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Comment Most hacks are due to outdated CMS packages (Score 1) 155

So many servers run ancient versions of popular CMS packages and then wonder why their server constantly gets hacked.
Heaven forbid they are running WHMCS on a box with other websites (quickest way to get rooted).

It got so bad for us here, I had to write a script to scan customer servers just to find all of the outdated packages.
It amazes me to read some of the reports, seeing sites running decade old software is not uncommon.

Still is a battle to get people to actually update their sites once they have been notified about running old software.

Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 0) 653

I have to agree with you there, it does look like a fluke.

China is the reason that laws like these exist, knock-offs are a huge business for them. If you can make a product that looks like a fluke people may buy it just because they expect it to be a fluke.


Submission + - W3C's Plan for DRM in HTML5 is a Betrayal to All Web Users (freeculture.org)

jrepin writes: A handful of myths have become common defenses of the W3C’s plan for “Encrypted Media Extensions” (EME), a Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) scheme for HTML5, the next version of the markup language upon which the Web is built. These arguments obscure the threat this poses to a free and open web and why we must send a strong and clear message to the W3C and its member organizations, that DRM in HTML5 is a betrayal to all Web users and undermines the W3C’s self-stated mission to make the benefits of the Web “available to all people, whatever their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or physical or mental ability.” The W3C exists to bring the vision of an undivided ‘One Web’ to its full potential, and DRM is antithetical to that goal.

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