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Comment Any small bit helps (Score 1) 29

I live in Purvis, Mississippi (which is about 80 miles north of the Gulf Coast). Today is my first day to get back online because I drove 40 miles north of my home to the University I work at to find gas and to check things out. Everything around is nothing but destruction, with thousands and thousands of trees on power lines, houses, and cars. The flooding was not as bad as on the coast, but this area got the worst of the winds. My family and friends have trees through their homes and car, or the winds peeled their roofs off. No matter how you donate, any little bit helps, and if selling T-shirts gets 100 kids to beg their parents to donate that wouldn't have previously, then I say go for it. Unless you've driven South of Jackson, MS, you can't imagine the destruction. The vast majority of areas still have no power and water. The sick, elderly, and children are suffering and dying under the humid heat from which there is no relief. I've seen elderly that cannot find enough gas to fuel a small generator for their oxygen tanks, and diseased children who cannot get treatments because hospitals are all but shut down. People have to drive for hours to find gas and fill 55 gallon drums that are illegal to haul and risk jail just to keep their children and elderly cool enough to live by generators. Please give any little bit you can, no matter what method it comes through, and thank you to anybody that already has.

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