiming he made it.

Professor - "Ah ha! Look, I've created a two armed nano robot that can move atoms and molecules!"
Assistant - "Huh? Where?"
Professor - "Here see, right here....Aren't you looking?"
Assistant - "Yeah I'm looking where you're pointing....but ahh.....I don't quite.....errr....?"
Professor - "What? You don't WHAT!!??"
Assistant - "Oh no you misunderstand...I meant...that's great....does it come in red?"

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