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Submission + - Really open and quite big BRAIN data is for grabbers (and earners of 5000 EUR) ( 1

Yaroslav Halchenko writes: Nature just published its first issue of its new open-access Scientific Data journal. Prominent place takes a unique dataset from Magdeburg, Germany with high-resolution 7T MRI data collected when subjects were listening to an audio-movie: .
Being completely open it challenges more traditional, more restricted approaches to sharing scientific data. Data is available in variety of formats so even non-neuroscientists could tackle it. It will be interesting to see who will win those 5000 EUR promised for the most original analysis/results.

Comment Re:Price (Score 2) 618

I recently bought a used Droid 1 on ebay for cheap. Switched from Verizon to Page Plus (prepaid and no data plan) and am saving buckets of money compared to my dumbphone plan and since I'm always in WiFi for 90% of the time I get to have all the perks of a smartphone. Easy e-mail checks in meetings, apps for scouring forums,web browsing on the go to check movie times or what have you, etc.

My droid has replaced my GPS (maps downloaded to SD, don't need data plan for this) and my expensive MP3 playing alarm clock (Droid in a media dock = success). Smartphones don't have to be expensive, the Droid 1 is plenty fast. Faster if rooted and overclocked. If you got good wifi coverage then you don't need an expensive data plan. After flipping the dumbphone, GPS and alarm clock on ebay, I made money on the switch.

Comment Re:New game systems please! (Score 3, Interesting) 231

I liked that morrowind wasn't nerfed. The game created some basic rules and if you were smart to mix and match (i.e. potion quality scales with int, and int potions are additive, so boost your int like crazy and then make amazing potions) you could overpower the game. But that was the fun part. Compared to morrowind, oblivion was on rails. I still remember the sheer awesome of going into a cave way beyond my level. Realizing it and then using a cheap levitation potion to get our of harms way and rain down arrows and getting mad drops. Or using some seriously overpowered spell tricks to sneak into the underground vaults beneath vivec. And never did the game give me a "sorry this puny wooden door needs a key. Unlock 100 no workies!"

Comment Re:the villain doesn't know they're the villain (Score 1) 206

You've misunderstood the use of the term guilty knowledge. In this context it doesn't mean the participant feels guilty. Guilty knowledge could have been showing you a picture of an apple that you'd previously seen.

This would have been obvious if you had read the article. No guilty knowledge for you!

Comment Re:I'd rather hear about a next gen console (Score 1) 286

That's a little disingenuous. Given the console is 5 years old and this is the first significant and, dare we say, optional upgrade. It's really not so bad. Particularly given that people spend upwards of 300-500$ for video cards (double that for SLI) and they do this much more often that 5 years. Let's not get into the motherboards that have to house these puppies. Hell, people's PC cases are more expensive and upgraded more often than their consoles. I've upgraded my computer twice since the xbox launch. I'm sure I'm not a minority there.

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