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Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 407

Exactly what I was going to say. The "Carbon Footprint" of a solar road way is going to be enormous!! Maintenance, initial design, and not to mention the other things brought up, need to be strong to carry vehicles, and grippy. People do not realize that glass reacts to sun and actually become brittle. Just Glad it is France and not somewhere in Canada!!

Comment New Way of fines, thoughts? (Score 1) 94

They need a new way doing fines!! $5 million is the fine and then for every $1 you take in the fine you take another $20 on deposit until the issue is fixed!! Once fixed, they get the money back!! So, for this situation - there would be a $5 million fine and a $100 million deposit!! Once the issue is fixed, the $100 million gets returned - if it is not fixed in a timely manor, that $100 million would be the rest of the fine!! That way, there is an incentive to actually fix issues and not let them happen in the first place!!

Comment Tech Support.... (Score 5, Interesting) 251

I used to work for Fedex tech support - we were supposed to: - Have the call answered by the second ring - Not up sell anything - Be polite and courteous at all times - Troubleshoot anything that is wrong with the computer - the job started back in the day before all software had TCP/IP, and we had to dial in, Oh and Win95 was supported. - All our calls were to be logged and notes made for helping the next guy if they ever called in again. In the same building we had AT&T WorldNet, they had to: - Not answer unless the customer was on hold for at least 1/2 and hour - Priority was given to new customers setting up - When they closed for the night - all calls were left in Que and answered in the morning, if still there. For some reason AT&T always had openings?!?

Comment Re:Worried about Creationism, really? (Score 1) 544

Just because Islam is a particularly vile and disgusting religion doesn't mean we shouldn't rebut Creationists. We have time and energy to oppose Islamic fundamentalists as well as Christian ones, you know.

It's that kind of attitude that would have us treat papercuts before gun shot wounds in Emergency rooms!!!

Comment Worried about Creationism, really? (Score 0) 544

I think Christianity and creationism should be the least of your worries, or is it okay for.... Civil liberties to be violated without reason? The Government to be controlled by the greedy and emotionless group think corporations? The Fear of our "enemies" to allow us to violate everything we found dear? A large population has been hand fed that Government should take care of every aspect of our lives? We have lost any true sense of independence and risk that comes with going out on our own? Our universities are becoming breeding grounds of social conformity to a homogeneous culture of the mediocre? Lastly, there is a religion that holds all the fears of a Bronze age belief in certain sects, and those sects have ideals of taking over the planet! They are not Christian, Jew or Buddhist! Keep worrying about Creationism, and watch as the USA burns around you! It's like being in the middle of a restaurant fire, and your worried some dirty cutlery!!

Comment Re:Its been done before (Score 2) 478

I would say that if Israel is going to survive in the long run they need to get their act together and not be a general pain in the butt for all their neighbors. Especially now since the US has an economic situation that's not very promising. What if the economic aid that the US provides Israel disappears?

How are they a pain in the Butt of their neighbors? Oh, that's right they are the only "Liberal Western Type" democracy in the area for a thousand miles each way. They are Jewish in a large pool of Muslim believers, and the only country to believe in Multiculturalism, Human Rights and fairness for all faiths. They are so fair that they even have Christians and Muslims serve in their military. The west has been sold a bill of goods about the plight of the "oppressed" and "occupied" I have a question...... What if Native Americans, or any other aboriginal group decided to go to war and start firing missiles from reserves at populated areas? What if they strapped bombs on their children and taught them that the only good white man is a dead man? What would you do? Give them more land so they stop? Israel is not perfect, they do a lot of mean and selfish things - but I think our double standard in judging comes from a western culture and our Bread and Circuses way of life!! Just appease them and they will listen - not everyone is so easily to stop!!

Comment Re:News Flash (Score 1) 477

Move out of the flood zones or buy flood insurance. Its no different than the people that blamed the Army Corps when New Orleans flooded. Wake up people, you're living below sea level (New Orleans) or living in the 100 year flood plain (Midwest). What did you really think was going to happen?

You can say move - my question for you is, where are we going to get our food then? Those living in the Flood Plains, are in the most agriculturally qualified area in the US! Basically, if you plant it, it will grow. You don't get that type of option elsewhere, try and grow grain in the Rockies, or in downtown New York City - guess what - horrible from crops. Unless your proposing we pay $60 for a loaf of bread and shut all the family farms down and make it massive corporate farms only?

Comment No Actual Symbol in Real Christianity... (Score 1) 474

From the cross, to the pentagram, to whatever - there should be no symbol, or anything you worship. This group is a cult and not a mainstream group in anyway shape or form!!! But the only bad guys these days are Christians, attack any other group and your seen as a bigot... Attack or mock Christians and your seen edgy, and hip. Easy to attack a group that is suppose to forgive you!!

Comment Re:And yet there are still software patents. (Score 5, Interesting) 241

I suggest two reforms: 1): Company has to prove they actually used said patent in a product that they developed and was sold by their company sometime before the lawsuit, or patent is void and given to the party they are suing for infringement. This would be a stipulation on top of prior art, and should be easy enough to prove. 2): You lose, you pay - for everyone's lawyers fee's!! If company cannot pay fee's upon reasonable amount of time after judgment, then the losing company is then owned by winning company until it is either liquidated or all financial obligations are complete. Then again, I am one of those socialist Canadians!!

Comment This doesn't happen in Canada - here's why: (Score 2, Interesting) 241

Legal Fee's - little company A tries to sue big company B, unless they are going to win - they don't even try because - In Canada - the loser pays for everyones lawyers, as well as the settlement. From what I understand, that is applies across the boar here in Canada. So unless I know I am going to win, hands down - I don't even bring a dog to fight. In the States you only pay your legal fee's - so if you lose, oh well!! That is why you have a guy who slips and falls at a concert, and sues like 100 businesses and 50 people. Anyone not show up, he gets paid and any cases he loses he is not out of money - because he paid for his lawyer already - usually with the "winnings" from the other default judgements. Tell me I am wrong - I will be happy and relieved, since I have family in the US and fear something stupid like that getting done to them by some loser wanting to make a quick buck!

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