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Comment Re:Too cautious (Score 1) 329

Except the accident wasn't on a real divided highway if you have turning traffic crossing your lane. Frankly, the horrible design of this junction has a lot to do with this accident - I don't think such a type of a junction ("divided" highway with two lanes in each direction, no speed limit, no traffic light, but a junction where turning traffic crosses your lane) exists where I drive (mostly Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, UK).

Comment Re:Great for you ! (Score 5, Funny) 185

Yes, Pretty Girl DLC is excellent. Have to warn you though: somehow a while after getting the Pretty Girl DLC I got the Baby DLC for free (must have been a promotion). It is great fun but it really changed the game. I have to deal with some literal real shit now. They should have made this clearer when I agreed to download this bonus DLC!

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 5, Funny) 185

I am trialing Real Life right now. You have to give it to the developers: fantastic graphics. Best I've ever seen actually, by far. Other than the graphics though, it's a bit of a slog. You end up sitting in the same place ("office") for most of the time and there is no real story development. RL also has a driving simulator, which again has fantastic graphics, but it is not very challenging. You only need to find your way "home" and spend most of the time waiting for the other cars on the road to move so you can move as well. Once you are in the place called "home" it is actually not too bad, there is even a pretty girl there. But other than that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone used to the faster paced games with much worse graphics.

Comment Re:Don't really need an EU passport (Score 1) 693

Have you even been at the Chunnel? There is a border checkpoint... What you are describing is not the EU but the Schengen agreement, which the UK has not signed up to. Many EU countries are part of it, but so are a few non-EU countries like Norway and Switzerland.

Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 2) 693

I'm not quite sure why I am replying to such a racist rant, but I wanted to point out that the vast majority of Muslims in the UK are from South Asia. This immigration had nothing to do with the EU, but was possible because of the Commonwealth.

Comment Re:This was preventable Chancellor Merkel (Score 1) 693

Are you aware that this migration from countries like Poland to the UK happened because the UK (by it own decision) opted out of a transition period of (I think) seven years where citizen of the new Eastern European EU member states would not have full freedom of movement? Most other countries, including Germany, did not opt out so no "mass immigration" happened. Furthermore, the UK was one of the biggest proponents of EU enlargement to the East. So why blame the EU for something that was very much the wish of the democratically elected UK government?

Comment Re:BBC (Score 1) 693

The most relevant one for the UK right now: The European Economic Area (which now is EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - many countries that were only in the EEA are now full EU members). And it is far more than the right of visa free travel, it is the right to work anywhere in the EEA as an EEA citizen.

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