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Comment A Safer Cruise Control (Score 4, Insightful) 166

I love that the feature wasn't even on. Go ask any insurance adjuster and let them tell you if people lie about accidents. But even if it was, this feature is just a cruise control that also keeps you in your lane and might brake when an object is in your way. It is literally a far safer cruise control than any other vehicle. This doesn't mean you can sleep while using it, same as other cruise control. If I told you I had a helmet that made injuries to the brain 50% less likely, that wouldn't mean you can use it to dive off a building head first. Using products in ways other than intended is not the fault of Tesla.

Comment Evolution Theory (Score 2) 499

Assuming a company will be most profitable hiring the the best person for a job and that education is made freely available to both sexes... Theoretically, over hundreds or (thousands?) of years the businesses who chose the best candidate will survive, and the companies who chose a worse candidate due to sexism will fail due. In other words, if this problem exists it should fix itself over time without any interference.

Comment Re:What did everyone expect? (Score 2) 314

For someone like myself these GPUs are not nearly powerful enough. What I want is a 144 HZ 4K screen, add to it a bonus that it plays games at 144hz, and another bonus that it plays those games at max settings. Right now even the most powerful GPU could maybe use a 144hz 4k screen, if you could even find one to purchase. No GPU that exists can play newer 3D games at max settings at 144 hz in 1080p. Sure, it is asking a lot but there is a long way to go, maybe the newest NVIDIA cards can give a flawless 4K, desktop experience but it is going to 8-10 years before we get a flawless gaming experience even on today's games. Ofcourse by then there could be other optimizations and engine improvements but games may also take that much more power. No one but me probably cares about that, so VR taking off is my only hope they continue to improve their speed and power.

Comment Hippie Story (Score 1) 524

First, the title is all wrong. He doesn't bully anyone, he says he would bully someone if blah blah. Second, this is framed as someone powerful against someone weak for no reason. Obviously everyone is inclined to side with the 'weak,' but really one person wants the laws to be followed and another is breaking the laws. Is anyone arguing the laws are wrong? Not really, they are just saying this guy is an asshole for wanting them to be enforced and using aggressive language while saying so. So what.

Comment Re:Teach Problem Solving (Score 1) 281

It comes down to a matter of the quality of the teacher at that point. Personally I would have enjoyed coding but I had horrible teachers who basically tested on things like HTML syntax. Least to say it wasn't enjoyable so I ended up going a different route, but wishing I had stayed on a computer science path.

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