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Comment A fair complaint to be sure... (Score 1) 2219

We're all free to ignore the gibbering angry rages which are out of proportion to the injury caused by excessive line spacing, bloated text boxes, trendy Metro-esque lead article presentation, and a dozen other changes, none of which I like either.

I'll still throw my lot in with the mob and say that if I can't comfortably read the site including comments on any device, with or without Javascript enabled, then it may be thrown off my multiple-visits-daily list (5-10x). I'm a longtime and loyal reader who values what Slashdot is and what it isn't. It's management's decision whether they want the existing crowd, the bread-and-butter, the daily eyeballs of a generation, or if they want to spiff the place up and go after a new market. I hope they try to make it palatable for both.

BTW, Dice, even those of us who rarely post hate being called an "audience." These folks, even the rabble, are my crowd.

Comment Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Score 1) 81

Your watchers want to know whether you are watching them, to twist a phrase.

"Microsoft believes the key differentiator between Xbox as a TV platform and the sea of failed competitors will be its voice and motion search tool. Utilizing the Kinect attachment, users will be able to be identified by number and state of activity, providing valuable feedback to the content providers and their customers, the advertisers." Fixed that for you.

Bonus if they build profiles of individuals and estimate ages by correlating with easily available databases and public records. Extra bonus if Microsoft listens to all other programming being played in the room and identifies it audibly.

Comment Re:Getting off the train to crazytown (Score 1) 235

Spot on.

Last year I visited a large corporation to see a demo of their latest web-enabled product. Their field engineers had to have Windows and IE6 on their laptops to tap into the company servers, but to demo their standards-compliant web app they all had to have Firefox as well. Open Source gets the work done, it's future-proof, and hopefully this is only the first shocking example of this bureaucracy-laden company's shift away from proprietary to open. (Wouldn't count on it... their market-capturing strategies are a lot like Microsoft's in some respects. You never know, though...)


Submission + - Colonize the moon, live in a hole (cnn.com)

hpycmprok writes: "Building a home near a moon crater or a lunar sea may sound nice, but moon colonists might have a much better chance of survival if they just lived in a hole. That's the message sent by an international team of scientists who say they've discovered a protected lunar "lava tube" — a deep, giant hole — that might be well suited for a moon colony or a lunar base."

Submission + - Can Tax Breaks Prolong Life?

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Wall Street Journal reports that new tax laws that came into effect starting January 1, 2010 may have motivated at least some terminally ill taxpayers to cling to life to see the new year. The federal estate tax — which can erase nearly half of a wealthy person's estate — goes away completely for 2010 but is scheduled to return in 2011 at a 55% rate with an exemption of slightly more than $1 million presenting some families with unprecedented ethical quandaries. "I have two clients on life support, and the families are struggling with whether to continue heroic measures for a few more days," says estate lawyer Joshua Rubenstein. The macabre situation stems from 2001, when Congress raised estate-tax exemptions, culminating with the tax's disappearance in 2010. However, due to budget constraints, lawmakers didn't make the change permanent so the estate tax is due to come back to life in 2011 — at a higher rate and lower exemption. Estate-tax experts didn't expect Congress to allow the tax to lapse, and are flabbergasted that it is actually happening. "I've been practicing for more than 30 years, and never has the timing of death made such a financial difference," says Dennis Belcher, president of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. "People have a hard enough time talking about death and addressing estate planning without this." Of course, plenty of taxpayers themselves have been eager to live to see the new year. But one wealthy, terminally ill real-estate entrepreneur told his doctors he was determined to live until the law changes. "Whenever he wakes up," says his lawyer, "He says: 'What day is it? Is it January 1 yet?'""
The Internet

Your Online Profile Actually Tells a Lot About You 272

An anonymous reader writes "Despite all the media reports that your Facebook profile is giving the wrong impression, a psychological study shows people really can understand your personality from your online profile. Turns out you're not giving the wrong impression with your profile; you're giving the right impression to the wrong people. You can actually learn more about someone's Agreeableness from their online profile than from a first date."

Dead At 92, Business Computing Pioneer David Caminer 142

Brooklyn Bob points out this fascinating obituary of David Caminer, the first systems analyst. "The tea company he worked for developed their own hardware and software — in 1951! Quoting New Scientist: 'In today's terms it would be like hearing that Pizza Hut had developed a new generation of microprocessor, or McDonald's had invented the Internet.'"

Netgear Launches Open Source-Friendly Wireless Router 182

An anonymous reader submits news of Netgear's release of the "open source Wireless-G Router (model WGR614L), enabling Linux developers and enthusiasts to create firmware for specialized applications, and supported by a dedicated open source community. The router supports the most popular open source firmware; Tomato and DD-WRT are available on WGR614L, making it easier for users to develop a wide variety of applications. The router is targeted at people who want custom firmware on their router without worrying about issues, and enjoy the benefits of having an open source wireless router."

MPAA Scores First P2P Jury Conviction 335

An anonymous reader writes "The MPAA must be celebrating. According to the BitTorrent news site Slyck.com, the Department of Justice is proclaiming their first P2P criminal copyright conviction, against an Elite Torrents administrator. The press release notes, 'The jury was presented with evidence that Dove was an administrator of a small group of Elite Torrents members known as "Uploaders," who were responsible for supplying pirated content to the group. At sentencing, which is scheduled for Sept. 9, 2008, Dove faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.'"

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Broadband 572

Ant writes "eMarketer has an article on The Yankee Group's analysis on why some Americans aren't feeling the broadband love. It was based on Ipsos Public Affairs. 45% of Americans say it's simply too expensive. 30% say that they just don't want it. 14% say they feel dial-up is adequate for their needs. Less than 10% are not able to get broadband access in their area. Five percent insist broadband is "too complicated". Another 5% aren't even sure why they don't have it..."

How Do You Store Your Previously-Written Code? 459

Asmor asks: "I'm a novice programmer who is largely self-taught. It's never been too much trouble for me to reinvent the wheel constantly before, but now as my ambitions get loftier I'm finding that I could really benefit from maintaining some oft-used code that can easily be reused. The problem is, I really don't have any experience with this and I'm not really sure how I should organize things, how the code should be stored, how it should be implemented, etc. I think this is what people mean when they talk about libraries and/or APIs, but not really sure. I'm specifically curious about PHP and JavaScript, but advice for other programming languages is also helpful! How do you store and maintain your most frequently used code?"

Apple to 'Switch' to Windows? 903

JFlex writes "PC Mags writer John C. Dvorak discusses the idea that Apple may dump OS X and 'switch' to running Windows in a recent column: "The idea that Apple would ditch its own OS for Microsoft Windows came to me from Yakov Epstein, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University, who wrote to me convinced that the process had already begun. I was amused, but after mulling over various coincidences, I'm convinced he may be right. This would be the most phenomenal turnabout in the history of desktop computing.""

MS Unveils Office 2007, Multiple Versions 298

rfunches writes "MSNBC reports that Microsoft's next version of Office, now known as Office 2007 (previously code-named Office 12), will continue targeting the corporate audience through multiple versions of Office 2007. Versions announced include 'Office Professional Plus 2007' and 'Office Enterprise 2007.' From the article: '[Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007] will integrate capabilities of SharePoint, a collaboration program and Web portal that is designed to run over corporate networks and the Internet...and also incorporate Microsoft Office Communicator, a corporate instant messaging service.'"

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