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Comment Re:Really... (Score 0) 457

The spook part of the US government has technology to access any device and do a lot more than just access, but put hypervisors or small chips in to harass and less often monitor. This is the public face of the government. They have to deal with public credibility and opinion, courts and official court sanctioned evidence. Considering some in the FBI are actually CIA agents loyal to the rich old boys network that's been running the country since the 1850s, its certain they could dump the phone in no time but that evidence would be secretly obtained and classified as top secret since it would not hold up in court.
The government is a two faced beast these days with a million top secret security clearances handed out like candy mostly to people wanting to be in a freemasonry style crime cult which stalks, harasses, makes puppets and runs the country by being cowards in neighboring rooms brainwashing and harassing victims. But probably the truth about the US government is a bit deep for this thread. Let's stick to the public face where things sound so much more normal!

Comment USA has monopoly on the homosexual agenda (Score 0) 342

Covert drugging, anesthetized sleep, or disabled consciousness surgeries, implanted devices, bodily abuse and mind abuse
Advanced and clandestine surgical or abuse techniques to cause target to be essentially unaware.
Covert drugging with anesthetics such as needle injected Propofol (also known as the "milk of amnesia") or a gas such as Chloroform administered through a hose into the sleeping area of the target or by a rag over the target’s mouth and nose.
Using directed energy weapons to maintain a sleep state in the brain of the target.
Brain surgery to install a mind control chip that simply allows the conscious mind to be disabled when a target is asleep so they remain unconscious making drugging unnecessary.
Plastic surgery on the face, nose and rectum to make a "designer face" or a "designer rectum."
Cochlear implants for inner ear transmissions covered up with eczema behind the lower back crevice of each earlobe.
Tracking device implants in center of left eyebrow, upper right earlobe or right armpit.
Tear duct implants.
Rectal pain suppression implants.
Beating forearms or calves of target.
Wedging items between teeth to move teeth out of or into alignment.
Designing dried nasal mucus in nose of target.
Skin conditions in places hidden by clothing but noticeable to the target (specific harmful topical creams and chemicals such as nail polish remover which are well known to scientists/dermatologists are generally used): eczema, psoriasis, warts, acne, moles, in-grown hairs, in-grown toenails, freckles, strange hair growth.
Mouth sores especially canker sores.
Ear and eye infections.
Tap water drugging.
Medically necessary surgeries or operations to maintain health of target.

Signs (upon awakening):
Needle injection marks especially on upper right (or left) arm, forearms, back of fingers, back, stomach, ankles, and calves.
Ability to easily cause bruising by squeezing sites of needle injection marks.
Object the size of a grain of rice especially if found in eyebrow, upper earlobe or armpit.
Eczema behind lower back crevice of each earlobe to cover up cochlear implant surgery.
Feeling the post-anesthetic type of drugged-out dazed and confused mental effect.
Unexplainable severe pain in limbs.
Strange skin problems.
Strange mental (conscious or subconscious) feelings or sensations.
Homosexual and degenerate behavior recruitment campaign
Lust themes including sexually degenerate behavior, homosexuality, poly-amorous lifestyle, infidelity, pedophilia, bestiality or other fetishes.
Designed by corrupt and perverted psychotherapists and psychologists who study and practice sexual identity manipulation.
Designed experiences to destroy sexual fantasies and make women seem unappealing.
Homosexual and liberal messages in mainstream media.
Attempting induction of homosexuality through geographic location in known areas with large populations of homosexuals.
Use of all boys and all girls schools or summer camps.
Attempting to incarcerate or institutionalize the target such that they can be raped in jail or prison or in the hospital where nobody will believe them or be able to communicate with them. This type of rape is also referred to as mind rape as the mind is conscious during the rape as opposed to being raped while unconscious during sleep.
Unconscious Body Manipulation
Sexual abuse.
Forced swallowing or injection of hormones to give a hyper-masculine sexual drive.
Genital manipulation: Penile eczema or scraped off skin on the bottom center of the shaft or tip or on the left or right front tip of the penis, excessive penile hair growth on the base of the shaft through hair growth creams and hormones, scrotal stretching.
Symptoms of genital manipulation: eczema from chemical such as nail polish remover or skin scraping plainly visible, painful and stretched out scrotum.
Anal manipulation: clandestine serial rapist(s) performing rape or sometimes special gang-rape rituals involving sodomy and foreign object insertion such as fingers, iguanas, dildos, vibrators or vegetables such as a cucumber or squash which can be done in a manner to deliberately give the target flatulence, enemas to clean out semen, DNA and the target's colon, rectal warts.
Symptoms of anal manipulation/penetration: a sore, sweaty, bloody, uncomfortable of painful rectum, a stinging feeling around the opening of the anus, bloody anus or stools, anal leakage, excessive flatulence, abnormally loose sphincter muscle especially apparent in difficulty controlling flatulence and squeezing bowl movements out, dried up white semen-like substance or shedding at opening of rectum that smells like semen, swollen rectum opening, not having bowel movements for a days or even a week at a time despite eating a normal diet, anal yeast infection.
Breast manipulation: male breast enlargement through water/food drugging or repetitive squeezing of tissue.
Symptoms of breast manipulation: increased breast size.
Oral manipulation: Forced oral sex after anal abuse, forced semen swallowing.
Symptoms of oral manipulation: Awkward rectal or seminal fluid residue in mouth determined through similarity to smell, irritated throat with sticky material in the back of it that goes away through drinking fluids or in a short time, strange sores or cuts in the mouth, upset stomach with heartburn and GERD.
Eye manipulation: Forced semen in eye which causes stinging irritation.
Eye manipulation signs: itchy red eye upon awakening that one has difficulty fully opening.
Right ring finger nail (or left/right thumb nail) manipulation: using a pin to carve little lines or holes or seriously damaging the nail by beginning to rip it out or shoving a nail scraper under the nail.
Skin manipulation: skin discoloration on earlobes in earring location.
Hair manipulation: electrolysis under the beard hair of a target's chin to remove hair in pattern of a cleverly hidden 3-pronged satanic trident.

