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Comment The worst part is the bias fact checkers (Score 1) 624

We all expect the news to be misleading so all these fact checking websites popped up. But then even these show wrong information so we have no where left to trust. Sometimes they even contradict their own headlines with the news story they use as sources and just put a meter of how truthful the fact is. Can you really consider something 50% truthful and then claim it is a true fact in the headline then go say something else is 45% truth and claim it's a lie. Sorry but those made up percentages have no basis in reality.

Comment I actually get this (Score 1) 114

I assume they are considering this the same as using an image URL from another website in you website. Essentially stealing their bandwidth and using their photo. Now I don't know much about copyright so what I described be "illegal" or just immoral? Now this is the same but an RSS feed may be a different story.

Comment Re:Legal maneuvers are ... legal! (Score 0) 843

Massive losses on your tax return do not mean you are losing money. Things like depreciation, interest, charitable donations, etc all make you look like you lost money and in real estate, which is Trump's business, you can accumulate massive depreciation of assets if you choose. From an accounting perspective, everything Trump said in his debate was correct. His debt ratios are off the charts good and his companies are very far from in trouble. The fact Hilary was arguing about how much money he owes was either blatant stupidity on her part or exploitation of the ignorance of the audience. It's really sad to see these lies perpetuated in mainstream media showing it also falls into one of those two categories. Any accountant that was listening would have to agree..

Comment BGR is garbage (Score 1) 66

BGR make their name by spamming these nonsense articles about Apple rumors and this is the worst one yet. Nothing about this article is useful or reliable or even newsworthy. The fact this was linked in anything remotely reliable (like slashdot?) is so incredibly stupid. Seriously, never ever visit BGR, it is click bait 100% of the time.

Comment Skin color is not diversity (Score 2) 415

The fact people think having different skin colors is diversity only highlights how stuck in the past they are. Having different skin colors is only diversity of you think each group of people of each skin color are the same already. Look only at England where each city 10 miles apart they have different accents, mannerisms, styles, and more despite many having the same skin color. Each black person is so different, each white person is so different, each Hispanic person is so different yet companies categorize them on this feature alone.

Comment A Safer Cruise Control (Score 4, Insightful) 166

I love that the feature wasn't even on. Go ask any insurance adjuster and let them tell you if people lie about accidents. But even if it was, this feature is just a cruise control that also keeps you in your lane and might brake when an object is in your way. It is literally a far safer cruise control than any other vehicle. This doesn't mean you can sleep while using it, same as other cruise control. If I told you I had a helmet that made injuries to the brain 50% less likely, that wouldn't mean you can use it to dive off a building head first. Using products in ways other than intended is not the fault of Tesla.

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