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Submission + - Captain 20/Bozo/Count Gore De Vol

SnappingTurtle writes: This story will appeal mainly to geeks who are about 35 years or older who grew up in the Washington D.C. area, but in that small group is a loyal fan base for a great television host. The American Film Institute is releasing a documentary about Dick Dyszel, better known as Captain 20, Bozo the Clown, and Count Gore De Vol. Dyszel was one of the greats in a long lost art form: the locally hosted, low-budget kid's television program. As Captain 20 he had Mr. Spock ears, a bushy head of hair and a thick mustache, he talked about science and space travel, and he introduced the next episode of Batman. As Count Gore De Vol he rose up out of a coffin to tell bad jokes and comment on the B movie of the evening. Twenty years after he finished his stint on Channel 20 he still has a large fan base of grown up kids (like me).

Comment The host named "host" (Score 1) 874

I ran a small network whose file server was a Linux box named "host". The person who set it up had never set up a server before, and all the instructions used host (in italics) to describe how to install it. So he named the machine "host". The problem was that so many configurations had "host" that I never had the time to go around and change everything.

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