Covert Technological Manipulation techniques used by US military intelligence/CIA/FBI:
Subconscious erection control.
Installing a rectal nerve pain suppressor to prevent pain whenever the target has been unconsciously anally penetrated. It can be disabled with directed energy weapons to put the target in a state of pain or cause strange anus sensations especially at times carefully coordinated with the covert surveillance such as when homosexual subliminal messages through stalkers or on television are seen by the target.
Rectal plastic surgery to correct hemorrhoids or side effects that occur during the process and create a "designer rectum".
Using directed energy weapons to reproduce subconscious brain states that were captured at times when subliminal homosexual messages were being mentally observed through dreams or possibly on television, the radio or through an individual stalker or stalkers in an attempt to link homosexuality to all parts of the subconscious mind.
Using homosexual recruitment inner ear transmissions.
Dreams induced and designed by computer to pollute the subconscious mind with degenerate or homosexual imagery/sound and the ability to force the target to talk in their sleep, which can be done simultaneously with anesthetized rape so that the target giggles like an idiot and will repeat certain sexual phrases like "oh, f*** my a**hole."
Drugging water, food or an unconscious target with drugs that increase or decrease the target's libido.
Inducing inflammation of the urethra in the target.
Clothing sabotage:
Putting brown or pink stains or black dirt smudges on shirts or pants.
Pulling out threads on collars, sleeves or anywhere there is a seam.
Ruining shoes by ripping off bottom or logos.
Ejaculating into the genital area of clean underwear.
Techniques stalkers utilize:
Deliberately only wanting to watch television and movies that contain many homosexual messages.
Family members attempt to act in a sexually inappropriate manner around the target.
Men, married women or women in relationships acting overly friendly and too personal in a manner that is carefully pushing boundaries of what is appropriate.
Gang-stalking noise campaign while target is fantasizing.
Coughing, sneezing, clearing the throat, coughing up phlegm from the throat or sniffling around the target synchronized with the target's activities.
Internet stalking on social networking sites/games such as facebook, Second Life, Team Fortress or by phony spam emails for Viagra, erectile enlargement, nursing, beauty or other health related industries.
Techniques males (friends) utilize:
Attempting to watch pornographic material with the target, or even trying to get away with the act of masturbation in the target's presence by accident, if possible.
Carefully attempting to transition the target's relationship towards isolated one on one.
Manipulating the social setting to a one on one dinner at a nicer restaurant.
Putting on television shows that will have homosexual subliminal messages.
Excessive use of the word "gay" or "f*g" or being labeled "the gay guy" by strangers.
Spraying noticeably heavy amounts of cologne.
Wearing bright colored shirts such as pink, yellow, purple, bright orange or other very bright colors.
Ear piercings, eyebrow or tongue piercings.
Excessively unbuttoned shirts.
Excessively rubbing behind, genital areas, upper thighs.
Whistling in a sexual manner.
Sticking tongue out in a perverted manner.
Adjusting trousers or exposing feet.
Invading personal space in a manner that involves excessive touching.
Subconscious suggestion through dialog.
Techniques females (girlfriends/fiancés/wives) utilize:
Using lesbians and bi-sexual women who will do the recruitment for the cause while hiding their sexual orientation from the target.
Creating situations that involve "negative coincidences."
Deliberately changing their mind constantly over things like food, sex, other activities such as television or going out.
Slowly pushing the limit in terms of levels of perceived unfaithfulness/infidelity when going out.
Deliberately leaving hair in the shower or bathroom.
Having as many menstrual related problems as possible.
Deliberately making the toilet dirty.
Getting unexplainable yeast infections, endless menstruation or other related bleeding problems due to inflammation.
Constantly trying to tempt the target to sleep with their friends.
Using photographs to play psychological manipulation games by taking lots of pictures of their friends and family posing when scantily dressed.
Use of undesirable physical attributes such as facial hair, overweight or post-op male to female transgender individuals.
Rubbing the genital area while watching movies or television with a lot of masculinity.
When sleeping together, will play games with the sheets or blankets to constantly make the situation uncomfortable or difficult to sleep.
Will leave feminine items with negative connotations around the room such as stained underwear, tissues used to cleanup sex, bras, tampons or pads.
Will help abuse the target while sleeping with various methods such as giving a needle injection of an anesthetic that is hidden in a slick such as inside the mattress. After being drugged, she will let her friends and other men come and abuse her target while unconscious.

Homosexual agenda of the USA intelligence community
The research and agenda for this program dates back at least 50 years and its inevitable destruction due to the extreme abuse and perversions it entails will never be forgotten.
One flying saucer experiment done was to rectally probe them to learn how to suppress the nerves that control pain in the rectum which explains the remarkable similarity of all of the abductees' stories claims of rectal probing. They then designed rectal pain suppressors so they could make designer rectums. This was in preparation for the mainstreaming of homosexuality by having covert procedures to allow the anus to be modified in preparation for anal penetration that could be largely kept unbeknownst to the victim. Through this they can rape a target in their sleep while designing the target's dreams and suppress the pain for as long as they like until a homosexual subliminal message is shown on television or through use of their actors, at which point they will turn the pain suppressor off and force the target to experience rectal pain as they attempt to impose homosexuality on a target.
Don't be a naive or deceptive person who doesn't realize that a satanic mind control cult full of criminals and homosexuals is running the country. This helps explains why the US is known for an unusually high percentage of homosexuals.
Modern humans have come further and further away from their biological state and toward a state of creating an androgynous identity. Western society in particularly is trying to move towards the false utopian idea of androgyny. From a sexual identity perspective, the androgynous idealists think everyone should be more or less bi-sexual. They are not strictly homosexual or supporters of it as this represents a polar opposite of our innate sexual identities. Homosexual men are overly emotional whereas homosexual women are utterly rational. This androgyny is a large reason why there are so many latent homosexuals today. Ultimately however, this is a dangerous pollution of the human spirit and absurdly abusive toward our nature. It is a false ideal and a false idea of enlightenment. It takes a lot of corrupt modern programming to change one's human nature yet it is being done on a global scale. It is interestingly enough a feminist ideal as women possessing rational thought will see themselves as being treated unfairly or unequally by men. To achieve this bizarre goal though, rather unsurprisingly a radical homosexual and degenerate behavior agenda has come about. The days of US government administration, CIA, FBI, NSA and military intelligence corruption including their filthy and insidious homosexual recruitment propaganda agenda and campaign are coming to a fast and obvious end despite that it traces up to the top of the government.
There is a reason psychologists including school psychologists always act perverted and not surprisingly a lot of homosexual recruitment efforts going on behind the scenes. 60% of the world’s psychotherapists are from the United States which should make it no surprise that there is so much homosexuality there. Psychotherapy is actually by its very nature feminized and designed for women and homosexual men. Yet much of the psychotherapy industry in America is being used to conduct corrupt homosexual recruitment and in a poor economy when they are desperate for money, turning toward corrupt behavior is not shocking. There is a reason most countries agree that the psychotherapy industry is completely illegitimate. True perverts will not let a target know their secret. Instead they try to befriend the target with normal behavior and then start trying to sneak degeneracy though a target can recognize this obvious trick and stomp it out quickly. Simple enough though as one should and can simply make a best effort to avoid them. Otherwise, one could be the next victim of these perverts.
The government claims that nobody has ever defected or committed espionage against the USA for sexual reasons like rejecting degenerate or homosexual behavior as can be gleaned by reading government documents on defector reasons. However in the USA, rejecting degenerate behavior makes one a problematic spy. Every other country knows it is a major reason people leave the country and the Russians understand it especially well as they have publicly documented this finding. Embracing heterosexuality automatically implies that one is a foreign spy and rejection of homosexuality will end up forcibly earning one the label of spy. Certainly such a concept would provide nice protection against spies from non-satanic parts of the world where homosexual psychology is not the norm.
In fact, degenerate behavior and homosexuality are a requirement for the military and intelligence communities. The military and intelligence communities are full of latent homosexuals who deliberately keep this identity secret. In the military, the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy is used for a homosexual blackmail control scheme as even the top brass have had their sexuality manipulated.
The use imposed degeneracy and homosexuality as a means of building trust through clandestine serial rape, satanic ritual abuse, large secret orgies and many other perversions.
They will attempt to force the target to have sex with his or her recruiter to get a security clearance and if their perverted and manipulative psychology does not work, they reject the target followed by sleep raping the target until the recruiter calls with "good news" though not calling the pervert back only comes with more intense and regular satanic ritual abuse. If a target does not want to get raped then he or she had better call his or her homosexual recruiter back when called with good news otherwise, he or she will be covertly raped by professional clandestine serial rape artists who know how to leave virtually no trace and discredit the target when he or she talks about or reports the incident. This ends up being a corrupt buddy system since they all intimidate each other into keeping quiet.
One can also be secretly in the military unbeknownst to him or her and he or she will be punished for telling secrets through clandestine serial rapists performing sodomy while one's conscious mind is forced to remain sleeping. So one could wake up from being raped, not realize it, and have all sorts of disgusting images, dialogs, moans and vocal accents, feelings or sensations inside the controlled and primitive region of one's brain. Then all day there will be homosexual psychological operations to try to integrate the subconscious dirty psychology being played into the conscious mind. The government uses intelligence teams to run homosexual recruitment through this disgusting mechanism. In fact they create prostitutes using this exact sequence. It is very cultish and very perverted. When the intelligence community with top secret security clearances starts physically raping a target and controlling his or her subconscious mind as a civilian repeatedly every night to promote a homosexual agenda, it helps the target quickly find out which of his or her friends and family are phonies. Ultimately it is very much a satanic cult rite as they expend a lot of time, money and resources to go to an extreme in this cult-style recruitment. They are routinely and covertly violating the laws and getting away with it to the point that people need to be informed of what is really going on despite how angry these criminals get every time when their perverted secrets are exposed. It really is annoying too since one can get some of the most homosexual men in the FBI, CIA, NSA and military intelligence performing surveillance on the target 24/7 when the target is at home or at work, on the roads or on the sidewalks or on the Internet.
Rape as punishment for soldiers is not surprising to anyone who understands history and USA military culture and psychology. Many will acknowledge carefully that rape is a form of punishment for soldiers. It is only considered a harsh slap on the wrist to the military as it is quite painful and annoying but one can overcome it. The only possible justifications which would always be voluntary and done strictly as a medical procedure could be for spies hiding rectal toolkits (see website listing) and hardening spies/soldiers from breaking when captured and under interrogation since rape is common in these situations. Yet nowadays these reasons are not even remotely on their minds. Even in Muslim countries, it is a well-theorized idea that serial rape is used to produce suicide bombers through shame and humiliation.
Many families partake in secretly raping their children to forcibly turn them into prostitutes using advanced psychology and technology. In America, if one is not perverted, one becomes an outcast as he or she is not one of the gang. Many who do not understand this will be in denial of the fact or those who partake will cover it up by repeatedly lying or playing dirty psychology. There are plenty of perverts who are married and have children that they ritually abuse. Marriage is not closed for many couples in America but open as can be seen by looking at statistics on swingers.
Many in the intelligence community are corrupt and degenerate beyond repair and they know it. People will be dragged down by corrupt individuals for not being corrupt and degenerate which this document makes very clear. Homosexuality is thus being imposed on people these days in an utterly disgusting manner largely due to the wealthy and powerful criminals who have infiltrated the intelligence community and have gone rogue.
This involves imposing homosexuality, poly-amorous lifestyle and degenerate behavior on an individual which is a clear example of psychological slavery/serfdom. There are a large number of psychological tools and tactics as the key is that they need to make it voluntary since they are trying to tear down the biological boundaries of the mind. From a spy training perspective, one can think of it as cause-stalking since a bunch of degenerative individuals who were easy manipulated or fooled into being secret homosexuals are looking to reproduce. It is a game to them until the target starts to strike back in a highly rational and calculated manner. If one has been chosen to be a spy from birth, then it is very likely that everyone in the target's life is a perpetrator including the target's family, friends, seemingly random strangers the target meets, and so forth. It is well rumored that there are countries that are very strongly divided on this exact issue and it is no surprise why. It is a true and present tentacle of the New World Order that no person should be unaware of if they believe they have a right to control their own mind. Some perpetrators have been under so much mind control and are effectively robots that they may not even realize what they are doing.
It is advisable not to apply for a security clearance unless one is degenerate and enjoys covertly breaking into people's sleeping places to drug and rape them while manipulating their subconscious mind. People who hold a security clearance are somewhat of a degenerate pervert orgy club. Many people think that only filthy, disgusting, low-intelligence wastes of life participate in this sort of debauchery. Most people do not think that a security clearance is a free pass to run around ritually abusing or raping people while they sleep as this would be considered an appalling and a human rights violation. So if one is not a total degenerate and pervert then be careful when considering working with the military or intelligence community or even the higher up positions in the government.
The first gay President of the United States (POTUS) is remarkably similar to a script to reproduce Hitler. The techniques used to impose homosexuality makes one wonder how many times each President has been raped while sleeping into compliance with the corrupt system.

