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Comment Re:Don't want HBO? Buy discs. (Score 1) 202

That's all well and good, but the choices you're suggesting don't exclude the choice to criticize their (arguably) anti-consumer practices. Whether those practices are so obnoxious that justify piracy, is up to you. I for one am glad with all the news of GoT being the most pirated show ever, because it makes more obvious this friction between old business models in this field, and new generations' expectations.

Comment Re:Don't want HBO? Buy discs. (Score 1) 202

I was in that boat, and I have to say, avoiding the book spoilers was way easier. Not even comparable. I got spoiled on the ending the episode 2 last week because I saw it one day later and a video on youtube's recommended list had the spoiler in the thumbnail. This is probably because the audience of the tv show surpasses the book's by a kajillion.

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 356

Sure, I also do some things for free, but for the most part I need some form of revenue because 1) I have bills to pay, and 2) being paid is one hell of an incentive. Before advertisement (which, btw, if you mean that literally then we'd be talking about an Internet fetus) you were much more limited in the business models you could use to justify investing in producing content on the Internet. Youtube is a good example of that; I regularly watch channels that manage to produce content full-time due to the magic of ad revenue, even with the miserable share they get. Also, without ads, good luck running millions of servers and all that bandwidth without a paywall.

Comment Sounds like a commercial decision, not ideological (Score 2) 319

If the net is cast that wide and applies to religious and political potential ads, then I don't see Dawkins problem. It doesn't sound like they're taking a stance against that church, it sounds like they want to provide a certain experience to their costumers, and that ad didn't meet those requisites. There's nothing to agree or disagree with here other than whether their criteria for ads are beneficial for their bottom line or not.

Comment Re:Help Existing Kids (Score 1) 80

That is a very controversial topic; the variables that impact evolution are usually too complex to extract simple conclusions like those. Some defend that the group's survival may trump that more simplistic view, and that men in the small hunter-gatherer groups from which our species originated didn't really distinguish between "their" babies and other's; they were just babies of the group. It's argued that the idea that a baby would have only one male parent wasn't prevalent as well, which might have come more from domesticating cattle later on. Still today it's common in many tribes to believe in portable paternity. It's also argued that men's competition didn't happen quite as much on the "outside", but more on the inside of the womb. Again, it's hard to make a sweeping generalization like that.

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