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Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

You're forgetting that there isn't just rebels and Assad. There are several rebel groups which often fight among themselves, then there's ISIS, and most importantly - there's Turkey and Israel. Particularly Turkey isn't shy about supplying chemical weapons to the enemies of their enemies (I don't believe Turkey has friends), and Turkey has to be quite desperate right now, seeing as its arch-enemy the Kurds are closing on Raqqa with U.S. help.
What there is not is helping victims of sarin attack without serious hazmat gear, like we could see in the photos.

Comment I don't think this will work (Score 3, Insightful) 113

Most posts get published/read inside a likeminded network of contacts. These are not very likely to judge an article objectively, and only very few people from outside of the network, with a different point of view, will get an opportunity to present their opinion (or will care to do so). On the other hand, this may be a good way to quickly judge the crazyness of a community, to discover its particular bias and use that to feed into the community more attractive fake news which will get clicks. Hooray, more $$$ for Macedonia :)

Comment Re:That's not going to work (Score 1) 270

Yep, you're right. I also agree with you that people need to be educated in ways of maintaining democracy, but I think college is too late - and too important for your financial prospects to waste it on liberal arts as you pointed out. It has to be done in middle school + high school. But it's quite difficult to push through any political establishment an education in navigating the lies, propaganda, corruption, appeals to our baser instincts, emotional blackmail and empty promises of said political establishment :)

OT: Anyway, I don't think that "fake news" is really an issue. It's been here for ages and it's being targeted by your media now just so that the political elites and their allied MSM who have lost an election (to a candidate considered a joke) don't have to face the fact that they are completely disconnected from the people they are supposed to represent. The same happened in my country earlier this year, when people disenchanted with our political elites voted an ultra-nationalist party into our parliament. Just so you see the similarity with Trump/Clinton - before the elections here, our prime minister said about the leader of the ultra-nationalists that "only a bag of potatoes could loose against him". And just as in your elections, the ultra-nationalists have been severely underestimated in the pre-election polls. The difference is, nobody tried to blame "fake news" for their own shortcomings. We prefer to blame the MSM instead, and our prime minister actually used the term "dirty, anti-slovak prostitutes" :)

Final OT: Voting for anti-establishment parties is a common popular reaction to economic troubles (see and I'm tempted to think that someone in GOP showed a real genius by allowing Trump, widely seen as anti-establishment, to win the primaries. While for us educated liberals it looked like Trump is the only candidate who could loose against the reviled, corrupt, crony and hawkish Clinton, in fact it was quite the opposite - Trump was the ideal candidate, vulgar enough and hated by the political elites, to win the election for GOP.

Comment There's only one solution to fake news... (Score 5, Insightful) 270

There's only one solution to fake news, and that is for people to take interest in the world around them, to be informed about politics outside of the 3 final months of the US presidential race and to have enough information to be able to weigh the probability that a source is trustworthy and that a story is plausible. Implausible, sensational stories and stories from unknown sources have to be verified. Either do this, or be lazy, stay dumb, do not participate and let others decide how you'll live. An easy first step - don't get your news from facebook and twitter!

Comment Good thing I didn't have the money for S7 (Score 1) 126

Looks like the smart thing is to not buy a new, just rolled out phone or tablet, Samsung or any other brand. Apple too has had its share of fails, even though none so explosive as this one. Good thing that economic reality has forced me to lag a generation or two behind the state of the art a long time ago :)

Comment Re:Rogue scientists? Riiight... (Score 1) 213

Yes, I'm sure all the dead Iraqis and Syrians would agree with you that the US foreign policy is extremely humane. Also Boers were quite satisfied with their treatment in British concentration camps. And of course the latest german attempt at spreading enlightement and western culture in the wild eastern steppes were very welcome by the 20 million dead Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians. Wake up, man. The fact that we've mastered propaganda doesn't make us more humane. And really, it doesn't even take an evil man to do extreme wrong, all that is needed is a noble goal and a lot of blind determination. Just remember eugenics - how noble the goal, and how deplorable the results were.

Comment We'll have to suck it up and learn to drive (Score 1) 748

When you meet a driver who will risk a collision rather than tollerate traffic infractions in others, what do you tell him? That he should stop driving by the rules? Hardly. No matter what you think about it, he's in the right and safe (from prosecution) as long as it's not him violating the rules. The same goes for driverless cars. Once you teach them to break the rules and one of them will get into an accident while being in violation, all driverless cars will be in trouble. Another positive result of this bevaior is that the more of such hardasses there will be on the roads, the safer the other drivers will be forced to drive in order not to cause a collision. In the end everybody will drive safer and less people will get hurt.

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