Comment Satanic mind control cult USA info for drop (Score 0) 322

Comment Re:What's the concentration? (Score -1, Offtopic) 168

Even if it were a problem, they would leach out the arsenic to poison people like me who inform on the illegal and perverted "secrets" of the USA:

I (Gregory Morse) am the victim of the epitomy of immorality: the "first gay President"/Hitler. US Army intelligence units (along with the FBI/CIA/secret service) are illegally trying to coerce/impose homosexuality on people using advanced technology and psychology. The whole world already knows and is silently watching the US pour its money down the drain in utter defeat as big money easily chases you around the globe. Inshallah.

Advanced technology/psychology: 24/7 through the wall ultrawide-band surveillance, tracking chip implants in left eyebrow and upper right ear lobe, mind control chips to be able to ritually perform sleep abuse, inner ear implants for dirty psychology audio transmissions, subconscious audio/imagery/speech/feeling manipulation such as designing ... See Moredreams, gang-stalking actors to reinforce their subconscious manipulations (homosexual propaganda: wearing bright colored clothing, short shorts, earings, wearing excess cologne, excessive unbuttoning of the shirt, rubbing genitals, bending over, whistling, holding hands), girlfriends who are full time paid actors, bodily manipulations such as facial plastic surgery, pin pricks on the right ring fingernail, electolysis to modify facial hair including a satanic trident under the chin (WARNING - NOT FOR FAINT OF HEART): rectal nerve pain suppressor implants, anesthesized rape, scrotal stretching, warts on the rectum, rectal plastic surgery, penile eczema and excess hair growth, and hundreds of devious and subtle tactics yet ultimately predictable and defeatable.

I serve and fear none but Allah but the great many transgressors out there know not though I will never turn my back on mischief-makers or those who do evil deeds. Divine retritubion is in store. Subhanallah.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 0, Troll) 449

Considering stuff like this happens, I would have to agree:

Turns out you can be secretly in the Army unbeknownst to you and you will be punished for telling secrets through sodomy while your conscious mind is forced to remain sleeping (considered a harsh slap on the wrist in the military - a pain in the ass but you will get over it).

First, they use a directed energy weapon to disable the conscious mind to make breaking and entering a piece of cake. They will also simultaneously mind rape you by sending directed energy transmissions into your subconscious forcing you to see imagery, hear noises or actually speak. So you could wake up from being raped, not realize it, and have all sorts of disgusting images, dialogs, moans and vocal accents, etc, inside the controlled and primitive region of your brain. Then all day there will be homosexual psychological operations to try to integrate the subconscious dirty psychology being played into the conscious mind. The government uses military intelligence teams to run homosexual recruitment through this disgusting mechanism too - in fact they create prostitutes using this exact sequence. Very cultish and very perverted - these criminals should be in jail as they are doing it all over in this very country. For example, at Sonoma State University, I was likely unconsciously gang-raped to punish and "make an example" out of me on April 30 at 10PM-May 1 at 2AM then again 10AM-2PM, when there was the May 1 Midnight Howl to set a Guinness Book of Records entry for most people howling at the moon - like all military intelligence phenomenon, it requires reading between the lines that the military would try to set an unofficial gang-rape record (let's say 300 in 3 hours based on eavesdropping). They were giving up on the gay POTUS script and decided they might as well try turning me into a male prostitute, a drug dealer, a bum, a male to female sex change, threats of forcing me into the Army, phony incarceration, phony institutionalization, and death yet they got caught big time. When will all the Nazi-style criminals holding security clearances be thrown in jail for trying to serf people?

They are routinely and covertly violating the laws and getting away with it to the point that people need to be informed of what is really going on despite how angry these criminals get everytime I expose their perverted secrets. The homosexual recruitment campaign was highly advanced yet ultimately dumb and now beyond defeated. It really is annoying too since you get some of the gayest men in the Army (as it is the Bay Area - unsurprisingly some are also in the CIA) surveilling you 24/7 when you are at home/work, the FBI on the roads or sidewalks, the NSA on the Internet - since the intel community works together to run psychological operations on everybody. An invasive homosexual recruitment campaign is worse than a death sentence - amounts to a horrendous human rights violation. You can even end up with PTSD while they attempt to violate your biology (as they all obviously failed or forgot to take biology and psychology).

Lucky you didn't get to experience 16 months of non-stop abuse and harassment by a highly corrupt intelligence community to the point that it degrades your physical health and you feel like absolutely tired and miserable all of the time. In truth, I think these sick idiots enjoy psychologically torturing people to death.

So I ratted out the military and other intelligence communities and still alive - quite amazing what they must think they can do with their mind control stupidity... We tested each other with secrets that neither side kept. Ultimately, these organizations are not trustworthy. They have permanently tarnished their own reputations through 16 months of inexcusable isolation, covert druggings, training skits, abuse, harassment, sabatoge, etc. And they continue to try to ruin my mind - funny that nobody else is agreeing here. Selling out seems to be in style these days...

When the entire intelligence community is largely traitors working towards aristocracy, you know things are completely messed up beyond repair - the constitution has truly become meaningless so be careful and never trust a traitor though when the system collapses hunt them down all the way to the gates of hell.

