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Comment The entertainment value of internal mails (Score 1) 479

I guess you have them in every company, just recently I was put into the loop of a whole series of mails between managers where the subject was lil' AOL' me.

It started between two Service Delivery Managers, one being my direct superior. Apparently the other SDL was not too happy that one of her guys needed to pick up some work. A whole thread going back an forward for a week, where language became more colourful between the 2 SDL's with about every manager you could find in the company address book on cc. When my manager finally got a detailed mail about everything I didn't do or did wrong, with dates and details of specific tasks, he forwarded the lot to me (without even a 1 on 1 chat or comment in the mail).

The last mail in the thread was portraying me as a lazy, for no good employee and it wasn't until I looked at the dates mentioned that I got a big grin on my face... The dates mentioned where dates I was on holiday, or out of the country on training. So I replied to that mail, giving my take on it and put the whole circus on cc, including HR.

After that, my phone didn't stop ringing; managers I never heard of, apologising their arses off and my mailbox overflowing with likewise apologies and pleas not to take this up any further with HR or involve anyone else. It got so crazy that I sent out a mail to every one, asking them kindly to stop doing that, because it was being a hindrance in getting my job done and clogging up my mailbox. "Accidentally" I cc'd my business manager in it.

Next day there was a very nice meeting with coffee and cake and a whole bunch of managers I never met. (Including my business mangers' boss)

I'm sure that if I posted the whole thread and the resulting memo, it would make a good story, especially as I work for a rather large IT company that just recently had their wrists smacked for not being as ethical as they want to make every one believe they are.

The point is, that companies are run by people and people come with human behaviour, resulting in the ability to say or write emotionally motivated statements when emotion gets the best of them. The MS mails are very entertaining, but no different in behaviour that I have seen in many companies. Managers are human, despite their attempts to hide it, and thankfully they supply us with a wide range of entertainment while keeping lawyers on the job.

Who doesn't love a juicy scandal?

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