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Comment Re:Realistic (Score 1) 92

PDAs like the Newton and Palm were great. They had two very obvious barriers that held them back. The first one was they weren't merged with a smart phone. I was a Newton developer and had conversations with people inside and outside of Apple about the need to merge the Newton with a smartphone. The second was lack of internet connectivity. I worked on some projects that involved using a cellular modem with the Newton. At the time it was very slow and very expensive. Just running our (brief) demo cost about $5 worth of data. In the case of the Newton specifically, I think there were looming security problems that would have been a nightmare if it had moved forward and had internet connectivity widely merged with it. The programming model made it easy to access any data on the device and even the internals of other applications. My main point, though, is that it was pretty obvious the kinds of super cool things you could do with PDAs if they had ubiquitous network access and integration with a phone. It isn't clear what technical limitations are in Smart Watches that prevent them from being significantly more useful. Perhaps the Apple Watch will be more useful if Siri becomes more useful and AirPods ever ship? I don't know. Its not that the watch isn't good, it is just that we haven't figured out what compelling use cases exist yet.

Comment Re: An idiot wrote this (Score 1) 275

who says that they will do anything BUT that ?
Economics dictates that you run those plants for 50 years or more.
And considering that China continues to build up more new coal plants than they are putting in new AE (wind and solar and hydro COMBINED), it is pretty certain that China will not shut these down.

Comment Re:Silicon Valley able to cope with Trump regime? (Score 1) 184

visas are fine. Seriously. NO ISSUES with green cards.
The 2 big issues is the massive number of illegals living here (probably a lot closer to 30 million, not 12 million; last time, stats got it all wrong)
And then the huge misuse of H1Bs.

The solution is to add more visas for position based, as opposed to family based, while solving the illegals and remove the H1Bs.
In addition, for the position based green card, the pay needs to be at least AVERAGE for that position (no less), while the taxes are double of which the company will pay the second portion.

Comment Re:Coal to grow in the USA?? (Score 1) 275

no. Several of the reactor design will actually burn up most of the waste. IOW, we have something like 100,000 tonnes (including what is burning right now). This will be dangerous for 200,000+ years.
BUT, with several of these reactor design, it will burn 95% of this up and give up 5000 tonnes which will be safe in 200 years. this is far better and safer than putting it in the ground.

Comment Re: An idiot wrote this (Score 1) 275

the ones being shut down are 50-100 MW in size. The new ones are GW in size. Neither old or new run emissions controls (though the new ones have the controls installed per treaty with Japan, but the gov allows plants to run WITHOUT controls). IOW, these new plants will use more than 10-20x as much coal as the one that they replace.

Comment Re:Coal to grow in the USA?? (Score 1) 275

actually, nu scale will have their first reactor working by 2023 and production line set-up.
In addition, if they get the funding that they are hoping for, they will be ready by 2020.

mPower is also looking for funding and they can have their first reactor out within 3 years after that.
Considering that Trump/GOP are talking about funding these companies (they love subsidies as long as it is to companies that they/friends own), it is hopeful that within 6 months, both of these 2 and hopefully a few others will be fully funded.
We need to not only replace coal plants, but time to shut down some of these older ones and put up new ones. I would esp like to see us put in reactors that burn up the current waste.

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