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Comment Re:So was Hitlers number two guy and the SS (Score 1) 1440

The driving test for cops is not. So unless you want to pass the cop's driving test to able to drive, you're not going to have the same privileges such as speeding, using a computer while driving, shooting while driving, communicating over the radio while driving, intentionally causing accidents, or any other such law enforcement tasks.

Are you arguing that we can train people to use a cell phone safely while driving or that it's okay for cops to drive dangerously?

The cops aren't supposed to be doing any of those things outside of emergencies either.

Comment Re:This requires federal government intervention? (Score 2, Insightful) 171

Because that's a lot harder than it sounds. If a cop pulls you over for "reckless driving" you have a chance to say it wasn't reckless because you're a just that good at driving or a variety of other subjective excuses. This can eat up court time etc.

If they pull you over for talking on a cell phone, all they have to do is testify you were talking on a cell phone. Case closed. Same reason they use radar guns.(Aren't those often required to give speeding tickets nowdays?)

Not saying it's right, but that is certainly why they do it.(along with grandstanding of course)

Comment Re:Multiple interpretations (Score 1) 542

Whichever is shorter, not longer.

And what YOU seem to be forgetting is copyright is something we, as a society, are offering artists to help society. There is no benfit to society for them getting 70 years or more. They(mostly corporations) are breaking their part of the contract when they ask for continually longer copyright, especially the retroactive ones.

Comment Re:Multiple interpretations (Score 1) 542

A few thousand dollars every year. Why should I not enjoy that money I worked for. You certainly enjyo the money you get from your employer - and if you were to die your last paycheck would be delivered to your next of kin.

I have not seen anyone suggest that it shouldn't extend a little past death, assuming it's early. Most suggestions I see(That aren't for abolishing it) are along the lines of 10-20 years, or life + 5/10 years, whichever is shorter.

How many employers would pay your spouse/kids even one year after you die? That's what life insurance is for.

Comment Re:Why do people write this stuff? (Score 4, Informative) 96

Characters were stored on the realms( even in diablo 2. This was the "Closed Realm" option. "Open Realms" let you play your character in single player etc, and were trivial to hack, by design.(the file was entirely plain hex values for hp and so forth)

For the most part, the only "hack" on the closed realms was duplicated items.(though to quite an absurd degree at times) There were not many hacks other than a map hack, which wasn't THAT good.

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