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Submission + - Finding an Optimal Keyboard Layout for Swype

Analog24 writes: The QWERTY keyboard was not designed with modern touchscreen usage in mind, especially when it comes to swype texting. A recent study attempted to optimize the standard keyboard layout to minimize the number of swype errors. The result was a new layout that reduces the rate of swipe interpretation mistakes by 50.1% compared to the QWERY keyboard.

Comment Re:Topre Realforce or HHKB2 (Score 1) 452

I think the switch type and layout are the primary factors, so I'd advise you to read a bit of geekhack forum and decide what you'd like to try. A word of warning: Mechanical keyboard can be addictive!

Going to would be my advice as well. It's a great site for keyboard fans.

Comment Instead of the Communist Manifesto (Score 1) 796

Read Henry George's Progress and Poverty. The writing is clearer, and it offers ideas compatible with capitalism.

BTW, I don't want to suggest in any way that George was a communist. He was arguably more of a capitalist than most, in that he didn't want to tax capital at all -- or labor, for that matter -- just land (and by extension, natural resources with inherently fixed supply). Karl Marx's writing is a more difficult slog, and his importance is more how he was able to convince otherwise rational people to behave irrationally en masse, rather than economic ideas that would be useful to implement.

Comment Are you testing poisonous plants? (Score 1) 73

Not that I have the urge to track down death caps or anything, but I have noticed that NOTHING seems to munch on or infect poison oak (at least where I live). It stays nice, glossy green until the leaves turn in the fall, without wilting or mold or any other ailment I can see on other plants. It would be interesting to see if the urushiol oil or something else protected it.

Comment Re:why are the options close together? (Score 1) 398

(of course, it should go without saying that those buttons should be extremely obvious, and the selection of candidates on page 1 should be randomized for each voter.)

Agreed. There is no reason that a computer screen cannot show candidates in random order for each race, and that would help lessen systemic error as well as ill-informed or lazy votes (lazy voters who just pick the first candidate in races would spread votes among all candidates).

Comment There are three that I haven't seen mentioned yet: (Score 2) 1365

Level 7, by Mordecai Roshwald:

Z For Zachariah (young adult), by Robert C. O'Brien:

A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller, Jr.:

Comment A better calendar reform (Score 1) 725

This will be buried at the end of 600 comments, but hey, I might as well throw in my two cents.

Make the calendar:

Five days per week.
Six weeks per month.
Three months per quarter.
Four quarters per year, plus one five-day week at the end of the year.
Add a leap day to the end of every fourth year, except years divisible by 128. In other words, 128 years would be exactly 46751 days, and each year would average out to 365.2421875 days.

Then start the year at the autumnal equinox (in the northern hemisphere). The seasons would roughly align with the quarters. Of course, the phases of the moon would fall out of synch, but 30 days is pretty close to a lunar cycle. You can have the quarters of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, with each quarter divided into Early, Mid, and Late.

For example, the months would be:
Early Fall, Mid Fall, Late Fall
Early Winter, Mid Winter, Late Winter
Early Spring Mid Spring, Late Spring
Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer.

And no one will ever read this, but here is a little ditty:

The First of Autumn, to make it clear
Is the first day of the year.
Every week has just five days
Six weeks per month, plus one that stays.
Thirty days hath Mid Winter
And all the months that you remember.
Fall and Winter, Spring and Summer
The seasons are just four in number.
At years end, across the nation
Add a week of celebration.
Every four years, you may note
Add another day to vote.
Except for the years 1-2-8
Don't leap ahead, and you'll stay straight.

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