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Journal Journal: Vista-XP Battery Test Results

I am just getting over being very very sick and I'm writing this quickly, so I wanna say: Vista battery went out 15 minutes in my friend's laptop before my XP one did. not much... but still, 15 minutes is a long time. :)

Now, I must drink a gazillion gallons of water. :(
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Journal Journal: Digg is Bizarro Slashdot. 1

I have a confession to make.

Sadly, I joined Digg just so I could try to "talk" to the hopeless uninformed people of today and see what they really think.

How dumb I was.

Slashdot recently posted this article which was laughed at in unison here. AS it SHOULD BE, it's blatant FUD through and through.

However, a look at Digg...
  (note: I am not responsible for death by laughter)

And suddenly I wonder, "Is Digg just normal everyday people that are hooked on 'Web 2.0' ? Or is this some alternate universe where LSD is cool, Windows is the Bees' knees and 9-11 was an inside job?"

Maybe I should count my blessings, and thank God it isn't Youtube.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot moderation is a weird beast. 3

I"m not trying to say my karma sucks (ok it does, I have none at all thanks to some assholes that consider me overrated), but it's too easy to lose karma than to gain it.

When I did my first few posts, I was just random all the time. I had a few 5, insightful posts, and a lot of good 5, funny posts. the problem is, when you try to be funny (as I am a lot), you run the risk of a pissed off slashdotter with mod points that decides to waste his points calling you "overrated" or "offtopic".

And you can't "remove" that once it's there.

I hope the karma/moderation system is a lot better in the future. It should be redone so that only people with superhigh karma can moderate. Otherwise you end up with good comments from people like me buried due to a -1.

Of course this is redundant, off-topic, and ovverated, so that's -3 for me right here. Perhaps I need to stop being funny and start doing insightful-funny combos like I used to.
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Journal Journal: ClearChannel doesn't own my state just yet

After hearing that ClearChannel had "taken over" FM radio. I decided to check and see what stations in my area were owned by ClearChannel. Turns out, my favourite station is NOT owned by them and is an independent station! Imagine that!

I'm sure they'll buy them out in the future, but for now my state has alternatives.

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