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Comment Censoring criticism and creating a echo chamber (Score 1) 183

They already filter for swear words, yet now the abstract idea of "trolling" is on the table and you will be able to filter any tweet containing a word you don't like. This is literally exactly the way China will not let you speak badly about politicians, except now people will not see any opposing views to their party of choosing. If the country wasn't split evenly it could soon turn into a one party system because you can't even debate or criticize those who would disagree with you on one of those widely used methods of expressing opinion. Instead of announcing you opinion to the world you will soon be announcing it to only people who already agree with you. Not good for any kind of debate, political or otherwise. That is how you create opposite extremists.

Comment Greed (Score 1) 68

Apple innovates/patents/buys out the functionality to get Apple Pay working so they can dominate it It makes sense. Does it mean other companies get to use it? No. Not unless a government says they have a license it at a reasonable price because it is a core functionality or whatever legal jargon they use to require you to license a feature.

Comment The True Issue (Score 1) 197

It seems that customers are still 'paying' by watching advertisements. While the customer is not sending cash anywhere, it is clear AT&T and Verizon are still making profits when they push their own video services that serve ads, which advertisers do pay them for. T-Mobile is a little bit different in that it doesn't own the video services so it isn't directly making revenue from offering say youtube to not count towards data caps. AT&T and Verizon do make money from their own video services and partnerships though so yes, they are indeed violating net neutrality. Comcast data does not violate net neutrality, I believe, because their customer already paid for the TV service and simply wants to watch it on a different screen in their home. The idea being that the TV was in fact purchased already and to place it against a data cap would be charging twice for the same service.

Comment A lot of arm chair quarterbacks here (Score 1) 139

Everyone is judging how much Uber is worth and talking about their services but no one here has actually looked at their finances, loan agreements, and most probably haven't even read the article. How can this? How can that? Uhh guys you have no idea what makes a company valuable and especially the government doesn't know. They look at one thing, collateral, and say screw it when it comes to all the other details. Of course a 'new' and growing company doesn't have much collateral. Banks don't just loan based on that, although it is the main factor, they bet on the leaders of the company, the potential of the company, and the business model. A business model where someone downloads an app to drive and then you start making hundreds of dollars a day from their service is a pretty damn good one.

Comment Battery life on apple products (Score 1) 246

Battery life is not something apple is good at managing. There last iOS update to my iPhone 6s destroyed my battery life and basically makes my phone unusable. It went from a few days per charge to barely 6 hours with a little use. Resetting all settings and content does nothing and they offer no way to roll back to the last iOS version. I wish they would spend more time on testing and fixes before they release an iOS and less time on removing important features.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this will be surprising to anyone (Score 2, Interesting) 174

The difference is the US tells you what laws we're broken. China makes up reasons it is illegal, most likely because the app doesn't give some sort of backdoor access to monitor users. China literally requires government employees to be present in your physical location so they can monitor everything you do and say.

Comment This is over the top (Score 1) 103

Now people are criticizing charities for not giving what the want them to give? Okay guys, if you want "pencils" that bad maybe sell a chrome book or two or simply don't accept the charity if it is soooo bad. If you can't get "pencils" for your school you have bigger problems than getting the wrong type of charity.

Comment Am I in some parallel universe? (Score 1) 255

Inflation makes a currency weaker not stronger. The rate hikes would be done to counteract the weaker dollar at best bringing it back to normal levels. To make a comparison, this article is like saying "Crime will go up so we will get more police, so an increase in crime makes us safer."

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