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Comment Re:Batch (Score 1) 318

Dude, you have disqualify yourself for making ignorant remarks on COBOL. COBOL is a language that can be as elegant as any programming language that has to offer today. Your single-track mind could not possibly comprehend the functions offered by COBOL without understanding the whole mainframe/mini architecture.

Comment Re:Batch (Score 1) 318

COBOL codes can be easily broken down into tree structures. It's tree-structure procedural language. Bugs can be easily isolated and tested. You don't read the codes blindly. You look into the structure and isolate it as needed.

Comment Re:Batch (Score 0) 318

Dude, you do not know COBOL enough. It's not the swiss cookie cutter you ignorantly believe it to be. You have to know what is batch processing (or online cases for some). You are not qualified to comment.

Comment Re:Batch (Score 1) 318

You guys have no idea how the minis and mainframes process all these data. Compiled codes not fast enough? That is as fast and as efficient as any of the modern-day compilers do today. You have no idea how these ancient compilers have been optimized beyond your comprehension. In fact, you guys do not understand how and why a process is presumingly slow - read: IT'S NOT THE LANGUAGE

If you want to run fast efficient programs, you must consider this: I/O.
-How data is moved from storage media to memory (vice versa) and what data-chunk sizes they are being processed.
-How do you optimized database I/O.

In short it's all about I/O and memory operations. Basic nuts and bolts stuff you do not learn in CS schools today.

Comment It sucks the breathe out of me... (Score 1) 1040

that it has to take research that probably cost thousands, to merely suggest that the rich are less moral and unscrupulous in what they did. The rich are like the ripened fruit - the richer it is, the more rotten it gets. But there's still redemptive hope - if they give away all their wealth (like a rich rotten fruit), new lives may benefit from that.

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