Comment Maybe it isn't god but your totalitarian govt (Score -1, Offtopic) 118

Why I am the most hated and persecuted intellectual in the USA
Having a firm and wise moral code as well as a thorough understa nding of the elite secrets of the USA will lead you down a dark and lonely path of horrendous illegal psychological torture and covert physical abuse, a disgusting and utter violation of human rights amounting to technological and psychological modern-day slavery in a system run by very deceptive criminals.

My personal ideological disagreement and disaffection
My motivations are uniquely intellectual. I am fortunate enough to possess a great deal of knowledge and intellect that are being wasted and improperly utilized. My goal in life has always been instinctively singular and stems from current technology: infinite learning. Devoting yourself fully to learning eventually leads to using science and technology to build a more intelligent system than our own nature, that of a Human Being. In fact, I would go so far as to say that intelligence can be defined in terms of the ability of a system to achieve the upper limit on intelligence which is more commonly called the singularity. In other more practical terms, the real test of the intelligence of humanity (or any type of agents) is whether or not it will achieve super-intelligence.

Slavery/serfdom through psychological control
Secret technology has grown out of control since WWII when the massive amount of money being spent on atomic bombs started being spent on secret methods of centralized control involving advanced surveillance gear, directed energy weapons and behavioral modification which is also known as mind control. The impact and consequences this has on our lives and environment is drastic and devastating leaving us rapidly heading toward totalitarianism. It has enabled a secret high-tech control over people that is completely psychological and invisible. The intelligence community can then effectively run the country in a totalitarian manner using this hidden power structure. The intelligence community consists of the domestic investigative agency known as the Federal Bereau of Investigation (FBI), the foreign intelligence agency known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the domestic security agency known as the National Security Agency (NSA), military intelligence (MI) and the international policing organization known as Interpol.

Psychological warfare/torture and dirty psychology using operant conditioning chambers/clandestine research laboratories
Physical trauma inflicted through directed energy weapons used on the subconscious mind or body also to control devices such as tear duct, rectal pain or inner ear transmission implants. The target will have body manipulations such as covert surgeries or skin conditions covertly inflicted upon them especially in places hidden by clothing but noticable to the target (specific harmful topical chemicals well known to dermatoligists are generally used): eczema, warts, acne, moles, in-grown hairs, in-grown toenails, freckles, strange hair growth. Other signs of abuse or tracking are: injection marks on upper right arm, tracking chip implants obscured in left eyebrow, waking up feeling the post-anesthetic type drugged-out dazed and confused mental effect,

Emotional trauma inflicted through friends and family of the target as well as other paid spies. Using advanced psychological skits, these trained actors will attempt to achieve contradictory and abusive drama and other absurd affairs in a persons life.

Covert surveillance using through-the-wall ultrawide band surveillance or satellite surveillance. Places of residence, work or anywhere else considerable time is spent will be under this type of inevitably corrupt surveillance.

Signs of living in a clandestine research laboratory: Remote viewing which is simply the use of a special video camera that can be hidden in a home to monitor a person against their knowledge or will similar to the new airport security technology ? the CIA ran a clever disinformation campaign so that many thing remote viewing involves some paranormal telepathic ability. Just take a ruler to draw the floor plan while measuring the dimensions of your home - if there is a 4ft.x4ft. unexplainable gap that could potentially have a trap door to the unit below then you may be under a criminal psychological assault.

Covert computer surveillance: Remote router connection and packet monitoring, Remote process monitoring, Remote desktop monitoring, Remote forensic scanning

Covert computer methods utilized: Bogus Microsoft signed files to avoid detection, Misdirection by counterfeiting software to make it seem like legitimate software such as AOL or McAfee antivirus, BIOS hack on the computer, Firmware hack on the router allowing one to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks

Covert computer attack vectors potentially built into a software suite: Pre-choosing the targets media player playlist, Causing the targets media player to crash, Causing the targets Internet browser to crash, Causing the targets Email client to crash, Causing the targets desktop environment to flake out with drawing problems by resizing the start menu or button, Causing the targets machine to hang/blue screen, Causing the targets cut/copy clipboard to be unnecessarily cleared, Deliberately injecting typos into document target is currently working on, Tampering with data uploaded or downloaded from the Internet, Sabotaging the screensaver, computer account locking mechanism or monitor sleep sequences, Sending gratuitous spam junk emails to a target utilizing subconscious suggestion, Using directed energy weapons to scramble the electronics in the computer causing a shutdown, blue screen, driver crash, fan humming, magnetic drive or optical drive failure, etc

Covert sabatoge and harassment through technology and actors

'A one-way voice link (OWVL) is a shortwave radio broadcast used by spy networks to communicate with agents in the field. This system often employs recorders to transmit pre-recorded messages in real time or in 'burst transmissions,' which minimize the time that a spy needs to be 'on the air.' ' - Wikipedia

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) for monitoring vital organs, mental imagery, sub-vocalization, subconscious feelings.

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) to send sub-vocal messages utilizing subconscious suggestions, inner ear transmissions to cochlear implants with barely audible repetitive keywords, visual cortex transmissions during sleep to influence dreams and the subconscious mind, anal probe implant transmissions, manipulating subconscious feelings.

Spies or Inner ear transmission specific phrases likely stemming from German occultism and Nazi Germany: 'alright' 'let's beat him' 'he hates the FBI' 'he's evil' 'he's retarded' 'he's sick' 'I hate him' 'fag' 'he's gay' 'motherf***er' 'f***er' 'f*** you' 'let's beat his ass' 'he's dead' 'come on' 'unbelievable' 'i hate this f***er'

Gang/vigilante stalking campaign

Strategic positioning to take over a block: Meth lab in a recessed house with a long driveway and a limo service as a front. Corner houses are important since they are typically cheaper section 8 houses as they are noisy and less spacious but they are necessary for gangs to own as lookout points since they can see cars and people coming in all directions - it is most common for the gang to start taking over a block with the 4 corner properties on the block. Lookouts are needed practically 24/7 since even if the gang is not actively doing activities, they cannot risk their property being damaged or other mishaps occurring without their knowledge on their block. Security cameras make good sense for corner lots to help with this. Move in from the corner a house at a time by making the block noisy and undesirable to the residents. Paying or bribing younger children 10-12 years old with drugs to ride on their bicycles up and down the block very slow looking pretty drugged out. Brothels are typically the next over from the corner as the traffic actually in and out of the building needs the protection of the lookout and the next from corner location is usually one of the first target's uprooted. Every gangster has a car that matches the job - many stalkers/lookouts have motorcycles, street dealers have dark blue Porsches, enforcers drive beige sports cars with no front license plate but gang symbols on both sides of the bumper instead, the high tech stalker drives a white Lexus sedan, the fancy prostitutes drive SUVs and may make chemical pickups for the lab, Limos for the Limo driver, the construction workers and simpler ones drive Jettas and Priuses. Identifying targets to stalk - snitches/informants identification and those who are not friendly or deal with the gang. One way is to bring in a drug dealer in the dark blue sports car and have him drive in super noisy while being very observant as to the curtain activity down the block. He will get out of his car and slam the door extremely loudly, walk directly into the middle of the road and spit the loudest spitball he can make, and continue to look for people that will peer out. After this theatre, most likely with the help of other lookouts, he can feel safe to do business in the area. Cars will leave in whatever direction that the target's identified as untrustworthy will have the least glimpse of their license plate as possible and speed away from the immediate vicinity as fast as possible. Hand signals - can easily communicate the important basics from one end of the block to the other almost instantly using the lookouts.

