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Comment Re: Fantastic Shift of Responsibility (Score 2) 116

Science is self evident through experimentation. Anyone can duplicate an experiment to find the truth. When it comes to news, history, and statistics there is very little you can do to lend credibility and not allow them to be manipulated. The problem is like you said when the fact checkers start being wrong you'll stop listening to them, the people who have a different viewpoint than you have the same idea which means everyone will only use these fact checkers with confirmation bias and having fact checkers is utterly useless.

Comment Re: Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

That's a little crazy as you already lose 100% of what you lose in the stock market and tax on short term means you only gain say 70% of making a good decision. It's risky enough as it is and say invesments are 50/50, now you need to be right around 30 % more, just for clean numbers sake, than you are wrong just to break even.

Comment Rolling further downhill (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Over the last few years Kodi removed karaoke, choose a worse default skin and menu layout with worse customizability and worse loading icon, and created issues with virtually every add on with their updates and now they want to drm it? Gotta say Kodi is going way way downhill. I want a simple media player. This isn't a game breaking change on its own but it could be the last straw of many poor decisions that kills it. What are the other options now?

Comment Race is not a culture (Score 2) 329

When will people get that. People of the same race are so different it is crazy to look at race or demographics as a way to diversify. It shows they have no idea what diversity is that they assume a whole race or sex is the same. We need to assume all humans are the same and forget about trying to meet quotas or exactly equal the population distribution. A different culture is exists in every single city of the world. Just look at the U.K. And how accents change city to city.

Comment It's too hard is an excuse (Score 1) 106

Lack of competition is what is slowing processor speed growth not difficulty. One or two major competitors just don't provide enough competition so there is no reason for them to innovate. They hold onto new technologies for years and years until AMD makes an announcement then all of a sudden intel reduces prices or make an announcement. Innovation comes from competition not from patents that seem to last way too long or force expensive licensing and large corporations gobbling up any business they even has a spark of creativity.

Comment Sabotaging old versions (Score 4, Interesting) 239

I swear Microsoft always seems to not only not support old versions but actively creates issues to force you to upgrade. On windows 7 just on March 15th they pushed a "security update" to 2010 Microsoft office that basically makes any file with macros in it crash unexpectedly many times a day. I had to roll back the updates on every computer in our office and disable windows updates because we rely heavily on macros. It's so frustrating that things can work fine and they break it. Now we have to think about upgrading to the lastest operating system and Microsoft office which both already changed the way VBA works so transitioning and keeping our existing macros running is going to take many months of work.

Comment Censoring criticism and creating a echo chamber (Score 1) 183

They already filter for swear words, yet now the abstract idea of "trolling" is on the table and you will be able to filter any tweet containing a word you don't like. This is literally exactly the way China will not let you speak badly about politicians, except now people will not see any opposing views to their party of choosing. If the country wasn't split evenly it could soon turn into a one party system because you can't even debate or criticize those who would disagree with you on one of those widely used methods of expressing opinion. Instead of announcing you opinion to the world you will soon be announcing it to only people who already agree with you. Not good for any kind of debate, political or otherwise. That is how you create opposite extremists.

Comment Greed (Score 1) 68

Apple innovates/patents/buys out the functionality to get Apple Pay working so they can dominate it It makes sense. Does it mean other companies get to use it? No. Not unless a government says they have a license it at a reasonable price because it is a core functionality or whatever legal jargon they use to require you to license a feature.

Comment The True Issue (Score 1) 197

It seems that customers are still 'paying' by watching advertisements. While the customer is not sending cash anywhere, it is clear AT&T and Verizon are still making profits when they push their own video services that serve ads, which advertisers do pay them for. T-Mobile is a little bit different in that it doesn't own the video services so it isn't directly making revenue from offering say youtube to not count towards data caps. AT&T and Verizon do make money from their own video services and partnerships though so yes, they are indeed violating net neutrality. Comcast data does not violate net neutrality, I believe, because their customer already paid for the TV service and simply wants to watch it on a different screen in their home. The idea being that the TV was in fact purchased already and to place it against a data cap would be charging twice for the same service.

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