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Comment this sux waiting for it (Score 1) 95

Seriously, living in a place like highlands ranch, which is loaded with well-to-do techies, and having other communities around here, it sux waiting for Google to get here.
Come on Google, work with netflix, amazon, etc and spread out faster. All it takes is a bit of money from all of you to really his this hard.

Comment Re:Cash Grab (Score 1) 123

So, you think that 'the man' sticking it to consumers is right?
Do you believe that if a rich man murders a poor man, that the rich man should go free?

By having VW pay what the car was worth PRIOR to the report, will not bankrupt VW.
And if the car is paid out at full value towards a VW/Audi/Porsche EV, than it helps VW turn the penalty around and sell cars instead of giving money.
Mine is a win-win, where as, your suggestion is that a rich one should get a free ride on society..

Comment How about just pay your taxes? (Score 2) 72

Seriously, the west, if not the world, needs to get its act together and figure out taxes amongst the nations. It is silly that nations like Ireland are playing games with taxes so as to bring corporate HQs there, and ignore what is really going on.
At the same time, the west need to start taxing goods that go across borders. It is amazing to me that our GOP fight this, even though it would level the playing field.

Comment Re: Hands-free? (Score 3, Informative) 166

interestingly, that is exactly what was happening in Penn. the driver had his hands off and it was at the point of turning off stereo and slowing down. Then when driver put his hands on it, he turned it off and then took it off road. IOW, this is another fuckup who wants to blame Tesla and sue.

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