Stalking tactics including street theatre but only to the point where the target would call the police: Cutting 2 inch pieces out of the target's door sweeps and finding large nasty spiders to scoop up and put in on a week to week basis. Dropping very tiny pieces of odd sorts of trash on the ground outside the targets home every time they decide to clean it up. Deliberately placing raccoons in the target's yard or neighboring yard especially if vacated as they are very loud animals but relatively easy to chase away once discovered. Delaying construction if a corrupt project is going on nearby. Neighbors leaving their cars in the driveway with the engine on for 15 minutes and going back and forth between the house and the car where music will be blasted very loud for about 15 seconds at a time. Noisy motorcycles revving their engines up in the street for long periods of time or driving loudly through the neighborhood late at night. Paying neighbors to stalk by checking their mail in harassing ways, making unnecessary deliberate noise like toilet slamming, chairs scratching the floor. Paying construction workers to make loud noise directed toward the target first thing in the morning especially if they stayed up late the previous night. Paying construction workers to spy on the target. Paying pizza delivery people for cash receipts to obtain phone numbers. Paying UPS drivers to peel the tape off a corner of a package and tell them the contents or information inside. Paying lawn mowing services on the block extra to take a long time which can annoy the target during the day. Call harassment on a daily basis with different combinations of private/unknown name/caller until a privacy manager is installed. Use a poisonous chemical goop or spray to poison the target's doorknobs, car door handles and peep hole or any other things the target is likely to leave out and then touch. Use chemical soaked rags or cook meth in the street to cause toxic fumes to drift into the target's home. Gunshots on the block or outside the target's home. Use EMF jammers to block the targets wireless electronics or cause them to malfunction. Listen and spy on targets movements in their home, television habits, sleep patterns, etc. Use an x-ray imaging device similar to those found in modern airport security or a thermal imaging device to monitor targets movement and can be used in conjunction with the military technology to really have a drastic effect on the target. Use classified possibly stolen military technology to apply mind control through EMF which can be used to cause different things such as fatigue, stress, heart beat irregularities, nerve twitches, side pain, etc on a constant and debilitating basis - seems to be most effective when the target's exact location within a building is known hence the x-ray/thermal imaging. If the target puts a camera in the window, across the street have as many gang owned houses as possible put bright lights at the top of the house to help blur the cameras view and send a message that all of the houses are in fact owned by the gang. Doing loud fake drug deals to bait the target or real drug deals outside the target's home to annoy the target. Putting dead bugs in the target's stairwell or in front of their front door. Having a moving truck loaded up half full of complete junk such as lawn chairs and inflatable pools that are all roped down so the back door can be left open and when the target is leaving their home have the moving truck zoom by them at a fast pace and turn a corner so fast it almost looks like the load is falling out and then immediately pulling over to the side of the road for a few seconds to send a message. Installing a GPS tracking device in the target's vehicle. Having the target followed by a large number of cars when they leave their home so they feel intimidated and crazy by doing things like having cars follow them no matter what lane they change in for a few blocks at a time and taking turns, etc without getting to the point where it is too obvious. Having the target followed or monitored by people in public to make them uncomfortable. Have chains of fancy cars with wealthier couples drive through the neighborhood in a line to send a message. Teaching birds to fly certain routes at certain hours of the morning using targeted bird feeders like 5AM where it would be particularly annoying. Over delivering the same menus for the same few Chinese restaurants in the same area repeatedly. Engaging in full scale electronic warfare by deploying EMF weaponry, EMF jammers, thermal imaging to monitor keyboard heat, monitor images, targets movement, security vulnerabilities that have been probably created through government spies. The hacks themselves center around a remote control mechanism that can be used to make the targets machine sync up to a remote location after it is infected so it is easily traceable - like a tracking device. Symptoms include delayed shutdowns despite being unable to track down the root cause using the Microsoft User Profile Cleanup tool, low CPU voltage warnings on probe utilities, random crashes in Internet Explorer, DFX/WinAmp, full screen games like TF2/CSS, CPU booting in Safe Mode randomly for no reason, floppy drive light remaining on indefinitely. They deliberately waste the targets time especially if a software engineer on a range of anomalies - even at my old workplace this type of tampering was at least possible as public and private attitudes often differ as has been seen many times in history in almost any individual and deliberate sabotage of work environments ia a known stalking technique. Tampering with a vehicle so it has very noticeably squeaky breaks. Paying the local car service repairmen to deliberately overcharge and perform minor sabotage. Hiring a roofer or performer who can climb on the roof of the target's house without being seen and conducting a creak noise campaign or dropping a large piece of cloth down to the ground below to send a message when target will be in area to see it e.g. in front of the bathroom window when target urinates, etc. Paying a doctor to deliberately mislead and misdiagnose a patient to discredit them and make them look crazy while providing the patient with falsified records. Throwing black towels in the air in front of front windows of target's apartment. Having fire trucks harass or intimidate the target when they are walking on the street or driving. Having an ambulance slowly drive by the target right when they are arriving home. Leaving dead bugs in the target's stairwell or on the target's car. Leaving cigarette butts or very long cigarettes in a directionally pointing manner around the target's property or vehicle. Bugging the target's home using cops or landlords. Undoing all noticeable tampering like squeaky breaks, GPS tracking devices, bugs when the target will have the capability of detecting them. Hiring hackers to hack a target's computer in a passive manner to monitor their activity through AOL and other vulnerabilities. Hacking the router firmware of the D-link DGL-4300 router so that it cannot be reflashed without RMAing it. Corrupting people by getting them to cheat on their significant others who then can be setup to become targets. Designing schemes to get the target to end up in a certain apartment by using a somewhat dishonest girl/boyfriend. Designing schemes to get the target to end up working at a specific job by contacting companies they have planted people in to hire the target. Deliberately harassing the target at work by making their computer appear flakey. Interfering with the target's circadian and sleep rhythms using military technology, conducting noise campaigns, conducting all night hacking war games, interfering with electronic and wireless devices, intimidation by subtly hinting to the target that they are in fact being monitored using classical conditioning - such as a loud car driving by every time the target visits a certain website, etc to install fear. Driving the target crazy, discrediting them, making them look and seem insane when in fact they are simply being hyper perceptive of their surroundings.

Signs of living next door to a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory: Inherintly dangerous as you are at risk of inhaling odorless toxic fumes or an explosion especially if it is discovered. Under the cover of a private limo service. Heavy street theater around the laboratory for demonstrations and protection from exposure. Highly suspicious 2in.x3in. cutout in the front that has only blackness inside - no other buildings have anything like it. White spray painted window, on side of building. Extremely thorough white curtains on the front that have remained exactly as is. The garage is never used and a red Volvo is always parked in the driveway that leaves for short trips. Most of the activity around the place is centered between 10PM-4AM but especially between 1AM-4AM. Many cars around it will clear out between 3:30AM and at latest 5AM. People hanging out smoking cigarettes outside the house and there are often butts on the sidewalk. During the day, the only activity is the limo driver/cleaner who cleans multiple limos that are driven into the area in the driveway and gives the appearance that something legitimate could be going on there. Excessive trash is located all over in the front of the house. Police surveillance van that shows up for weeks at a time and immediately eliminates all the street activity. It will remain like this for years and you probably will not meet anybody aside from occasionally seeing the limo driver out in the street.

Noise campaign

Vehicular harassment campaign: Covert surveillance teams following you around in a menacing fashion, Creating moving road blocks in front of you to force you to miss traffic lights or just generally delay your trip, Creating moving road blocks behind you to isolate you and let you know you are under covert surveillance, When you are behind a harasser, they may turn on their windshield wipers when going at a fast speed to spray you, Honking horns at the target for no apparent reason, Many tinted SUVs with repeated numbers surrounding the target, Constant swerving and weaving in front of the target for no apparent reason, Having civilians in crosswalks waiting to cross when the target approaches, Taking all of the parking spots in an area the target is going to or taking the target?s usual spot

Fast food harassment campaign: Loud cars or motorcycles driving by or revving engines while ordering or paying, Not giving a receipt, Dumping many sauce packets, napkins, extra straws or utensils, Rushing you through your order, Messing up your order in minors ways such as substituting decaffeinated coffee

Degenerate behavior recruitment campaign: Homosexuality, polyamorous lifestyle, pedophilia, cheating, beastiality, other fetishes

Penile eczema on the bottom center of the shaft

Spies trained in various crafts such as medical or the unimpressive rapist specialties will work together in a regular team to routinely break in to the victim's house for purpose of performing surgery, body manipulations, raping or sodomizing the victims by covertly using a sleep-inducing gas to keep the victim asleep during the break-in, followed by quickly administering chloroform, an anesthetic, or a similar knock out agent and leave the victim as well as the sleeping location unchanged upon exiting.

