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Comment Not the uk government doing this... (Score 1) 131

This isn't sanctioned by the uk government. It's a bank who, for some reason, has decided they don't to take a risk with Russia Today. There's nothing stopping Russia Today opening another bank account with another bank in the UK.

To say it's under the control of the uk government is wrong. They bailed this shoddy excuse for a financial institution in the last recession, and would likely sell it up if it ever got worth anything.

However, RT IS a voice of the Kremlin. They both share those chips on their shoulders. Indeed, it's quite bizarre when there's news about Ukranian rebels accused of shooting down a commercial airline on all the other news broadcasts. RT will not even mention this news even to deny it...

Comment A welcome return... (Score 1) 153

Of course, the actual classic parts of the series was Series 2 to 5, and it lost a fair bit when Rob Grant left the series, so Seasons 6-9 were variable, what I've seen of Season 10 was good in the Season 6-9 scale.

Would have been nice for Rob Grant to have got back involved with it. I suppose some people just move on in the end.

But it does show that BBC cannot produce decent comedy nowadays. They don't seem to want to fund Red Dwarf, yet will fund appalling horrors such as Citizen Khan and Mrs Brown Boys (and My Hero, My Family and various substandard BBC3 'yoof' comedies). Any idea that the BBC was some sort of source of good comedy disappeared in the late 90's. Channel 4 produces something, sometimes (IT Crowd, for instance), but not that much.

No, I don't count panel shows as this. Scripted adlibs, unless containing Frankie Boyle, are just spacefillers. Been 20 years since Have I Got News For You had an actual joke in it.

Indeed, the TV Channel Dave, despite it being full of repeats, does produce this as well as Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish, which is great.

Comment Passwords are sometimes unimportant (Score 1) 340

This sort of thing is often ignored by people wanting to analyse passwords

Some people don't care about the account being secure. Its not important. Sure, I want a secure password on my bank account, my email account, but for a whole bunch of forums I've posted on once, I just use a standard simple password. You can hack it. Pretend to be me. Get banned. It doesn't matter to me.

Complicated passwords are by their nature insecure, without photographic memory, the hundred and fifty passwords I have would be unmanageable without password weakness and repetition. I'd have to write them down if every one was strong and different, and that in itself is the biggest password weakness...

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