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Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 546

In principle I agree with you, and I agree that you should not spend too much and make sure you save at least 30%; don't go into debt except for student loans and a house (and maybe for a cheap, used car at the very beginning of your work life). However, web sites like Mr Money Mustache often have a very optimistic view of the average return on investment (4-5% real). Yes, it is based on historical returns, but stocks are very high now, because interest rates are low and expected to stay low. This means that they might advocate retiring on significantly less than a million dollars. I think this is a risky proposition. Personally, I would expect real returns (i.e. after accounting for inflation) of at most 2% after tax. Assuming you have a house paid off, you can maybe get by with living expenses of $35,000 if you live in an average part of the country, and have a family of four. The math is then easy: You need $1.75 million in the bank to live off the return on capital. Say you work for 20 years, this means you need a net household income of $110,000, and a savings rate of 68%. If you can achieve that, fine. But make the calculation with a low rate of return as well, and ask yourself if you will be ok in this case as well.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

The article is incorrect. It is definitely 70 kW for both the Hyundai Ioniq and the Kia Soul EV. Hyundai states a 30 minute charging time (to 80%) on a 50 kW charging station, and a 23 minute charging time (to 80%) on a 100 kW charging station. However, only a maximum of 70 kW is ever used. Which is a lot already given that the battery is 28 kWh net only and probably around 32 kWh gross - which means that 70 kW charging implies a charging rate of 2.2 C - higher than any other electric cars, and much higher than most Tesla models.

Comment Belgium is really crazy. (Score 1) 903

Once you earn around EUR 40,000 per year, you are in the highest tax bracket. Assume you earn that much. Now assume that your employer pays you a EUR 1,000 bonus for good performance. First, the employer needs to pay his share of social security (health, pension, unemployment) - around 35% of gross - so the cost of the bonus to the employer is actually EUR 1,350. Then you pay your share of social security (around 13% of gross), so your before income taxes is EUR 870. You then pay 50% income tax, which leaves you with EUR 435 initially, but actually city taxes are around 8% of the income tax paid, so you pay another EUR 35 for that. This means that your net income is EUR 400. You then go to the shop and buy a new TV for EUR 400. The shop pays 21% VAT, so they only get EUR 316. To sum up: in order for buy a TV worth EUR 316, your employer needs to pay EUR 1,350. So based on income tax, social security and VAT only (there are of course more types of taxes), 77% of the money paid by an employer goes to the state. Of course, the state provides valuable services, but I find the magnitude of this number shockingly high!

Comment Too many! (Score 1) 174

Seriously, it has become annoying... In the old days, before mobile phones, there was ICQ. Once most people had mobile phones, I only used SMS. At some point Google/Gmail Chat was used quite a lot alongside SMS as it was easily accessible as part of Gmail. When Smartphones started becoming popular, Google Chat/Hangouts was still used quite a lot (as well as SMS), but once the masses started using Smartphones, almost everyone moved to WhatsApp. However, there are some friends that don't like Facebook so they don't to use WhatsApp, and use Signal or Wire instead. So for personal instant messaging I now use mostly WhatsApp, some Wire, some Signal, some SMS, and a little bit of Hangouts. At work, we use Lync. As I forgot SMS when responding to the question, I answered with "5", but it should really be "6".

Comment I just want two things (Score 1) 249

It is very rare that I don't shut down my computer properly overnight. So I want to simply turn off automatic reboots completely. The second thing I don't like is when I turn on my computer in the morning, I need to wait a minute while it is applying updates. When I say "update and shutdown", why can't the computer update, shutdown, restart, fully apply all updates, and shut down again when done?

Comment Re:Power, not RPM (Score 1) 504

I see. That makes sense. Would it therefore not make sense to have some turbines in a wind farm that can deal with high winds (even though they do not turn at all at normal wind speeds) so that power can always be produced? I think this would make sense once a country starts relying on renewable energy for a large proportion of electricity demand as it would reduce the volatility of the energy produced.

Comment Re: What about at night? (Score 1) 504

Not really, lithium ion batteries are pretty efficient and don't lose too much energy in the process of charging and discharging the battery. However, batteries are expensive. Too expensive to be able to be used for more than overnight storage (at a large scale of course). Even lead acid batteries are quite efficient (maybe 80-95%) but are still too expensive.

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