Covert surveillance especially through-the-wall ultrawide-band surveillance is used to monitor all behavior 24/7 and enables building of a complete psychological profile

Using directed energy weapons to reproduce subconscious brain states that were captured at times when subliminal homosexual messages were being observed possibly on television, the radio or through an individual spy or spies.

Mass media used on a same day response basis to perform homosexual psychological operations on targeted individuals.

Mass media including newspapers, websites, music/radio, television programs, web sites, movies many custom tailored on a daily basis with certain headlines even targeting certain individuals.

Linguistic degeneracy inherent to the English language through homophones/homonyms: 69, anal, ass(hole), ball(s), beaver, bitch, boob/booby, bum, butt/but, chick, cock, crack, cum/come, dick, dong, dyke, eating out, fag(got), fairy, fanny, fruit, fudge, gay, ho/hoe, homo, johnson, meat, muff, poonani, peter, prick, pussy, queen, queer, sausage, snatch, spunk, sword, tit, tool, tossing, tramp, wang

Spies: Individual philosophy of the ends justify the means
The development of the psychology of the spy is very important to understand how large conspiracies can be effectively achieved. An ordinary individual will find it too hard to believe any conspiracy beyond petty ones involving a few perpetrators is possible. Unfortunately, the largest most unbelievable conspiracies are according to this simple logic representing the average thoughts of the collective, the most likely to succeed. This psychology was spread among family bloodlines where the techniques were discovered likely as early as Ancient Egypt. They effectively become actors running advanced psychology scripts on as many targets as possible. Thus this immoral ends justifies the means behavior spreads like a virus through a culture until it is totally corrupt and morally bankrupt.

Moral defense
One problem people start out experiencing is that totalitarian government is like a multi-tentacled beast. When you cut off one tentacle, it attacks you from the others while the one you cut off grows back. Their spy training/roboticization is all based on the biological human top level goals of survival and reproduction until you can imagine the tentacles could be lurking and pulling strings in any aspect of your life and without your awareness. The elite's supercomputers have defined the top level goal of humanity (or any intelligent life form) as learning since creating an ever exponentially expanding intelligence would lead to the creation of a superintelligence called the singularity (infinite or an upper limit of intelligence) or some might consider god. The existence conundrum would be resolved and existence as we know it would cease to exist. However, learning does not produce a friendly AI, in fact, it produces quite the opposite as it learns the art of infinite deception.

One defense is the religion of Islam which defines a solid foundation of moral standards that can exist in the form of a free society or a totalitarian one. Although the moral rules restrict personal, social and economic freedom, they do so in a consistent and ethical manner. Without strong moral rules to stand by, societies will end up demoralized and very corrupt with the slide toward totalitarianism showing no limits in terms of the means used to accomplish goals.

Psychological defense against mind control
Thinking, acting and behaving as an individual, never as a group.

Learning, understanding and appreciating how your primitive subconscious mind works as well as researching topics such as psychology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, free energy, directed energy weapons, supercomputers, artificial intelligence, mind control, behavior modification, Operation Paperclip, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, MK ULTRA, FBI, COINTELPRO, gang stalking, brain and cochlear implants, the medical and psychiatric community, the DSM IV, mass media deception, aircraft abductions, weather control, deception, New World Order, currency manipulation, social manipulation, catastrophic man-made and natural disasters or tragedies such as the Unabomber, OJ Simpson, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, 1993 World Trade Center bombings, 9/11, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Haiti, Israel, England, Germany, Russia, Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, UFOs, TWA 800, AIDS, Richard Reid the shoe bomber, the underpants bomber, the Columbine and Virginia Tech disasters, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions.

Transferring your top level subconscious instincts of survival and reproduction into your conscious mind to allow for reprogramming and reaffirmation of the subconscious using subconscious reprogramming techniques such as repetition, feeling association and waging one's own subconscious manipulation campaign.

Chemicals and compounds that effect brain functioning which will put that drug in control of one's mind.

Infiltrating known corrupt individuals, organizations or systems for purpose of exposure and eventual justice by relentlessly utilizing the psychology of a spy.

Allowing your intelligent and capable conscious mind to see through deception, crimes, misinformation and disinformation whether it come from the government, mass media, intelligence communities, friends or family.

Exposing general intelligence community secrets to the best of your ability including running viral campaigns.

Exhausting mind control resources and assets by drawing out or forcing them to waste time and effort on an individual.

Acting, behaving and ultimately feeling like an unhappy, disgusted, bitter and angry mind controlled slave while going about your daily business or work.

Learning not to be afraid of anyone or anything including death and fear itself.

Shielding one's body from microwave and electromagnetic radiation.

Removing mind control implants from one's brain or finding a way to dislodge or damage the part of the brain containing the microchip.

Self-sacrifice including poor diet, organ damage, self-mutilation or suicide.

Withdrawing from society to live a completely solitary lifestyle until the mind control technologies come tumbling down.

Reverse engineering society, your mind and existence to inform others of your intellectual discoveries.

Using everything you have learned your whole life against mind control in the most insidious manner possible.

Learning how to probe and discover the identities of intelligence assets and people with the psychology of a spy and figuring out how to determine their true loyalties.

Law enforcement defense and neutralization
The key here is to utilize the psychology of a spy by being prepared for every situation:

Use your mind over matter to stay sharp, intellectual and retain the mental upper hand. Over analyzing their every move and thinking outside of the box is a key to success.

Always stay within the law and carry adequate and legal self-defense deterrents.

Since you are a normal civilian find ways to act and think in a mindset that make you feel like you are being harassed by a Red Squad so that the only real suspicion is cast upon them.

Always have a cover story, use plausible deniability, be deliberately confusing, misleading or use disinformation which roughly speaking is information that is 95% true.

Always remember that they are under mind control and doing something completely illegal while looking them straight in the eye with as much adrenaline, intensity and ferocity as you can muster.

Accuse them of illegal harassment and surveillance while defining a clear pattern of the abuse.

Ask for badge numbers, names, affiliation, details on what their suspicion or cause is and publish these details publicly to eventually and inevitably stop certain corrupt individuals. Also taking pictures of Red Squads and publishing them publicly is very beneficial especially when done covertly.

If anything does not seem legitimately official, accuse them of impersonating a figure of authority and call emergency services, escape or fight for your life.

Only cooperate with Red Squad behavior when it is completely normal and in line, not abusive, harassing or manipulative behavior.

Use medical conditions to your full advantage.

Conduct covert or less often overt counter-surveillance on the Red Squad teams to document and expose their habits, patterns, tactics and identities.

Never consent to a search of your body or property. Simply state that you believe in your constitutional fourth amendment right not to consent.

Never open your door for figures of local or federal authority - instead say 'I do not open my door for the . If you have a search warrant, kick the door down. Otherwise please have your institution contact me by phone.' and offer to provide a phone number if they claim they do not have one.

Never exit your vehicle for figures of local or federal authority without fully closing all windows and immediately locking the vehicle upon exit.

Conduct extensive psychological analysis on any people trying to enter your life through any sort of too good to be true or manipulative sort of scheme. If you catch one or more infiltrating agents, attempt to get a photograph with them and expose them publicly. You may want to utilize socially and personally invasive behavior of the most nasty and subtle yet possibly accidental nature. As well, you may want to use the relationship to conduct reverse infiltration and draw out secrets, patterns or criminal behavior that can further bring down these scumbag type characters.

