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Comment Re:How loud is that? (Score 1) 289

My guess is that regular content will end up being compressed and amplified to compensate (say goodbye to dynamic range in movies) so that normal content and commercials are all at the same, as-loud-as-possible-without-clipping volume. After all, that would be the easiest approach for television station operators.

Comment My Secret Technique (Score 1) 356

Here is my highly effective file organization methodology:

  • I keep multimedia (audio, video, porn) files scattered around 37 or so different folders, each with several subfolders. The majority of these folders have 'temp' or 'download' in their names, except for porn files and folders which consist solely of simple combinations of letters and numbers, such as zzz/tt2.mpg, abc/xyz10.mpg, etc.
  • Programming projects (some for work, some for hobby, none of which are finished or ever will be) get split up among folders whose names convey increasing seriousness. For example, first there was simply 'Projects', then along came 'New Projects', which begat 'Really New Projects' and eventually 'Even More New Projects'.
  • Helper files (planning, documentation, spreadsheets, etc.) for each such project have strange filenames relating to whatever thoughts were racing through my mind at the time they were named.
  • Then, all you have to do is remember where and what everything is.

And that's pretty much all there is to it. This system hasn't failed me yet. Plus, it will stimulate the economy in approximately 0 to 60 years, because the investigator who has the pleasure of snooping through my computers after I croak will have job security for years.


Need a Friend? Rent One Online 134

crimeandpunishment writes "Housewives, college students, and others are working for a website that charges users an hourly rate for their companionship. No, it's not an escort service — at least it's not one 'with benefits.' It's a site called rentafriend.com, that's trying to carve out a niche in the 'everything's available online' business world. The seven-month-old site, patterned after hugely successful sites in Asia, has nearly 2,000 members who pay either a monthly or yearly fee to check out the pictures and profiles of more than 160,000 potential pals." I thought Craigslist had already cornered the market on renting a friend for an hour or two.

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