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Comment Re:What about Golf !!! (Score 1) 258

Golf is turn based, your point is moot.

The advantages of a lefty in individual competion comes from the righty's inability to quickly and properly react to the lefty's moves, having mostly had experience with competing against other righties. The lefty however, has also had most experience competing with righties, and will therefore not have the same drawback. Saying handedness would affect the outcome in golf is like saying it would affect the outcome of chess, or any other non-reactive type of competition.

Comment Re:So why the right hand? (Score 1) 258

Well, it's true that the "gear shifter" goes in the middle, and depending on wether you drive on the left or the right side will indeed decide on which side of the stick you will be sitting. However, the reason for driving on the left side can be traced back to the old sword-smacking-days. You would normally pass oncoming riders on the left so that you could either hail them or strike them down with your favourite right hand, so indirectly, gear shifters ARE handedness.

I heard somewhere that the reason why some countries switched to the right side had to do with their king being left-handed, but I can't (or won't, pick one) verify that.

Comment !sausage (Score 1) 196

I've got to hand it to TF2. I've been playing it for a very long time and I've never had any problems not buying anything. They really are doing a great job with the trade-off system. If we were to start talking unfair advantages, it would be in the scale where your mouse (or hell, even your chair!) would need to be taken into account.

With all that moolah, it wouldn't kill them to roll out some new official maps and gamemodes though... and maybe Meet the Pyro?


Comment Re:Reactions of other parties (Score 1) 241

What kind of nut job politician would even attempt to cram the Pirate Party into the left/right-scale?
I admit to being quite ingorant of their over-all agenda but from what I have gathered they are a "single-point-party" (don't know the real word in english) and their stance could be placed anywhere from "robin hood-leftism" via "anarchism" to "right wing liberalism". It's comprised of everything from commies to right wing extremists. They are SOLELY interested in fixing the IP/Patent and Privacy laws and nothing else.

Comment Re:The Sims (Score 2) 432

Judging by your spelling/grammar and your views on gender related topics you should cool the fuck down when it comes to comparing people to three year olds.

"But I from itali/swedenn/bolgaria/american school system, i no know english!!1"

Well, as long as you treat women the way you appearently do based on your own retarded observations, I see no foul in treating you like an idiot based on what ever reason I feel like.

Comment Re:About monthly (Score 2, Interesting) 225

I'd say that depends on wether the future boss who's googling you is an asshat or not. Think of it this way: If he views asking questions when you need to as something bad, would you want his asshat ass calling you back anyway?

I never google myself because I refuse to give a shit. If someone decides not to hire me because I expressed my opinions on something in a forum in my own goddamn time, GOOD! Less of my time will have been wasted.

Comment Re:Interesting, yet pointless (Score 1) 135

The reason why people (such as myself) are so quick to let everybody know that they do not care very much for Twitter or Facebook etc. is not that they feel a need to exhibit their "unique" standpoints or what ever (I personally feel it's the other way around: "Hey! Look at me! I'm hip! I use twitter and facebook! I'm with it!").

I spend a lot of time bashing Facebook, Twitter and even the concept of Blogging, is because I'm so god damned tired of everyone talking about it as if it's something new! I mean come on people! There were communities and messaging clients before. Blogging? Please. It's called WRITING ABOUT STUFF and it has been done for ages, believe it or not.

Of course, I can only speak for myself but this is why my blood starts boiling every time some asshat starts going "Ooh! the internet was used in a more efficient manner than it was ten years ago! This had an impact on stuff like elections or petitions!"

No shit? good, NOW LET'S MOVE ON!

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