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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 76

It's getting there. Once upon a time, it was the provenance of the correct, used to punctuate a pithy, incisive attack. In recent months, it has become the equivalent of 'your mom', an over-used bit of drivel at the end of proclamations by minor douchebags (Hi! My name is Snarkalicious. Just sayin). Soon it will fall into disuse, only beeing brought up occasionally by Freepers and the like who came across it for the first time in 2-4 year old comments and find it to be horribly charming.


Submission + - A likely key to rhesus monkey HIV immunity (

Kurofuneparry writes: In biochemistry seminary I learned that some humans and rhesus monkeys generally seem to be immune to the HIV pathogen. The puzzle has been a 'holy grail' and may have just been solved: "Loyola researchers have identified six (6) individual amino acids, located in a previously little-studied region of the TRIM5a protein, that are critical in the ability of the protein to inhibit viral infection." While the title of the article is wrong (they didn't discover the protein, just some of it's nature in rhesus), this discovery is a major step forward along one of the few present hopes for an HIV/AIDS cure. Let the puns about 'rhesus pieces of sequences' ensue...

Submission + - Los Angeles Unveils $578 million school ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The AP reports, "Next month's opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools . . . will mark the inauguration of the nation's most expensive public school ever. The K-12 complex to house 4,200 students has raised eyebrows across the country as the creme de la creme of "Taj Mahal" schools....The features include fine art murals and a marble memorial depicting the complex's namesake, a manicured public park, and a state-of-the-art swimming pool. Joe Agron, editor-in-chief of American School & University, calls it "A really impressive environment for learning". Critics note that nearly 3,000 teachers have been laid off over the past two years, the academic year and programs have been slashed, the district faces a $640 million shortfall and some schools persistently rank among the nation's lowest performing."

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 659

Too early. If that was the play, he'd have the announcement in mid September and show backing numbers near the end of October.

If we, as Americans, had a political memory to speak of (and, yes, I'm willing to go out on a limb and call 2.5 months to be overly generous on this count) we never would have tried to fight this regime change oriented 'war of liberation' to begin with.

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