Counter-surveillance defense
Resisting (or how to harass government spies who are harassing you): Installing a comprehensive burglar alarm system. Installing a household alert system. Installing a firewall on all local computers and the router. Installing good antivirus software such as NOD32 on all local computers and the router. Installing indoor security cameras that report motion detection movement to email accounts and local FTP on a file server. Installing indoor security cameras directed toward the outside of the house if street activity is bad. Fixing door squeaks by using good old WD-40. Fixing cut door sweeps with foam tape to eliminate spider problems. RMA hacked router and manually remove hacks from computer if already infected. Disable wireless networking unless absolutely needed and make sure to use a strong preshared key or even better setup a RADIUS server with enterprise security. Bug detectors to find tracking or listening devices. EMF protectors to stop electronic attacks. Thermal imaging so you can use their own tricks back at them. Taking photographs of blatant stalkers and intimidators as well as the community including houses and cars in the street. Using an air pump to inflate an exercise balloon when being gassed and giving it to the police as forensic evidence. Making loud noises such as grunts, coughs, stomps, etc to draw attention when noisy people outside the home. Using a powerful flashlight to chase off the raccoon. Installing a privacy manager on your phone line to stop harassing calls. Ignoring much of the gratuitous harassment and intimidation. Conducting your own investigation. Not opening the door for the police ? say 'I do not open my door for the police. If you have a search warrant, you can kick the door down. If you need to contact me, you can call me from the station.' At which point you either talk to them through the door or slide a piece of paper with your phone number under the door. Raising your finger to your lip and menacingly saying 'Ich bin ein Amerikaner.' implying that the harasser is a neo-Nazi. Coughing and saying 'mind control; or 'CIA mind control' under your breath. Playing a loud message on your speakers to the community stating that it is a CIA gang stalking community and that other residents under this assault should band together to expose it all over the Internet. Damaging your kidneys, heart, digestive system or brainstem using physical force, repetitive trauma, poor diet and physical inactivity. Spy on them blatantly and make them uncomfortable while taking notes of their patterns to help identity future spies. Draw attention to them in any way possible - realize that keeping their cover identity is 90% of the job and they will do anything to protect it (corollary: the shortest distance between 2 points for a spy is not getting caught). Call them spies - body language will give away their cover most of the time especially if you make a scene designed to isolate them, a nice way to do this to make it not too serious is to say something like 'meh, shpies'. Honk at them, make hand motions towards them when they do any strange or rude driving tactics and make it clear you might follow and draw attention to them. When techniques are particularly backhanded such as at a spy massage therapist or spy dentist/orthodontist office then start hitting yourself idiotically and boldly state if asked why that you have been sexual harassed by spy therapists before and they are unprofessionally stirring up very bad traumatic memories which will effectively shut down the specialists tactics or you walk out and file a complaint or demand a refund. Forced situations by family spies and friend spies should be responded to with extreme anger, disgust and at minimum leaving scenes abruptly, never being dependent on them for transportation, the threat of permanently ending any sort of relationship as well as not being tolerating any sort of criminal activity - legal action could be a last resort. Insurance agent spy harassment should be responded to with complaints to upper management, the state and through the legal system. Doctor spy impropriety should be responded to by ruining their reputations and filing a report with the state medical board. Psychiatrist spy manipulation should be argued and dealt with in a very rational and dull manner until they become incompetent and ineffectual. A very last resort would be to use the same criminal stalking tactics of the harassing spies - known as mimicry in such a manner to threaten their cover identity.

Self-sacrifice defense
Cyanide obtained from grinding apple, apricot or peach seeds

Plastic bag, rag and paint thinner

Codeine, hydrocodone or hydromorphone, fentanyl or Fentora

Herbicides: parathion, Paraquat

Helium or carbon monoxide from a tank with regulator and gas mask apparatus

10-15 grams of Phenobarbital (brand names: Nembutal in USA, Sedal-Vet, Sedalphorte, Barbithal and Anestesal in Mexico) which is the equivalent of 100ml of the veterinary liquid form. According to reports about the Peaceful Pill handbook, it can be obtained most easily in Thailand and Mexico though it seems no longer in Tijuana supposedly Cuernavaca has it. Tijuana, Mexico tip: 'calle 3 (number 8374) Its a the only vet shop in Calle 3 past the Farmacia International which is in between block 3, the landmark would be the family restaurant with a pub above the farmacia International. Just walk a few metres from that corner if your heading north of the main calle 3 its on your left side same side as the farmacia international. They only sell it in 50ml. bottles.' Chiang Mai, Thailand tip: 'opposite Meungthong Thani 3 , Chaeng Watthana Rd, also Chiang Mai recommended city approximately 1 hour north of Bangkok, hire private tour guide to get around' Tip: 'I usually recommend that they take it with their favorite drink since it has a bitter taste. I?ve never seen anyone finish their whiskey or Champagne. There isn?t enough time to give a speech. You go to sleep and then you die.' Anti-emitic highly recommended such as most common Motilium(Domperidone) or Reglan(Metoclopramide).

Hydrogen sulfide: In Japan, the gas is made using around four liters of Sanporu brand toilet cleaner and a similar amount of Mutohappu bath sulphur. Acid Sources:Muriatic acid, Sulfuric acid, Lysol disinfectant, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, The Works toilet bowl cleaner, Blu-lite Germicidal acid bowl cleaner, Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile cleaner, Tile and Stone cleaners Sulfur Sources:Artist oil paints, Dandruff shampoos, Pesticides, Spackling paste, Latex paints, Garden fungicides, Lime Sulfur, Bonide

Interesting quotes
'The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.' - Hitler's right hand man, Hermann Goering at his war crimes trial

'It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.' - Adolph Hitler

'Man does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must ELECTRICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.' - Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974

Inspirational quotes
'Live free or die.' - New Hampshire State Motto

'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.' - Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

'That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.' - P.C. Hodgell

'Those conspiracies that are too incredible to be believed, are by the same right, those which most often succeed.' - Marshall McLuhan, philosopher

'There are two views of history: (1) History happens by accident or (2) It is planned. The general public is taught that history happens by accident. However, the upper echelons... know that history is planned.' - R.E. McMaster, Jr., Educator

'It isn't that they can't see the solution. It's that they can't see the problem.' - G.K. Chesterton

'We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.' - Aesop

'People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.' - Benjamin Franklin

'What do you think spies are: priests, saints and martyrs? They're a squalid procession of vain fools, traitors too, yes; pansies, sadists and drunkards, people who play cowboys and Indians to brighten their rotten lives.' - John Le Carre, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, 1963

'Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.' - 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson in The New Freedom, 1913

Media quotes
'But I got a word of warning for all you would-be warriors. When you join my command, you take on debit. A debit you owe me personally. Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps. And I want my scalps. And all y'all will git me one hundred Nazi scalps, taken from the heads of one hundred dead Nazis. Or you will die tryin'.' 'You probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, Business is a-boomin'.' - Lt. Aldo Raine from the movie Inglourious Basterds

'I WANT YOU PEOPLE OUT OF MY LIFE' - Michael Westen played by Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice episode Lesser Evil followed by 'You want out, here's the door. I'll take my chances.' and then Michael Westen jumps out of a helicopter high above the ocean.

'There's a room where the light won't find you, Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down, When they do I'll be right behind you, So glad we've almost made it, So sad they had to fade it' - Tears For Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World

'If I could capture the rage of today's youth and bottle it, Crush the glass from my bare hands and swallow it, Then spit it back in the faces of you racists, and hypocrites who think the same shit but don't say shit, You Liberace's, Versace's, and you Nazis watch me, cause you thinkin you got me in this hot seat, You motherfuckers wanna JUDGE me cause you're NOT me, You'll never STOP me, I'm TOP speed as you POP me, I came to save these new generations of babies, from parents who failed to raise 'em cause they're lazy, to grow to praise me I'm makin 'em go crazy, That's how I got this whole nation to embrace me, And you fugazi if you think I'ma admit wrong, I cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sic'd on' - D12's Fight Music

'Picture me sittin in a jail cell rottin, Or barricaded in a motel wit twelve shotguns, So when the cops come knocking each hand's got one, Cocked, ready to dump slugs heavy as shotputs, One man army, guns can't harm me, Young and army, worse than my Uncle Ronnie, Ever since I got my first gun pulled on me, I can't stop airing out my dirty laundry, Middle fingers flipped and censorship, Your friends just flipped over the swift penmanship, Ever since I spit some shit on Infinite, I been giving it a hundred and ten percent, Cause when I'm bent most of my energy's spent on enemies, Eighty percent of what I invent is Hennessey, Twenty percent is from being hungry as sin, Ten's because I love being under your skin, Yeah shit can happen, so stick to rappin, Quit the yappin or I'ma lift the mack and, That can lead to another mishap happening, Skip the crap get the can of whoopass cracking, ..., We are not playing, we are not playing, We are not bullsh*ttin, this is not a motherf*cking joke' - Eminem from D12's Shit Can Happen

'Only in America we're slaves to be free, Only in America we kill the unborn to make ends meet, Only in America sexuality is democracy, Only in America we stamp our god In God we trust, ..., What is right or wrong, I don't know who to believe in, My soul sings a different song In America, ..., I am right and you are wrong, No one's right and no one's wrong In America' - Creed's In America

'No you can't take it. No you can't take that away from me. Head like a hole. Black as your soul. I'd rather die than give you control. ... Bow down before the one you serve. You're going to get what you deserve. ... You know who you are.' - Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole

'I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin, My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.' - Styx's Mr Roboto

'Got a machinehead, Better than the rest, Green to red, Machinehead And I walk from my machine' - Bush's Machinehead

'And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control, ..., F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me, F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me' - Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Of

'If we don't take action now, We settle for nothing later, Settle for nothing now, And we'll settle for nothing later' ? Rage Against The Machine?s Settle For Nothing

'Check-a, check-a, check it out, They load the clip in omnicolour, Said they pack the 9, they fire it at prime time, The sleeping gas, every home was like Alcatraz, And mutha fuckas lost their minds, No escape from the mass mind rape, Play it again jack and then rewind the tape, And then play it again and again and again, Until ya mind is locked in, Believin' all the lies that they're tellin' ya, Buyin' all the products that they're sellin' ya, They say jump and ya say how high, Ya brain-dead, Ya gotta fuckin' bullet in ya head' ? Rage Against The Machine?s Bullet In The Head

'I've looked under chairs, I've looked under tables, I've tried to find the key, To fifty million fables They call me the Seeker, I've been searching low and high, I won't get to get what I'm after, Till the day I die' - The Who's Seeker

'We'll be fighting in the streets, With our children at our feet, And the morals that they worship will be gone, And the men who spurred us on, Sit in judgment of all wrong, They decide and the shotgun sings the song' - The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again

'Another promise, another scene, Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed, With all the green belts wrapped around our minds, And endless red tape to keep the truth confined, SO COME ON!, ..., If you could flick a switch and open your third eye, You'd see that we should never be afraid to die, Rise up and take the power back, It's time the fat cats had a heart attack, You know that their time's coming to an end, We have to unify and watch our flag ascend, SO COME ON!' - Muse's Uprising

'Come ride with me, Through the veins of history, I'll show you how god, Falls asleep on the job And how can we win, When fools can be kings, Don't waste your time, Or your time will waste you, No one's gonna take me alive, The time has come to make things right, You and I must fight for our rights, You and I must fight to survive' - Muse's Knights of Cydonia

'What is thy bidding my master? It's a disaster, Skywalker we're after. What if he could be turned to the Dark side? Yes, he'd be a powerful ally, another Dark Jedi. He will join us or die! We got Death Star! (Death Star!)' - Star Wars Gangsta Rap

'Oh say can you see, By the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail, At the twilight's last gleaming, I'M BEING WATCHED I'M BEING WATCHED, I'M BEING WATCHED BY THE C.I.A., I'M BEING WATCHED I'M BEING WATCHED, I'M BEING WATCHED BY THE C.I.A.' - Anti-Flag's I'm Being Watched By The C.I.A

'Enjoy your last. Last taste of freedom! Old man he bars up the windows, You know he does not feel so safe anymore. He come from those supposed good ole days, When you did not even have to go lock your doors, He saw security man look Police man, Saw the Police start looking like the Army man, He saw Army start acting like the C.I.A. And guess what, the C.I.A. was the President.' - John Butler Trio's Oldman

'You're under my, you're under mind control. You know you lost, don't even try to fight. You can't escape, I rule you day and night. You're under my, you're under mind control.' - Canibus' Mind Control

'Take a look at these hands. The hand speaks. The hand of a government man. Well I'm a tumbler. Born under punches. I'm so thin.' - Talking Heads' Born Under Punches a

Comment It is their right, but aggressive move nonetheless (Score 4, Interesting) 254

I think Microsoft is being aggressive in it's strategy. Warnings, even many warnings and second chances, third chances, etc should be utilized before doing something irreversible like this (also an appeals process would be in order). It certainly is their right to ban people from their network based on a written policy but psychologically speaking they are angering a great many customers. By taking such extreme action, they are encouraging better hacks and workarounds in the future. Plenty of computer software is much more graceful and works well on a positive reinforcement encouragement system. Even Microsoft Windows and Office handle these types of situations much better. There will always be piracy but it should be discouraged and not challenged for the truly best end results. A lot less music is pirated now simply by offering it for sale in MP3 form and encouraging people to do the right thing.

Comment Re:Who Doesn't Believe the Feds are Watching? (Score 1) 135

The CIA has plenty of covert operatives working at Facebook. They use it not just for stalking against targeted individuals, spies in training, and practice/research but also by having subtle features that can be used for subconscious suggestion. Facebook is infiltrated by the feds and people are just naive (as is Google). That does not stop me from having a Facebook account though - I simply use my account to play my own psy ops right back at them and expose all their idiotic and horrendous secrets. You should join me in doing the same. Most CIA covert operatives are criminals. Most people are naive that the intelligence community is running the country with mind control techniques for the past 50-60 years... Nobody can control the CIA anymore - the CIA is controlling the entire country. Roughly 10% of the country is CIA most peopel cannot comprehend that such a large conspiracy would be possible - they dont understand security clearances or the intelligence community either, simply hopeless. See this blog: http://thespiritofhumanity.blogspot.com./ My father was a shadowy CIA guy who secretly allowed the CIA to perform psychological torture on me for spy training. People are born spies as it runs in a family. They own a lot of small businesses in the country and have operatives in all the big ones. Could you imagine if people woke up?

Submission + - Psychological computer harassment/torture/warfare

Snatch422 writes: The Spirit of Humanity blog gives a fascinating outline of the covert methodology involved in computer based psychological harassment. The author implies that this idea will become more prevalant as the Internet becomes more of a predominant medium of information exchange. The techniques and tricks utilitized are advanced and would require a lot of time and energy investment on part of any individual or organization wishing to engage in such tactics. The author encourages other people to think about the issue: What techniques and tactics would you add to this list if you were to write your own clever psychological harassment suite? Most will require a fairly solid understanding of reverse engineering software and networks as well as computer hardware.

Submission + - Record-Breaking Black Friday for eBay's PayPal (pcmag.com)

adeelarshad82 writes: EBay's PayPal division reported that PayPal processed 20 percent more transactions on Black Friday compared to 2008. PayPal didn't release the total payment volume, but claimed that its Payflow Gateway system processes nearly a quarter of e-commerce, while its direct sales numbers reflect 12 percent of all e-commerce. In general, reports from a number of e-tailers and retailers indicated that consumers spent more on Black Friday than in 2008, when the United States was in the midst of a recession. However, it's still unclear whether shoppers bought more on "Black Friday," when they could expect a discount on what usually is one of the busiest days in the holiday season, or whether the pattern will continue. In 2008, shoppers stopped buying in early December, a shock that the U.S. economy felt well into 2009.

Comment Re:the "oh, everone does it" line = bullshit (Score 1) 396

So they have secretly done it not publicly. And they have done much worse. Blaming Bush has become sort of cliche he is just the elites latest stooge (he is just a part of a complicated problem). Why dont you go research Operation Keelhaul which documents regarding were recently declassified? Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin made a secret agreement to have all 2,000,000 Soviets brought back to Russia and executed. The American and British troops after returning the prisoners hear the gunshots of executions taking place after escorting them. Noone seems to care about the 2,000,000 who died there though as that was not a "Holocaust". But this is certainly comparable to Bush in terms of brutality. And the American people don't care - it happened over 50 years ago and was held secret for long enough.

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